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On 14 September 2007, COSI hosted Software Freedom Day for the Triangle region. We had an excellent turn-out, and hope to see many of the people who came to the event get involved in our future projects!


Please visit our sponsors: they love OSS as much as we do!

Platinum Sponsors

Our platinum sponsors have contributed $1000 or more to help make Software Freedom Day a great success! Check out their tables at SFD.

  • Dell - Dell is also providing two demo laptops for use at SFD!

Gold Sponsors

Our gold sponsors have contributed between $400 and $1000 each.

  • MindTouch - MindTouch Deki Wiki is a free open source wiki and application platform for communities and enterprises. Deki Wiki is an easy to use and sophisticated wiki for authoring, aggregating, organizing, and sharing content. Deki Wiki is also a platform for creating collaborative applications, or adding wiki capabilities to existing applications. Thanks to Aaron Fulkerson!
  • Red Hat Thanks to Max Spevack!
  • OpenNMS - the company behind the OpenNMS enterprise monitoring software. Thanks to Tarus Balog!
  • Triangle Linux User Group (TriLUG)
  • Siena Tech - Chapel Hill-based Linux and Oracle consulting firm. Thanks to Ron Joffe!

Other Sponsors

Contributions have also been made by the following individuals and organizations, as well as our awesome volunteer team!

Speakers and Participants

Max is the Fedora Project Leader
Amit is a Sr. Linux Software Engineer
  • 12, noon - Pam Sessoms, University Library
Pam will be giving a talk on how her team customized the Pidgin chat client for use by librarians at UNC-CH. Multiple librarians can seamlessly answer questions using the 'davisrefdesk' IM nickname, and evening questions can be routed to librarians at Duke and NCSU as part of the Night Owl chat feature. Such customization would not have been possible if Pidgin had not been released under an Open license.
Mark is a Platform Evangelist at Mozilla Corporation. His primary job is to make it easy for people to develop extensions for Firefox. He also provides support for developers building applications on XULRunner and embedding Gecko in native applications.
Joseph will be discussing the Linux Virtual Server for people who are unfamiliar with the project and for those who would like to get started but want some background.


We will be demonstrated OpenCD and Ubuntu with Beryl throughout the day. People stopped by, picked up some CDs, and watched the demonstrations to see how free open source software could meet their computing needs.


Annotated map so you know where the event took place.

Looking forward

From 2006 onwards, it has been decided by SFI that Software Freedom Day will be held on the third Saturday of each September.