2. Philadelphia 76ers

With the second pick in the 1993 Usenet mock Draft the Philadelphia
76ers, represented by their GM:

   Dave Meeks

have selected: Shawn Bradley, C, 7-7. BYU. ======================================================================== Philadelphia 76ers - Team Analysis (1993 Pick #2) - by David T. Meeks ======================================================================== TEAM NEEDS ---------- This is a team that needs just about everything, especially rebounding and interior defense/scoring. They have a great 3 guard rotation with Hawkins and Hornacek providing most of the team's scoring, passing, and real offensive threats. This team lacks defense because they are not the biggest nor the quickest of teams. New Coach Fred Carter does not have a great deal to work with, but with the second pick, may be able to solidify this team. CENTER: The teams most obvious problem. When your center rotation revolves around people like Manute Bol (hey, he was 31%from 3pt land), Andrew Lang, etc... you know you are in trouble. None of their big men are scorers, unless Manute starts hitting the threes. And, they are not great rebounders either. They can block shots, and this is about the only thing they do well. They are not a very strong defensive position, with Bol and others being easily beat. While Bol blocks some shots, he is not the inside terror that a Mark Eaton was, because Bol is not as big. And finally, none of these guys has very good hands either. With the outside shooting Philly has to offer, having more of an inside threat will open things up some. POWER FORWARD: Well, not their worst position, but close. Armon Gilliam and Tim Perry did a decent job up front, but again, neither were real great rebounders. Gilliam has his moments when he looks very good, and others when he just plain sucks. Defensively they are decent, but nothing spectacular or exciting. They will put a strong body on you, especially Armon. SMALL FORWARD: One of the bright spots in an otherwise dismal year. Clarence Weatherspoon came in to replace Charles and has done a decent job of it. He is a powerful, menacing small forward who plays best near the paint. He is Philly's best rebounder and a very effective scorer. With his rookie season out of the way, especially if he can get some inside help, he could be a good one. With Ron Anderson backing him up, you have a solid player. Ron has been a solid backup for a number of years now. Not the biggest of players, he is still pretty quick and has some ability. He needs to work on shot selection though and get that shooting percentage up. 41% is just not going to cut it at the SF spot. SHOOTING GUARD: Probably the 76ers best position. Hersey Hawkins is one of the leagues best shooting guards, especially on the offensive end. He has worked hard on his defense and except for being kind of small, does ok. He is a deadly 3pt shooter and can drive to the hole as well. He is a decent passer and works well. Jeff Hornacek played primarily at the point last year, but is a great backup for Hersey at this point. In fact, many people would rather have Hornacek than Hawkins. He is better defensively, and probably a bettere all-around offensive player. He is a very skilled passer and also has tremendous shooting range. POINT GUARD: A decent spot for the 76ers. Hornacek spent most of his time here, and basically proved to everyone he is a better two guard. He was a good point guard, but he is still better at the two then here. However, he played extremely well at the point and may only have to play short times there next year. Johnny Dawkins was still recovering from his injuries and got better over time. Dawkins has always had the potential to be a very good player, but injuries and inconsistent play have hampered him. This coming year looks to be a good one for him, as he should be completely healed and ready to go. Greg Grant is much like Muggsy Bogues, but just a little less talented. MY SELECTION: ------------- Due to the luck of the draw, a lot of the mystery has been taken out of this pick. When originally looking at picking #5, I was leaning towards someone like Rodney Rogers or Doug Edwards, or possibly Jamaal Mashburn if he was still available. But, with the luck of the draw, I think it is pretty obvious that the pick would have to be Shawn Bradley from BYU. The 76ers need help in the middle and Bradley is and interesting prospect. And, as the 76ers are still not going anywhere without some other moves, they have the time to bring him along to stardom. OTHERS CONSIDERED: ------------------ Well, if Orlando opts for Bradley, our favorite choice would be Chris Webber. But, barring that, Jamaal Mashburn would be a good choice. WHO THEY'LL PROBABLY TAKE: -------------------------- Barring any trades (see below), they will take Bradley. He is considered by most to be either #1/#2, and with Webber likely going to Orlando, the 76ers get him. OTHER MOVES: ------------ Since Philly is still a couple of players away, they could use more than Bradley. It may be interesting to see what Golden State does, as it has the #3 pick. They have made it well known they want either Webber or Bradley. They could be as little as one good big man inside away from title hopes. As it is, they will continue to get older and not make it. Will Golden State pull an NFL type of move??? Trade their #3 pick and another very good player for Philly's #2 and possibly a player?? Could Don Nelson offer the #3 + say Billy Owens or Chris Mullin for the #2 and maybe Jeff Hornacek/Hawkins?? Who knows, but I would not be surprised to see some teams make Philly an offer for that #2 pick. =========================================================================

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner