4. Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks own the 4th pick.  They are represented by

    Curtis Hill

With that pick, Dallas selects: Anfernee Hardaway, SG, Memphis State ====================================================================== USENET GM: Curtis Hill Real GM: Norm Sanju Should be GM: Curtis Hill I. Team Needs/History Dallas. Worst team in the league. One of the worst NBA teams of all time. Dallas needs help at every position, either on the first team or the second. In some cases, both. Here's the breakdown: Point: help needed (Iuzzolino is nice, but only a backup) 2: Jackson and Harper are fine 3: HELP!!!! 4: Smith is OK 5: Rooks surprised So, Dallas needs help most at small forward. Easy choices: Jamal Mashburn Anfernee Hardaway Both are exceptional players and would be able to contribute immediately. II. Your selection (and explanation) Anfernee Hardaway - outstanding player. Extremely clutch and brilliant in nearly every aspect of the game. Can play 1-3, no problem. A rich man's Walt Williams, if you will. May not blend as well with JJ as Mash might, given that both JJ and Penny are probably most confortable at the 2 spot and wing. Still a future NBA great. III. Others considered (and why considered, briefly) Rodney Rogers - outstanding small/big forward prospect. Might prosper in a place with a dominant center. Not as good at leading the transition as Mash or Hardaway. That's it. No one other than these three should be seriously considered at this position in the draft. IV. Who the team will probably take Hardaway - I don't think Mash will be there at #4. V. Other moves that team should make Fire upper management? A Real Bright Move(tm) would be to trade Harper to a team like Charlotte for a late round #1 pick. This would allow Dallas to get some additional help in a deep draft and let Harper get a couple of years on a contender. Picking up a Lindsey Hunter late in the first round would be a really good move. Of course, the way the Mavs have been doing business of late, they'll probably trade their #1 and Harper to move down.... Odds are that Hardaway will be the pick in the real draft. I expect Golden State to move up, letting Nellie get his center, with Mash going to Orlando to provide the passing and shooting the Shaq needs. The good news for Mavs fans is that the Mavs can't mess up this pick if they don't trade down. They'll have to get a good player, even if they draft Rodney Rogers (which wouldn't suck). That is, unless the Mavs decide to draft Norm Sonju's pre-hardship best player in the draft with the #4 pick -- Bobby Hurley. And don't resign Tarpley... ===========================================================================

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner