Curtis Hill, Rob Clough and I gathered at a local Durham
watering hole to watch the 1995 NBA draft.  Boy what a strange
draft.  For the most part the Usenet GM's did real well.  However
by the end, some of the "reaches" did not pan out.  Also, for the
first time that I can remember, not *one* Usenet pick was the same
as an NBA pick.  Again, it was a strange draft.

The best picks of the draft turned out to belong to Houston (who with the 
30th pick) selected Kurt Thomas who turned out to be a lottery pick.
Other good picks belong to Charlotte (Brent Barry at +7), Portland
(Gary Trent at +7) and Indiana (Alan Henderson at +7).  A ton of bad 
picks but Seattle with Donald Williams really stands out.

Anyway, here is how the 1995 Usenet GM's did against the real


Legend:        === Usenet pick is the same as NBA pick
               -n  Usenet pick was *higher* then where player was
                   picked in real draft (by n spots)
               +n  Usenet pick was n slots *lower* then where player
                   was selected in real draft (a steal)

Players height and weight are those obtained at the Chicago pre-
draft camp.  For fun I've included the USAToday Mock draft and the
Chris Monter Mock draft (from the Monter Draft News).

1.  Golden State Warriors   -2
    NBA: Joe Smith, Maryland. h: 6-9.5 w: 220

    GM:   David Hayden 
    Usenet Pick:    Jerry Stackhouse, UNC.

    USAToday Pick:  Joe Smith, Maryland.   ===
    Raleigh Pick:   Joe Smith, Maryland.   ===
    Monter Draft:   Joe Smith, Maryland.   ===


    Kind of a no lose for the Warriors.  Smith really impressed them in 
    private workouts, Stackhouse did not.  

2.  Los Angeles Clippers   -2
    NBA:  Antonio McDyess, Alabama.  h: 6-9.5 w: 230
    GM:   Curtis Hill  
    Usenet Pick:    Rasheed Wallace, UNC.

    USAToday Pick:  Jerry Stackhouse, UNC.  -1
    Raleigh Pick:   Jerry Stackhouse, UNC.  -1
    Monter Draft:   Jerry Stackhouse, UNC.  -1


    This was Curtis' first negative pick in about 4 or 5 drafts.  Still 
    considering that no one expected the Clips to take McDyess and then 
    trade him, it was a good pick.  I think that the Clips will end up 
    regretting the trade of McDyess to the Nuggets for Rogers and Barry.

3.  Philadelphia 76ers   +2
    NBA:  Jerry Stackhouse, UNC. h: 6-4.5 w: 208
    GM:   Carl Chavez 
    Usenet Pick:    Joe Smith, Maryland.

    USAToday Pick:  Antonio McDyess, Alabama.  +1
    Raleigh Pick:   Antonio McDyess, Alabama.  +1
    Monter Draft:   Antonio McDyess, Alabama.  +1


    A big steal for the Usenet 76ers!  This is a great place for Stackhouse 
    and he should do well under Lucas.  Boy did he look happy not to have 
    been picked by the Clippers.

4.  Washington Bullets   -5
    NBA:  Rasheed Wallace, UNC.  h: 6-9.75 w: 230
    GM's: Jim Nagle 
    Usenet Pick:    Ed O'Bannon, UCLA

    USAToday Pick:  Rasheed Wallace, UNC.   ===
    Raleigh Pick:   Rasheed Wallace, UNC.   ===
    Monter Draft:   Rasheed Wallace, UNC.   ===


    A big reach for Mr. Nagle.  O'Bannon's stock slipped some because of 
    questions about his knee.  Rasheed gives the Bullets yet another top PF.
    I can here it now, "Starting for the Washington Bullets at power 
    forward, EVERYONE".

5.  Minnesota Timberwolves  +3
    NBA:  Kevin Garnett, Farragut HS.
    GM's: Gregory A. Rasmussen 
    Usenet Pick:    Antonio McDyess, Alabama.

    USAToday Pick:  Kevin Garnett, Farragut HS.  ===
    Raleigh Pick:   Kevin Garnett, Farragut HS.  ===
    Monter Draft:   Kevin Garnett, Farragut HS.  ===


    A steal for the the Usenet Wolvies.  Actually I'm not a big Garnett 
    fan at this poing.  I have no idea of how this will work out.

6.  Toronto Raptors (Vancouver Grizzlies)  +1
    NBA (6th Pick): Bryant Reeves, OSU.  
    NBA (Toronto):  Damon Stoudamire, Arizona.
    GM:   Rania R. Melhem 
    Usenet Pick:   Kevin Garnett, Farragut High School 

    USAToday Pick: Bryant Reeves, OSU.   ===
    Raleigh Pick:  Bryant Reeves, OSU.   ===
    Monter Draft:  Bryant Reeves, OSU.   ===


    In the Usenet draft, the Raptors picked 6th.  In the NBA draft they 
    picked 7th.  I showed the other picks for their 6th pick.

7.  Vancouver Grizzlies (Toronto Raptors)
    NBA (7th Pick):  Damon Stoudamire, Arizona. 
    NBA (Vancouver): Bryant Reeves, OSU.  

    GM's: Joshua Sher 
    Usenet Pick:   Corliss Williamson, Arkansas.

    USAToday Pick: Ed O'Bannon, UCLA.    -2
    Raleigh Pick:  Cherokee Parks, Duke. -5
    Monter Draft:  Cherokee Parks, Duke. -5


    In the Usenet draft, Toronto picked 6th.  Boy and the Pistons got 
    nailed on the net for taking Reeves at #9.  Reeves is a good pick 
    and will help them.

8.  Detroit Pistons (Traded to Portland) +1
    NBA:  Shawn Respert, Michigan State.  h: 6-1  w: 198.5
    GM's: Andy Wincel 
    Usenet Pick: Bryant Reeves, Oklahoma State.
    USAToday Pick: Shawn Respert, Michigan State.  ===
    Raleigh Pick:  Shawn Respert, Michigan State.  ===
    Monter Draft:  Ed O'Bannon, UCLA.              -1


    A better pick for the Usenet Pistons then the real Blazers I think.  
    Respert was traded (to Milwaukee for Gary Trent and a 1996 1st round 

9.  New Jersey Nets  +1
    NBA:  Ed O'Bannon, UCLA. h: 6-8  w: 222
    GM:   Matt Mitchell 
    Usenet Pick:   Shawn Respert, Michigan State.
    USAToday Pick: Cherokee Parks, Duke.  -3
    Raleigh Pick:  Ed O'Bannon, UCLA.     ===
    Monter Draft:  Shawn Respert, MSU.    +1


    A good pick for the net (and Monter)!  

10. Miami Heat  -2
    NBA:  Kurt Thomas, Texas Christian.  h: 6-7.75 w: 221
    GM:   Rob Clough 
    Usenet Pick:   Cherokee Parks, Duke.

    USAToday Pick: Alan Henderson, Indiana.      -6
    Raleigh Pick:  Kurt Thomas, Texas Christian. ===
    Monter Draft:  Corliss Williamson, Arkansas. -3


    Kurt Thomas!!  Rob was not to happy last night about this pick I must
    say.  For some reason all the color drained out of his face when the
    pick was announced :-).  I can't belive the Raleigh paper got that one

11. Milwaukee Bucks   +4
    NBA:  Gary Trent, Ohio.  h: 6-6.5 w: 252
    GM:   Adam Kick  
    Usenet Pick:   Damon Stoudamire, Arizona.
    USAToday Pick: Damon Stoudamire, Arizona.  +4
    Raleigh Pick:  Damon Stoudamire, Arizona.  +4
    Monter Draft:  Damon Stoudamire, Arizona.  +4


    Everyone thought that Stoudamire would go here.  He probably would 
    have had Toronto not picked him at #7.  Trent was traded to Portland 
    for Shawn Respert, Moving Day to the bench (where he belongs).

12. Dallas Mavericks  -15
    NBA:   Cherokee Parks, Duke.  h: 6-10.5 w: 247
    GM's:  Lawrence Wang 
           Patricia Bender 
    Usenet Pick: Mario Bennett, Arizona State.

    USAToday Pick: Corliss Williamson, Arkansas. -1
    Raleigh Pick:  Mario Bennett, Arizona State. -15
    Monter Draft:  Mario Bennett, Arizona State. -15


    Normally I would slam the Usenet GM's for this pick.  However since 
    everyone had Bennett going higher I'll hold off.  Bennett has a knew 
    problem and maybe that scared off teams.  This is a great place for 
    Parks, who will be a starter for a team that will be getting real 
    good, real soon.

13. Sacramento Kings  -6
    NBA:  Corliss Williamson, Arkansas.  h: 6-5.5 w: 244
    GM's: Joyce Junior 
    Usenet Pick:   Randolph Childress, Wake Forest.

    USAToday Pick: Randolph Childress, Wake Forest. -6
    Raleigh Pick:  Corliss Williamson, Arkansas.    ===
    Monter Draft:  Randolph Childress, Wake Forest. -6


    I actually think that Childress would have been the better pick.  Where 
    does Wialliamson play?  Anyway good call for the Raleigh paper.

14. Boston Celtics   -7
    NBA:  Eric Williams, Providence. h: 6-6.75 w: 213
    GM:   Ellie Cutler 
    Usenet Pick:   Michael Finley, Wisconsin.

    USAToday Pick: Bob Sura, Florida State.  -3
    Raleigh Pick:  Bob Sura, Florida State.  -3
    Monter Draft:  Bob Sura, Florida State.  -3


    Everyone felt that the Celtics needed a SG.  Everyone but M.L. Carr.  

15. Denver Nuggets  -10
    NBA:  Brent Barry, Oregon State. h: 6-6.25 w: 183
    GM:   Rick Grubin 
    Usenet Pick:   David Vaughn, Memphis State.

    USAToday Pick: Brent Barry, Oregon State.  ===
    Raleigh Pick:  Gary Trent, Ohio.  +4
    Monter Draft:  Gary Trent, Ohio.  +4


    A great pick by McPaper.  A big -10 for the Useneters.  OUCH!  Barry 
    was traded to the Clippers in the McDyess deal.

16. Atlanta Hawks -1
    NBA:  Alan Henderson, Indiana.  h: 6-9.5 w: 235
    GM:   Paul Osmond 
    Usenet Pick:   Bob Sura, Florida State.

    USAToday Pick: Gary Trent, Ohio. +5
    Raleigh Pick:  Alan Henderson, Indiana.  ===
    Monter Draft:  Sherrell Ford,  Illinois-Chicago. -10


    A good pick by Mr. Osmond.  A great pick by the Raleigh paper.  

17. Cleveland Cavaliers  -21
    NBA:  Bob Sura, Florida State.  h: 6-4 w: 195
    GM:   Steve Chapin 
    Usenet Pick:   Rashard Griffith, Wisconsin.

    USAToday Pick: Sherrell Ford, Illinois-Chicago.  -9
    Raleigh Pick:  Michael Finley, Wisconsin.  -4
    Monter Draft:  Rashard Griffith, Wisconsin.  -21


    -21!!!!  A huge reach for Chapin.  Actually Monter had the same pick.  
    Really Griffiths stock did not start to fall until the last week or so.
    He really did not do good in Chicago.

18. Portland Trail Blazers (Traded to Detroit)  +7
    NBA:  Theo Ratliff, Wyoming.  ht: 6-8.75 wt: 214
    GM:   Simon Cushing  
    Usenet Pick:   Gary Trent, Ohio University.

    USAToday Pick: Mario Bennett, Arizona State.  -9
    Raleigh Pick:  Randolph Childress, Wake Forest.  -1
    Monter Draft:  Michael Finley, Wisconsin.  -3


    A big steal for Simon.  Actually since Portland did end up getting Trent 
    in a trade I would say that this is an excellent pick.  I hate this pick 
    for the Pistons.  Ratliff more then likely would have been available at 
    #30.  Ratliff  was undrafted in the Usenet draft.

19. Portland Trail Blazers (Traded to Detroit) -7
    NBA:  Randolph Childress, Wake Forest.  ht: 6-1 wt: 182
    GM:   Simon Cushing  
    Usenet Pick:   Sherrell Ford, Illinois-Chicago.
    USAToday Pick: Tyus Edney, UCLA.    -28
    Raleigh Pick:  Loren Meyer, Iowa State. -5
    Monter Draft:  Brent Barry, Oregon State. +4


    Simon did not do so well with his next pick however.  I've heard that 
    Childress is being traded to Portland.  

20. Chicago Bulls -3
    NBA:  Jason Caffey, Alabama.  ht: 6-7.75 wt: 244
    GM:   Andy Knipp 
    Usenet Pick:   Travis Best, Georgia Tech.
    USAToday Pick: Junior Burrough, Virginia. -13
    Raleigh Pick:  Sherrell Ford, Illinois-Chicago. -6
    Monter Draft:  Alan Henderson, Indiana.  +4


    A nice call by Andy.  I did not think that Best would go this high and he
    almost did.  Chicago continues its quest for a new H. Grant.  Caffey went
    undrafted by the Useneters.

21. Phoenix Suns  -7
    NBA:  Michael Finley, Wisconsin. ht: 6-5.75 wt: 204
    GM:   Jack Yee-Chieh Chu 
    Usenet Pick:   Greg Ostertag, Kansas.

    USAToday Pick: Kurt Thomas, Texas Christian. +11 
    Raleigh Pick:  David Vaughn, Memphis State. -4
    Monter Draft:  David Vaughn, Memphis State. -4


    I wonder about this.  The Suns seem set at SG with Person and Thunder 
    Dan.  I wonder if a trade is in the works.  Ostertag was picked by 
    Utah (where else :-)). 

22. Charlotte Hornets +7
    NBA:  George Zidek
    GM:   Kevin Scott Mullerleile 
    Usenet Pick:   Brent Barry, Oregon State.

    USAToday Pick: Cory Alexander, Virginia. -7
    Raleigh Pick:  Eric Williams, Providence. +8
    Monter Draft:  Loren Meyer, Iowa State. -2


    Kevin took a ton of grief for picking Barry.  Well I guess he proved 
    right.  Barry  was taken at 15.  Really this was a good "pick" 
    although with the Hornets getting Gill, they no longer had a need at 
    SG.  Zidek was undrafted in the Usenet draft.

23. Indiana Pacers +7
    NBA:  Travis Best, Georgia Tech.  ht: 5-10.75 wt: 177
    GM:  Richard "T-Bone" Burton 
    Usenet Pick:   Alan Henderson, Indiana.

    USAToday Pick: Michael Finley, Wisconson. -3
    Raleigh Pick:  Brent Barry, Oregon State. +8
    Monter Draft:  Andrew DeClercq, Florida.  -11


    A great pick by T-Bone!  Monter was much higher on DeClercq then anyone 
    else.  Last year T-Bone wanted a PG, this year the Pacers selected one.  
    I guess they are just a year behind.

24. Dallas Mavericks -9
    NBA:   Loren Meyer, Iowa State.  ht: 6-9.5 wt: 253
    GM's:  Lawrence Wang 
           Patricia Bender  
    Usenet Pick:   Junior Burrough, Virginia.

    USAToday Pick: Greg Ostertag, Kansas.  -4
    Raleigh Pick:  George Zidek, UCLA. +2
    Monter Draft:  Anthony Pelle, Fresno State. -20


    The Usenet GM's did not have a great draft (-15 and -9).  Meyer went 
    undrafted in the Usenet draft.  Monter was much higher on Pelle then 
    anyone else.

25. Orlando Magic  -5
    NBA:   Greg Vaughn, Memphis State.  ht: 6-9.5 253
    GM's:  Tom McGuian 
           Uncle Vasya 
    Usenet Pick:   Lou Roe, Massachusetts.

    USAToday Pick: Rashard Griffith, Wisconson.  -13
    Raleigh Pick:  Andrew DeClercq, Florida.  -9
    Monter Draft:  Kurt Thomas, Texas Christian. +15


    A huge steal for Monter.  Tom and Vasya overpaid a little for Roe (
    who came in at 6-6).  

26. Seattle SuperSonics   -oo
    NBA:  Sherrell Ford, Illinois-Chicago.  ht: 6-6.25 wt: 202
    GM:   Aaron Gill 
    Usenet Pick:   Donald Williams, UNC.

    USAToday Pick: David Vaughn, Memphis State. +1
    Raleigh Pick:  Lou Roe, Massachusetts. -4.
    Monter Draft:  John Wallace, Syracuse.


    Donald Williams went undrafted in the NBA draft.  Donald had two bad camps 
    and at 6-2 most teams did not think he could be an NBA SG.  Actually Aaron 
    probably would not have make this pick after the Hawkins trade.  Wallace 
    withdrew from the draft.

27. Phoenix Suns  -2
    NBA:  Mario Bennett, Arizona State. ht: 6-9 wt: 219
    GM:   Jack Yee-Chieh Chu 
    Usenet Pick:   Cory Alexander, Virginia.

    USAToday Pick: Eric Williams, Providence.  +13
    Raleigh Pick:  Terrence Rencher, Texas.  -5
    Monter Draft:  Eric Williams, Providence.  +13


    A good pick by Jack (-2 being good at this point of the draft).  
    Alexander was picked by the Spurs.  Bennett could be another steal 
    for the Suns if his knee holds up.  We wondered if he did not do 
    well in physicals.

28. Utah Jazz -oo
    NBA:  Greg Ostertag, Kansas.  ht: 7-0 wt: 279
    GM:   David Palmer 
    Usenet Pick:   Tom Kleinschmidt, SG, 6-5.  DePaul.

    USAToday Pick: Lawrence Moten, Syracuse.  -8
    Raleigh Pick:  Rashard Griffith, Wisconson. -10
    Monter Draft:  Greg Ostertag, Kansas.  ===


    A great pick by Monter!!!  A horrible pick by David!!! Kleinschmidt 
    did not have a great camp and fell out of the draft.

29. San Antonio Spurs -oo
    NBA:  Cory Alexander, Virginia.  ht: 6-1 wt: 187.5
    GM:   Lee Rusk 
    Usenet Pick:   Scotty Thurmand, Arkansas.

    USAToday Pick: Travis Best, Georgia Text. +6
    Raleigh Pick:  Travis Best, Georgia Tech. +6
    Monter Draft:  Dragan Tarlac.  -2


    A very good pick by Monter.  Another bad pick by the useneters.  
    Thurmand did not do well in Chicago and went undrafted.  What 
    a difference a year makes.

30. Houston Rockets +20
    NBA 30: Lou Roe, Massachusetts.
    NBA 41: Erik Meek, Duke
    GM:   John Carter 
    Usenet Pick: Kurt Thomas, Texas Christian.

    Monter Draft (#30): Eric Snow, MSU
    Monter Draft (#41): George Zidek, UCLA.


    A great pick by John!  For the second year in a row John has taken
    a post 1st round pick and made a great pick.  In the real draft, 
    Houston had the 41st pick  and got a good backup for Hakeem.

31. Los Angeles Lakers -oo
    NBA 31:  Dragan Tarlac.
    NBA 37:  Frank King, Western Carolina
    GM:   John Koshel 
    Usenet Pick: John Amaechi, Penn State.

    Monter Draft (#31): Donny Marshall, UConn
    Monter Draft (#37): Jimmy King, Michigan


    Amaechi did not do well in the camps and measured at 6-8.  He did not 
    get drafted.

32. New York Knicks -17
    NBA 32: Terrence Rencher, Texas.
    GM:   Alan Sepinwall 
    Usenet Pick: Jerome Allen, Pennsylvania.

    Monter Draft (#32): Tyus Edney


    The Knicks did not have any picks at all.  Allen went to Minnesota at 49.

So how did we do?  Well not to good.  4 players who went undrafted
were selected by the Useneters.  We had 23 out of 29 first round
picks.  In comparison, Monter had 24 (but only had one pick that was
not selected but that was because Wallace withdrew from the draft),
Monter also had exact picks.  USAToday had 24 first rounders.  The
Raleigh New and Observer had 25 out of 29 with an incredible *9* exact
matches.  I think that part of the Useneters problems a because they
draft is held before the results from the camps come in.  Donald
Williams for instance was projected a late first, early second round
pick.  However, two poor camps dropped him out of the draft.  Had the
Usenet Sonics known this, Williams probably would not have been draft.
I will be moving the draft back a couple of weeks next year to help
alleviate this problem.  Until then, have a great year.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner