The last pick in the lottery belongs to Cleveland. The always dependable:
Steve Chapin

as GM. Steve selects:
Derek Anderson


I. Team Needs/History

This is, what, the 87th year in a row I've been the Cavs GM, and
they've still got the same basic needs:  everything but a point
guard.  The area with the biggest weakness is probably small forward;
shooting guard is dependable, if not brilliant; power forward has one
good player and a crowd of stiffs; and center has some young players
with potential but no stars.


It looks like Vitaly Potapenko may work out as a 2nd-tier NBA starting
center.  He showed some excellent offensive moves, and doesn't seem to
be the defensive liability his height would indicate.  I have no idea
how well Ilgauskas is recovering from his injury, but there won't be
any star-potential centers left when Cleveland picks, so this position
will improve only through experience and possible free-agent signings
(and the pickings are slim).

Power Forward:

Tyrone Hill had an ok season coming off of his auto accident late in
the '95 campaign.  The others at this position are mostly
space-fillers, and this could be a good spot to look for improvement.

Small Forward:

Chris Mills is adequate, but hasn't looked really good since his
rookie year.  I look to this area as the highest draft need.  Where
the Cavs are picking, we're probably going to be talking Jerald
Honeycutt or Austin Croshere.

Shooting Guard:

Bobby Phills and Bob Sura are playing well enough that I don't look at
this as a primary need for the Cavs.  However, drafting a high-quality
shooting guard would allow Phills or Sura to swing into the SF spot at
times, so I won't rule it out. 

Point Guard:

Terrell Brandon had another all-star season, and won the NBA's
Sportsmanship Award.  This is clearly not an area of need for the
Cavs.  Hopefully Reggie Geary will develop into a quality backup.


To summarize, the Cavs are strong at PG, solid at PF and SG, and are
at least not dismal at C.  SF is the area of greatest need.

II. Your Selection (and explanation)

Derek Anderson, F, Ohio State, er, Kentucky.

The question with Anderson is the durability of his knees.  He's
definitely demonstrated his ability to score and play an excellent
all-around game.  I'm willing to gamble that his knees will hold out,
and that he can provide the spark the Cavs need.

III. Others considered (and why considered)

Shea Seals, Tulsa, because he can be unstoppable on offense, and the
Cavs need someone to energize them.

Danny Fortson, Cincinnati, to help Tyrone Hill.  Tyrone isn't going to
last forever, and Fortson has shown Barkley-esque ability to outplay
bigger men.

Cory Carr, Texas Tech, because of his raw scoring ability.

Jerald Honeycutt, Tulane, because of his ath-uh-letic ability and

IV.  Who the team will probably take

Austin Croshere, if he's available.  He can play either SF or PF, and
has that Danny Ferry pasty white skin and ability to hit the 3 that
the Cavs love.

Danny Fortson, for the reasons mentioned above.

V.  Other moves that the team should make

Cut Danny Ferry.  Sorry, that's in for historical purposes.

Looking at the available free agents, I'm not jumping up and down.
Sure, Jordan and Ewing are "free agents," but there's no way they'll
jump ship.

I'd like to see the Cavs resign their own important free agents
(Geary, Phills, Mills, and perhaps Lang), and then go after some help
to shore up the middle.  Malik Rose impressed me when I watched him in
the NCAAs.  Sign any one of a dozen stiffs for a little money.

If they could pry Horry from the Lakers, that would be great.

Trade for Jim Jackson.  He should've ended up in Cleveland last year.

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