The 20th pick belongs to the Minnesota Timberwolves. In the real draft, this pick is still up in the air (Portland currently owns it). However, Portland owes Minnesota either this pick or next years so it looks like they will give it this year. This pick has a long history. See the web site for details. The GM is:
James Cowherd
he selects: Reggie Freeman


The first time in about 5 years that the Timber-Wolves havent made an apperance the the lottery! Kevin McKale has done a great job in recent drafts with the picks of Stephon Marbury, Kevin Garnett, Isiah Rider, and Donyell Marshall (was traded to Golden State for Tom Gugliota). McKale then made moves to get Cherokee Parks from Dallas and dealing away with J.R. Rider to get James Robinson from Portland. These moves finally got the Timberwolves the first ever winning season and first playoff apperance. Now the Timberwolves are set to make Kevin Garnett the next 100 million dollar man! I looked at mostly shooting guards in the draft because, at this spot they have Doug West and James Robinson who is undersized for this position. And Minnesota also needs a shooter in the offense. I gave Schea Seals of Tulsa, Derick Anderson of Kentucky, Jason Lawson of Villanova, and Serge Zwikker of North Carolina all looks. But Freeman is more versitile and can also play the the small forward position and can help back up Stephon Marbury and Terry Porter at point guard. He is also a deadly shooter from the 3 point arc! The T-Wolves will probally look for mostly centers in this years draft and may take a forein player maybe Chris Anstey if he is available!

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