The Seattle Sonics are at #23. Their GM is:
Larry Gibbons

And Larry Selects:
Stephen Jackson


Free Agents:

Terry Cummings,Eric Snow,Larry Stewart,David Wingate

1. Team Needs / History

The Sonics won the Pacific Division this year but were defeated in the Western Conference Semifinals by Houston in seven games. This marks the fifth consecutive season of 55 wins or more by the Sonics yet they have no NBA Championship Trophy to show for their considerable talent and or efforts. This brings us to the inevitable question "What will it take to get the Sonics over the top"? in order to win the Championship. There is no question that the Sonics have a very good and veteran team and for the most part are very solid at every position except possibly the center position. They have star players in Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton. They have an excellent coach in George Karl and have adiquate bench strength. Yet, in my estimation the Sonics have four major problems that must be addressed. First and foremost is the Shawn Kemp trade demand situation, as of this date the Sonics and Kemp are not even talking and his status as it relates to the team is in complete limbo. Kemp is signed to a long term contract and Seattle management may decide to wait it out hopeing that Kemp will eventually come around. However, if Kemp really forces a trade it could be a make or break proposition with effects either positive or negative for years to come. In other words if the Sonics trade Kemp they damn well better get equal value in returnor else. Second, the Sonics are Ooooooooooold. The average age on the Sonics is nearly 31 years old and have no rising stars on their team to take over for Perkins, Schrempf and Hawkins when they decide to call it quits. Third, the Sonics are way over the salary cap which will preclude them from signing any high priced free agents this year. If the Sonics renounce all four free agents that would clear about $1.3 mil. off their roster and they would still be over the cap. I think that the Sonics would like to hang on to Eric Snow as a back up PG and could offer him about $ 1 mil. to stay. But Snow might draw interest from other teams who could offer more. Forth, the Sonics may be in trouble in the future with their bench strength. If Snow leaves they need a PG. In addition Perkins, Ehlo, and McMillan combined are older than Methuselah.

The Individual Positions


J. McIlvaine- Big slow white guy, can't shoot from the feild, can't shoot free throws, dosen't rebound very well, does block alot of shots, makes too much money. S. Perkins- Getting old, still can score from inside or outside, solid person, doesn't rebound well any more, doesn't block shots like he used to, can pass the ball some, and plays decent defense, good free throw shooter.

Power Forwards

S. Kemp- One of the best in the game, does it all, good scorer on the inside, great rebounder, good free throw shooter, can pass the ball, good defender, can block shots, can hit three on occasion. S. Perkins- (See Above) T. Cummings- Getting old, but is still useful, FA probably will not return next season. L. Stewart- role player, FA probably won't be back. S. Scheffler- On IR if he comes back won't play much.

Small Forwards

D. Schrempf- Very versitile player, team player, good shooter, good rebounder. can hit three, very good free throw shooter, very good passer, good defender. G Ehlo- Getting old, diminishing skills, spare part L. Stewart- (See Above)

Shooting Guards

H. Hawkins- Veteran player, good shooter, very good 3 point shooter, very good free throw shooter, good rebounding gaurd, good assist man, better than average defender. N. McMillan- Getting old, insperational leader, still good defender, not a good shooter, good assist man, good rebounder. G. Ehlo- (See Above) D. Wingate- Defensive specialist, FA may not return.

Point Gaurds

G. Payton- Considered by many the best PG in the game, NBA Defensive MVP, great passer, good shooter, good rebounder, average 3 point shooter, average free throw shooter, plays with great intensity. E. Snow- Good PG prospect, needs time to develope his skills. G.Graham- Will be lucky to survive training camp.

2 My Selection (and explanation)

Stephen Jackson F-G Butler CC At this point in the draft I thought Jackson was the right pick due to the fact I believe he might be a star in this league someday. Being that he was one of the top 20 Highschool players in the country and was recruted by Lute Olson to play at Arizona (National Champions) I just felt that I couldn't pass up this type of talent, potential and versitility. Jackson shot 55% in HS, is considered a really good passer, and was very highly thought of by his HS coach who also coached Ron Mercer and Jerry Stackhouse and found Jackson's talent to be comparable to their's (not bad eh?). Seattle is most likely going to have a playoff team next year one way or another and this kid could be the little extra ingredient that could put them over the top.

3.Others considered

Johnny Taylor Shea Seals God Shammgod Garth Joseph

4. Who the team will probably take.

I hear that the Sonics are not pleased with McIlvain at center and they might try to address this problem in the draft. Some of the possible selections at #23 could be Chris Anstey, Predrag Dobrijak, Paul Grant, Gordon Malone ect... Although I do see center as a major need for Seattle I don't feel that any of these players will be of much help for next year.

5. Other moves the team should make.

Just a few thoughts on possible trades for Shawn Kemp. * Kemp straight up for Vin Baker? * Kemp and McIlvain for Joe Smith and Felton Spencer? * Kemp for Scottie Pippen and Jason Caffey? * Kemp for Clifford Robinson and Gary Trent? * Kemp to Boston for deal including #3 and #6 picks? Well thats all from here. I might be right, I might be wrong but I can't miss either way.

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