The Suns lost thier first round pick to the Cavs (See web site for details). In the Usenet draft the Suns pick 29th, in the real draft they will pick 43rd. Their net GM is:
Josh Levin

who selects:
Johnny Taylor


I. Team needs/History

Center: The Suns have been in need of a big man since the 1980's. John Williams did a solid job this past season, but they could really use someone else at the 5 spot. Loren Meyer, whom they aquired in the Michael Finley trade has had his moments and still has potential, but has never become they player he should've been. To pick a center with the 29th slot would be a waste simply because they have too many mediocre centers on this team. Power Forward:This is one of Phoenix's strongest positions however, with the exeption of Ben Davis who hardly played last year, they're all getting old. Wayman Tisdale and Mark Bryant are at the end of their careers and Danny Manning, who plays both forward spots, has never recovered from his knee injury a couple seasons ago. Phoenix should trade him now while he still has some value left. I don't see Ben Davis as the starting PF of the future in fact i don't see him on next years roster most likely. Small Forward:The Suns could use a backup at this spot simply because only true 3 on this team is Cedric Ceballos, who should be the star. Wes Person can step in and play small forward sometimes but he's really a 2. Because they have a second round pick they might want to use their pick to take a Small Forward just o have a natural at that position. Shooting Guard:Chapman can shoot, Dumas can dunk, Person is just good. They have three solid shooting guards which makes this their stongest position. I think that Kevin Johnson retiring will be a good thing for this team only because he's not a shooting guard. I would've kept him at point guard simply because he had one of the best careers of his career which is now most likely over. Point Guard:Phoenix got lucky in that Dallas trade by getting Jason Kidd who could be the best point guard in the NBA. They really needed him especially for next season after Johnson's retirement. Steve Nash will be a solid backup for Kidd next season. He's a poor man's John Stockton who had to play 3rd string behind Kidd and Johnson. Look for him to contribute next season. Free Agency: Rex Chapman, Mark Bryant, John Williams, and Wayman Tisdale are all free agents next year. Rex Chapman is gonna want more money than the league minimum which he received last year and the other threee players should be back next year. Rotation: C: J. Williams, W. Tisdale, L. Meyer PF: D. Manning, W. Tisdale, M. Bryant SF: C. Ceballos, D. Manning, W. Person SG: W. Person, R. Chapman, T. Dumas PG: J. Kidd, S. Nash

II. The Draft

The Phoenix Suns don't have the 29th pick in the real draft, but in the mock draft they do and i'm sure they wouldn't mind moving up from #43. I selected Johnny Taylor from Chattanooga because they need a backup small forward for Ceballos. I preferably wanted one that was a shooter but none of the one's available were perimeter players. Taylor stock has soared as a result of his play in The Dessert Classic, Portsmith Invitational and Chicago pre-draft camp. I like his athleticism and he's shown signs of an outside shot. Free throws need work.

Other players considered:

Charles O'Bannon: He'll probably be drafted around here and I was decidin between him and Taylor. I went with Taylor because of his outstandin post season play. O'Bannon is very athletic, but needs to work on ball handling and outside shot. Chris Anstey: I didn't select him because I don't know anything about him. The scouts say he's good but drafting foreign players is a big risk. Shea Seals: Would've picked him if the Suns needed a 2 guard. His stocks been slowly dropping this year but I'm still reminded of his 20 pt. game vs. Dream Team III. Gordon Malone: Solid player who brings nothing exceptional to the table. Good rebounder, good shot blocker, would be a good addition to this team. Others: Marc Jackson, Serge Zwikker(Picked), Scot Pollard(Picked), Predrag Drobnjak(Picked).

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