The 5th pick belongs to the Denver Nuggets. Their GM is:
David Mcintosh

David did not do a team analysis. Repeated e-mails and even a phone message went unanswered. Needless to say, David will not be allowed to become a GM again. Since I do not have time to find someone else I will post what David did send me.

His selections was:
Chauncy Billups

The Nuggets have so many problems the biggest of which is all those fans 
dressed as empty seats. On top of this the Nuggets don't know if they'll 
be able to resign Antonio McDyess or whether Laphonso Ellis will be 
healthy ever. So with this pick they hope to generate some excitement 
with a local product and find a young point guard who can do alot of 
things to begin rebuilding this team around.

Maybe only if Van Horn or Mercer had slid to here would I have picked 
anyone else. Billups is the perfect fit for Denver

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