The 9th pick is the rapidly improving Toronto Raptors. GM:
Jason Doman

Adonal Foyle

1.  Team Needs/ History

Position Analysis- 
         PG  Damon Stoudamire (20.2 pts, 8.8 ast, 4.1 rbs in 40.9 mpg)
             - solid player with excellent court sense who mak
               up for his size with his heart
             - excellent rebounder considering he's only 5'10"
             - combined with Doug Christie to haul down 9.4
               rpg, one of the top totals among guards
             - former ROY who is a skilled passer, lightning
               quick and can hit the pull-up jumper
             - future NBA all-star who must increase his field
               goal percentage and take care of the ball to
               decrease his turnovers
             - sixth in the league in assists, ninth in three
               point field goal percentage and eigteenth in
             Grade: A

         SG  Doug Christie (14.5 pts, 5.3 rbs, 2.48 stlsin 38.6 mpg)
             - flashy 2/3 who was given the chance to prove
               himself and did so adequately
             - second in the league in steals, candidate for
               most improved player, but denied that honour as
               well as being left off the NBA all-defensive teams
             - fearless, shows a reckless abandon to take it
               to the hole when challenged to do so
             - needs to improved his shot selection
             Grade: B

         SF  Walt Williams (16.4 pts, 5.0 rbs, 2.7 ast in 36.3 mpg)
             - finesse player who is able to score on the
               break, spot up for the 3 or use a variety of
               moves in the post up position
             - steal of the year since he played for the
               league minimum
             - free agent whose asking price may be too steep
               for Isiah
             - a good scorer, but he is constantly knocked for
               his lack of defence, unable to move his feet
             Grade: B

         PF  Marcus Camby (14.8 pts, 6.3 rbs, 2.06 blks in 30.1 mpg)
             - mobile, versatile player who can run the floor,
               move quickly and handle the rock exceptionally well
               for someone his size 
             - consistent shooter from 15 ft
             - Rookie of the Month for March as he went on an
               absolute tear, averaging 21.1 pts, 9.1 rbs, and 2.5
             - excellent shot blocker, tenth in the league
             - needs to muscle up to play the power forward
               position more effectively, as well as improving his
             - should up up ROM for March numbers in the
               coming years
             Grade: C+

         C   Sharone Wright (6.5 pts, 3.1 rbs)
             - hampered by injuries for most of the season and
               was unable to get into the swing of things
             - needs to strengthen his back which was his
               problem this year and add some muscle to make
               up for the weight that he lost
             - showed glimpse of excellence when he first was
               acquired, but injuries have plagued him ever since
             - needs to rebound and score more, work on post moves
               and develop an outside shot
             Grade: D-

        SF/ PF  Carlos Rogers (9.8 pts, 5.4 rbs in 24.9 mpg)
             - versatile player who can play both forward
               positions and was a "spark" off the bench   
             - quick leaper who needs to bulk up and develop a
               consistent jump shot 
             Grade: C+

         PF  Popeye Jones (7.8 pts, 8.6 rbs in 30.6 mpg)
             - excellent rebounder who should have averaged 10
               a game
             - studies the art of rebounding and knows where
               to place himself
             Grade: B-

         SG  Shawn Respert (4.2 pts, 1.0 ast in 12.1 mpg)
             - picked up before the trade deadline from the
               Bucks for Acie Earl
             - needs more court time to prove himself
             - critics say he is too small for his position,
               but then again Joe Dumars plays the 2 and he
               isn't a giant at 6'2"
             Grade: D

         PF/ C  Clifford Rozier (4.5 pts, 5.6 rbs in 17.5 mpg)
             - hard worker and good rebounder
             - had a run in with coach Walker and future may
               be uncertain although Isiah liked what he did
               on the court
             Grade: C
    Note :  The Raptors improved their record by nine games this past season
            from 21-61 to 30-52.

2.  Selection           Adonal Foyle, C, Colgate

        Isiah needs a center badly and Foyle will fill up the middle
adequatley. He is a good scorer, excellent rebounder and an amazing shot
blocker, averaging 6.4 blocks per game this past collegiate season.  A
starting five of Damon, Christie, The Wizard, Camby and Foyle is a strong
foundation for an uprising team.  Critcs say that the Patriot League doesn't
provide enough competition to assess his skills, but, remember the Admiral
came to the NBA from Navy of the same conference and he was the first
overall pick.  I think that Foyle will be an excellent choice and will be a
force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

3.  Others considered

       Tim Thomas, SF, Villanova

            Tons of potential, but I doubt he'll be around (NJ should take him)

        Kelvin Cato, C, Iowa St
           Would fill the void in the middle and could possibly be the
           player that the Raptos do select.

        Tracy McGrady, SF, Mt. Zion (HS)
           Swingman who may blossom into a potential all-star.

        Chauncey Billups, PG/SG, Colorado

           Would be lethal as a slashing 2 guard, but it looks like Denver
           will take him.

        Danny Fortson, PF, Cinncinnati

           Banger and rebounder who is also a strong candidate for being
           selected by Toronto.

4.  And with the 9th pick in the 1997 NBA Draft, the Toronto Raptos select ....

                        from Iowa St., Kelvin Cato.

5.  Possible trades, etc.

        First off, this is how I see the draft,

                1. Spurs - Duncan
                2. 76ers - Battie
                3. Celtics - Van Horn
                4. Grizzlies - Mercer
                5. Nuggets - Foyle
                6. Celtics - Daniels
                7. Nets - Thomas
                8. Warriors - McGrady
                9. Raptors - Cato
               10. Bucks - Billups
               11. Kings - Fortson
               12. Pacers - Croshere
               13. Cavs- Carr

        That being said, if the Nuggets are high on Billups, then there is a
possiblity that they may be able to trade with the Raptors.  I see it as the
same scenario as last year because if Toronto really wants Foyle, then they
should have Denver select him, and then Toronto will select the player that
the Nuggets want, Billups, instead of Cato.  As well, Denver will be able to
get something else out of this because the Raptors may give up next years
draft pick or some bench player (ie. Carlos Rogers, Shawn Respert) as well.
An even crazier scenario involves the Raptors re-signing Walt Williams
before the draft and packaging him, Billups, a draft pick, and another
player to Denver for Adonal Foyle and Antonio McDyess.  If they don't sign
Williams, then Doug Christie may be included or Sharone Wright if Denver was
dumb enough to take his huge salary. In that case the Raptors starting
lineup would be, Damon, Christie, Camby, McDyess and Foyle, or Damon,
Respert, Williams, McDyess and Foyle with Camby off the bench.

6.  Predictions

        If they re-sign Williams and their pick in the draft averages 10
pts, get ready to see the Raptors in the playoffs.  If they trade for Foyle,
then watch out, because he is going to be something in the middle.  Marcus
will have the year he should have, averaging 18 pts, 8 rbs, and close to 3
blocks per game.  Damon and Christie will continue to improve and become one
of the top backcourts in the league.

That's all folks, I hope that this was enough.  I had a fun time doing this
and hope to do so again nexy year.

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