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Name: Al Harrington
College: St. Patricks HS
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 222
Class: High School
Position: Small Forward
Other Position: Power Forward
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Scouting Report: Elgin Booth []  
Al Harrington was voted the top high school player in the country and from what I've seen, I would agree. He is the best of the high school prospects in this draft, and his stock could continue to rise until he is picked around 5-9.

My report is based on the two occasions I have seen him play, the McDonald's All-American game, and the Hoop Summit against the international team. His game and size are very similar to that of Antoine Walker. He is a 6'8 PF/SF who excels at putting the ball on the floor and creating his own shot. Has a lot of nifty one-on-one moves and used the glass well. Very good ball handler for his size. Seems to stay in control most of the time, the opposite of Walker. Haven't seen him shoot much from the outside. When I have, he looked just average. His game is suited better to the NBA than college, due to his great one-on-ability and overall game. Doesn't seem to be incredibly athletic, but is very quick with the ball. Most polished player in this year's high school class. Not sure about his post-up moves.

He is somewhat thin, but not nearly as thin as Lewis. Should put on 10-20 lbs. and hit the weight room. Great instincts and potential are there. Could be an NBA all-star in 3-4 years. I have only seen him play in these two all-star games, so I cannot really give a completely accurate report. When I see him play, I think Antoine Walker. He is less advanced than Antoine Walker right now, but I think he could end up being better. That is because he stays in control and seems to be a more intelligent ballplayer than Walker.

Teams will try to trade up to 5-9 to get him.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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