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Name: Antwan Jamison
College: North Carolina
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 230
Class: Junior
Position: Small Forward
Other Position: Power Forward
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Antwan Jamison

Stats (Provided by JazzyJ)

                  G  MIN  FG  FGA  3P 3PA  FT FTA  REB  PF AST  TO BLK STL  PTS
95-96 N Carolina 32 1052 201  322   0   1  82 156  309  69  33  59  33  25  484
96-97 N Carolina 35 1199 270  496   2  11 126 203  329  93  30  63  22  40  668
97-98 N Carolina 37 1227 316  546   6  15 184 276  389  94  30  61  30  28  822
TOTALS          104 3478 787 1364   8  27 392 635 1027 256  93 183  85  93 1974

                  MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%  RPG  APG  TPG  BPG  SPG   PPG
95-96 N Carolina 32.9  62.4   0.0  52.6  9.7  1.0  1.8  1.0  0.8  15.1
96-97 N Carolina 34.3  54.4  18.2  62.1  9.4  0.9  1.8  0.6  1.1  19.1
97-98 N Carolina 33.2  57.9  40.0  66.7 10.5  0.8  1.6  0.8  0.8  22.2
TOTALS           33.4  57.7  29.6  61.7  9.9  0.9  1.8  0.8  0.9  19.0

Scouting Report: Josh Skatrud []
Jamison was the unanimous national player of the year for good reason. He has great physical tools and athletic ability. His quick release is impossible to stop and will be tough to defend even in the NBA. Jamison has proven he has good work ethic by improving his free throws and developing a jump shot. At a skinny 6'9'' 230 lbs and may not be strong enough to play the 4 or have the ball- handling & shooting ability to play the 3. Despite the fact he is somewhat of a tweener he will be able to contribute about 14-16 points and 6-8 rebounds as a rookie. And if anyone doubts his quick release just remember the first Duke game when he scored 35 points but only touched the ball for 53 seconds in the entire game..

Scouting Report:
Turns into right shoulder, explodes to basket from low post -- that's his offensive bag o' tricks. No range, no handle, leaves his feet defensively ...

Scouting Report: David Edelman []
I disagree with the other two reports, I think he's going to be an excellent NBA 4. His has extremely good rebounding skills, instinct and quickness, as well as 12-15 foot range on his jump shot. He runs the floor well. He's smart and apparently a terrific person, which counts if you need a player to develop. I know he's not immense, but there have been other successful 6'9" 4's in the recent NBA; Otis Thorpe comes to mind. He'll turn in a career much like Thorpe's, with a consistent 17 points and 9-10 boards a game and make a few all-star games. He's not going to be the best player on a championship team, but no one in this draft is (except maybe Mike Bibby, maybe).

Scouting Report: Martin Wong []
At least better than Corliss Williamson, who's been playin' good ball this year in the NBA. Quicker than other "not-NBA-size college 4s" like Fortson, Williamson, Larry Johnson.

At worst, he can be Donyell Marshall (this year's version). At best, he can be Antoine Walker (if he can develop his overall skills) or Dennis Rodman with offense (that's wonderful!!).

I think he will struggle at the beginning, but I see him improve and become a low-post threat, high scoring small forward (a healthy Mashburn?!).

I don't think he will be drafted ahead of Bibby.

Scouting Report: KyDynomyte []
Jamison should stick with what he's got. I envision him to be a rebounding specialist, in the Rodman mold. Rodman has always been undersized, more so than Antawn. But Rodman's been able to make rebounding an art, hence helping two teams win NBA championships. Antawn also has the leaping ability, like Rodman, to get boards. Let's just hope he doesn't grow out his hair and paint it yellow.

Scouting Report: Rick Mathes []
I agree that Jamison has limited offensive moves and is somewhat of a tweener, but I think he'll have a long and prosperous NBA career if he maintains his work ethic. I can think of another NBA forward who's offensive repertoire was limited to dunks and quick first steps who went on to develop a more versatile game: Chris Webber. When he's not in jail, he's doing alright for himself. I expect Antawn will defend the 3, play the 4 on offense and do just fine.

Scouting Report: Ralph Price []
Antwan Jamison, although one of the top players in college this past year, will probably not have a successful first season. My biggest problem with Jamison is his small size. Many talk of his rebounding ability (projected 6-8 rebounds in the pros)...I don't think so. I recall in the final game of the regular season, Duke's Elton Brand completely shut him off the boards. What about Utah? Once again, Jamison was not impressive down low...he simply does not have the strength. He's a good ball handler and has mostly developed his 15ft jumper, but his impact on the professional level will have to remain to be seen.

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