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Name: Rashard Lewis
College: Alief-Elsik H.S.
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 220
Class: High School
Position: Small Forward
Other Position: Power Forward
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Scouting Report: CLee810383 []  
   Was the number 1 player comming out of texas completly dominated the public
league there putting up monster numbers 28.2 ppg 12.4 rpg and 5.4 bpg. This
youngster has tremendous range on shot can shoot the tree's like a guard but
needs to develop the nba 3 that could be tricky. His ball handling needs to
improve too. Lewis needs to gain weight at 212 he will get his butt kicked
under the boards. I suspect he could be and will try to be a nba small forward
this makes perferct since hits the 22 foot jumper and his free throw
percentage was very high for a high school center 75.0 ft%.  He unlike most
high school players rarely shoots shots he can't make never seem to force
things very some player as his 71fg% will attest to. Blocks are also what he
does well but not great I don't think he will be a big time shot blocker in
the nba however I do think he will be a solid shot blocker.  Overall I think
he will be a very good nba player maybe even a superstar will take 2 years to
develop through not as polished as former high school superstars as bryant and
garnett he is however definatly more polished than j.o'neal, mcgardy and
k.young. I see him going any where from 8- 16
Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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