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Name: Roshown McLeod
College: Duke
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 220
Class: Senior
Position: Small Forward
Other Position: Power Forward
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Stats (Provided by JazzyJ)

                  G  MIN  FG  FGA  3P 3PA  FT FTA  REB  PF AST  TO BLK STL  PTS
93-94 St John's  29  542  77  179   0   5  39  53  110  66  34  31  13  25  193
94-95 St John's  28  563  86  179   3   9  44  62  119  85  27  30  20  17  219
95-96 Duke                        Did Not Play - Transfer Student
96-97 Duke       33  797 142  290  27  72  81 102  175 105  29  57  34  30  392
97-98 Duke       36  852 196  397  44 107 113 160  201 102  49  68  26  42  549
TOTALS          126 2754 501 1045  74 193 277 377  605 358 139 186  93 114 1353

                  MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%  RPG  APG  TPG  BPG  SPG   PPG
93-94 St John's  18.7  43.0   0.0  73.6  3.8  1.2  1.1  0.4  0.9   6.7
94-95 St John's  20.1  48.0  33.3  71.0  4.3  1.0  1.1  0.7  0.6   7.8
95-96 Duke                  Did Not Play - Transfer Student
96-97 Duke       24.2  49.0  37.5  79.4  5.3  0.9  1.7  1.0  0.9  11.9
97-98 Duke       23.7  49.4  41.1  70.6  5.6  1.4  1.9  0.7  1.2  15.3
TOTALS           21.9  47.9  38.3  73.5  4.8  1.1  1.5  0.7  0.9  10.7

Scouting Report: Wes (
Who is a more versatile player in this NBA draft than Roshown McCloed? 
Nobody, that's who. He is very fitted to the NBA game. He has the skills, 
quickness, and moves of a player that is 6-3 or 6-4, but he has the body 
of a bigger player. At 6-8 he could be like scottie Pippen or Juwan 
Howard, he has their body type. He isn't as outside oriented as pippen, 
and he doesn't have as good inside moves as Howard, he can score down low 
or out on the perimeter.
	He is also a great defender. He could match up and did match up 
well against Antawn Jamison earlier last year. He is a good passer, he 
sees the court well, is a capable rebounder, and can score at almost any 
time. Who played a tougher schedule this year than Duke? None of the 20 
players ahead of Roshown McCloed did. He played the best teams throughout 
the year and played with great poise and skill, and that reflects what he 
will be able to do in the NBA next year, against good teams and good 
players, night in and night out. And if you are rating these players 
strictly on their numbers from this past season, then you need to take 
in to account the fact that McCloed posted similar numbers as Keon 
Clark(#6)(why the hell?), Robert Traylor(#8), and Clayton shields(#18). 
He posted these similar #'s while playing about 10 minutes less than any 
of the other players, meaning that if he played their minutes(let's say 
34 a game opposed to his 23) he would be averaging 22.8 points, more than 
any of these other players. Does Clayton Shields have as much big game 
experience as McCloed? no Does Keon Clark(Why the hell?)? no. Does 
Tractor Traylor? no. McCloed's numbers put these guy's in the dust when 
	A player with the skills and experience of Roshown McCloed should 
probably be rated at least top 12, more realistically, top 8. That 
includes when Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison decide to become eligible 
for the draft.(they will.) McCloed's shooting stroke is better than any 
other guy of his size in the draft, and he isn't close to becoming as 
accurate a shooter as he will be in the coming years in the NBA. 
	Oh and one other thing- I like Matt Harpring and all, but why is 
he the 16th player in the draft? He isn't that good. He has already 
reached his potential now, and he scored 23 points a game on the worst 
team in the ACC. If he had been on a team with as many weapons as Duke 
had, he would have only scored about 13 points a game, and if he had been 
on Duke and played McCloed's minutes, he would have averaged 8 maybe 9 
points a game. At the most he should be a top 35 pick. 
Summary: Move Roshon McCloed way up in your polls. 
Scouting Report: David Edelman []
I'm not nearly as high on him as Wes, but he has his
points.  Shot 41% from 3, but the Duke offense is designed to get that wide-open
20-footer.  In the NBA that shot (a) is a two and (b) won't be open;  he doesn't
create his own shot very well.  He's a frankly bad rebounder, and he's not going
to beat an NBA defender off the dribble.  Nevertheless, to average 15 points in
23 minutes in the ACC is very impressive, and you could argue that his sudden
late improvement portends still further improvement.  He's probably about right
where he is, and my best (admittedly wild) guess is that he'll end up as a
valuable 6th man somewhere, the shooter you grab off the bench when you don't
like how your offense looks late in the first quarter.  Duke players tend not to
reach their expectation in the pros (Grant Hill excepted).  
Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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