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Name: Radisav Nesterovic
College: Slovenia
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 245
Class: N/A
Position: Center
Other Position: N/A

Scouting Report: Ryan Fortson []
As the GM of a team (Timberwolves) that might potentially draft Radoslav Nesterov, I feel compelled to provide a scouting report on him. No, I have never seen him play, so I am going off of stats that I got from the Italian League, which is where he is currently playing. There, he is listed at 7'0" instead of the 7'2" in Monter's report. Basically, I figure he must be a project, because his stats are nothing earthshattering. He shoots a good 67.5% from the field, but is a worse free throw shooter than Shaq at 42.3% (plus, he doesn't get to the line all that much). On the whole, he has averaged only 6.8 points in 25 games. He is not even that great a rebounder, with only 1.8 offensive rebounds and 5.4 total rebounds per game. I guess his 1.4 steals per game suggest he has good hands. I couldn't get stats on shot blocking. Either people are REALLY desperate for centers or there is more to him than his stats to move him to mid-first round status.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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