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Name: Miles Simon
College: Arizona
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 199
Class: Senior
Position: Shooting Guard
Other Position: Small Forward
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Miles Simon

Stats (Provided by JazzyJ)

                  G  MIN  FG  FGA  3P 3PA  FT FTA  REB  PF AST  TO BLK STL  PTS
94-95 Arizona    23  601  66  137  29  65  43  56   84  43  59  43   3  16  204
95-96 Arizona    33 1055 135  303  45 139 120 157  132  77 136 107   7  33  435
96-97 Arizona    23  730 142  312  45 111  95 126   94  49  97  80   4  31  424
97-98 Arizona    35 1104 200  420  57 155 144 185  122  50 163 105   2  45  601
TOTALS          114 3490 543 1172 176 470 402 524  432 219 455 335  16 125 1664

                  MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%  RPG  APG  TPG  BPG  SPG   PPG
94-95 Arizona    26.1  48.2  44.6  76.8  3.7  2.6  1.9  0.1  0.7   8.9
95-96 Arizona    32.0  44.6  32.4  76.4  4.0  4.1  3.2  0.2  1.0  13.2
96-97 Arizona    31.7  45.5  40.5  75.4  4.1  4.2  3.5  0.2  1.3  18.4
97-98 Arizona    31.5  47.6  36.8  77.8  3.5  4.7  3.0  0.1  1.3  17.2
TOTALS           30.6  46.3  37.4  76.7  3.8  4.0  2.9  0.1  1.1  14.6

Scouting Report: Russ Smith
Strengths- intelligent(on the court not in class (-: ) and very well coached. Has all kinds of ways to get a shot off, much quicker than you think, works hard at his game. Handles the ball well enough to play a bit at PG now and then, pretty good defender.

Weaknesses- Cocky as hell, tries to take over games and sometimes shoots you out. Loses focus, tends to crash the boards even at the expense of letting his man leak out(Bailey did this to him alot when both were juniors). Not really a good shooter, has a funny release and the NBA 3 is out of his range. Simon will play in the NBA but he's got to improve his range and I think he needs to get his head together. Could be a nice player for somebody but he could also be a headache if he's not playing as much as he wants. Unlike Bailey I'm not sure Simon has the makeup to be a backup player.

Scouting Report: Elgin Booth []
In my mind, he has always been overrated. Early on, some had him as a lottery pick but he seems to be slipping and should continue to do so. That's because when you stop and realize it, he really doesn't have much game. He's basically a one-dimensional spot-up shooter who doesn't do much else.

He can't really take anyone off the dribble and create his own shot, isn't very good defensively, and doesn't have a lot of offensive moves. He's also very thin and doesn't handle the ball as well as he should. Benefitted greatly from playing on such a good team with Bibby at point. He will be a very limited shooting guard in the NBA.

What is good about him is that he does have the ability to be a big-time shooter, although he is extremely streaky. To his credit, he seems to shoot well in the clutch. NBA teams always need someone to shoot the outside shot, so Simon should find a niche in the NBA. He will have to improve his consistency. Until he develops his one-on-one game and ball handling, he will be limited to coming off the bench in short spurts to try to put up some quick points. Will help himself if he can learn to shoot off the dribble as well as the stand-still shot, which he does well.

I see him sliding down to being a very late 1st round pick as teams begin to really question how much impact he can truly make.

Scouting Report: Gregory Romero []
Miles Simon is a lottery player. He really hurt himself by not going to the pre-draft camps. I think that if he goes to Chicago he can help himself. He can really shoot the lights out. He can create his shot off the dribble. He has a nice one handed leaner that can really help himself in the NBA. I see him being a good role player and in a couple years find himself scoring 17 ppg in the NBA. If he goes to the Chicago camp he should go in the top 15, but if he doesn't he drops to around 20-25.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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