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Name: Jason Williams
College: Florida
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190
Class: Junior
Position: Point Guard
Other Position: Shooting Guard
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Stats (Provided by JazzyJ)

                  G  MIN  FG  FGA  3P 3PA  FT FTA  REB  PF AST  TO BLK STL  PTS
94-95 Marshall                       Did Not Play - Redshirted
95-96 Marshall   28  816 144  276  35  92  52  70   99  49 178  75   9  50  375
96-97 Florida                     Did Not Play - Transfer Student
97-98 Florida    20  635 112  254  54 134  63  75   59  30 134  87   4  53  341
TOTALS           48 1451 256  530  89 226 115 145  158  79 312 162  13 103  716

                  MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%  RPG  APG  TPG  BPG  SPG   PPG
94-95 Marshall                 Did Not Play - Redshirted
95-96 Marshall   29.1  52.2  38.0  74.3  3.5  6.4  2.7  0.3  1.8  13.4
96-97 Florida               Did Not Play - Transfer Student
97-98 Florida    31.8  44.1  40.3  84.0  3.0  6.7  4.4  0.2  2.7  17.1
TOTALS           30.2  48.3  39.4  79.3  3.3  6.5  3.4  0.3  2.1  14.9

Scouting Report: Nick Vaughan []
Jason Williams reminds me a little bit of Jason Kidd. He is a primo passer, will and can deliver the ball from any and every angle. A dangerous long range shooter. Erratic, at times gets to caught up in an up-tempo pace. Excellent free throw shooter and a clutch player. Not a lot of collegiate expirience, played only two years in college and sat from two years, one due to ineligibility, one due to the transfer rule. Aggressive, goes full bore constantly, plays stronger and bigger than he actually is. Has somewhat of a history of disciplinary problems. Is a prototypical, NBA point guard. Should be a top 20 pick, or atleast in the top 15.

Scouting Report: The Herald-Dispatch []
I have watched Jason Williams play since high school. Although it appears GMs are taking note, he could still be a steal for the right team. A first-rate talent gifted not only with gym-rat hoop skills but athletic ability.

Fantastic passer who played two steps ahead of his teammates at Florida and Marshall. Ball-handling wizard who was doing things in high school that are just now becoming popular in college and NBA.

Good long-range shooter who can get his own shot with quick release or drives to the hoop. Williams can pull up on the dead run and nail a jumper from 18 feet. Good leaper and has explosive first-step quickness. UK's Wayne Turner looked overmatched trying to guard him in Lexington. Cross-over dribble the best in college basketball last year. Quick hands result in lots of steals. Will need to become a better one-on-one defender.

Williams has a no fear of failure, which at times leads him to take chances he shouldn't. He will have to be coachable in the NBA. Off-the-court problems can be traced to lack of maturity. Loves the game and will work hard to put problems behind him.

Scouting Report:
Jason is probably tied with bibby as the best point guard in the nation. Only played half a year at florida so did not get to release all his stuff. pluses are he's a real explosive player, can shoot the three, make the pass, and loves to play the game. His negatives are that he has a lot of baggage, spoil, easily frustrated, and his defense is not up to par. Will try and match score for score with another guard if he's getting outplayed.

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