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Name: Korleone Young
College: Hargrave Military Academy
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 220
Class: High School
Position: Power Forward
Other Position: Small Forward
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Scouting Report: CLee810383 []  
This is one of the stupidest moves this youngster could have done should have
gone to college . So now that is off my chest lets look at his game shaquille
o'nealed the inside in high school nobody held this guy in the paint. Has a
solid 16 ft and in jumper has 3 point range but when I say that I mean he gets
like 1out of 6 attempts when he shoots it so as marty blake whould say "he has
3 point range cause he shoots it". was a extremely versatile player in high
school able to play 3 postions center, power forward, and small forward and
even a little shooting guard. He does have great timing on his blocks gets off
the floor very quickly. However all that being said did not domiante that
facet of the game in high school only averaging 3.0 bpg. At havgrave millitary
he averaged 29.3 ppg and 11.3 rpg very strong numbers for a very solid
program. I have heard a rumor that he really only 6-5 not 6-8 if that is true
he will be a mid 2nd rounder if not true late first rounder to early 2nd
rounder. I think his pro career will be worst than jermaine o'neal all though
he does have the talent and abilty to turn around and be solid. 
Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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