The 11th pick belongs to the Cleveland Cavs.  This time they are represented for the pick by Nick Simic who selects:

Jumaine Jones, SF, 6'8", Georgia

After an injury riddled season which saw the Cavs miss the playoffs.This team is looking to return to and perhaps surpass the level of play of the 97-98 season.With everyone back and the addition of this years two lottery picks the Cavs will certainly be competetive in the upcoming season.

Draft History

  • 1985 Charles Oakley 9th
  • 1986 Brad Daugherty 1st, Ron Harper 8th
  • 1987 Kevin Johnson 7th
  • 1988 Randolph Keys 22nd
  • 1989 John Morton 25th
  • 1991 Terrell Brandon 11th
  • 1993 Chris Mills 22nd
  • 1995 Bob Sura 17th
  • 1996 Vitaly Potapenko 12th, Zydrunas Ilgauskas 20th
  • 1997 Derek Anderson 13th, Brevin Knight 16th

Some very solid choices over the years and the lets just hope this year the Cavs continue this trend.

Team Needs

A scoring minded small forward is something the Cavs desperately need to balance their offence.This year there just happens to be one of those his name is Wally Szczerbiak, but the most likely scenario is that Wally won't be available at either the Cavs picks at # 8 and # 11.So the next most pressing need is a point guard because other than Brevin Knight the Cavs don't have much there.Also a backup big man would be useful, but its not urgent.

Player Analysis:


Zydrunas Ilgauskas Barring injuries he has the potential to become one of the NBA's elite centers.Great rebounder and has the ability to score when needed also posseses a solid defensive game.

Power Forwards

Shawn Kemp A stellar season for the reignman imagine what he could have done without that offseason baggage.With the right suporting cast around him and Ilgauskas back to carry some of the load the Cavs and Kemp could have a big year.

Andrew Declercq A great aquisition for the Cavs provides front court depth and gives a great effort night in and night out.Good rebounder and can bang it inside also capable of playing the 5 spot.

Corie Blount (FA) Hasn't really improved since entering the NBA , but he hasn't had the chance to show he has seeing limited time off the Cavs bench.Likely to be elsewhere next season.

Ryan Stack (FA) Didn't get a chance to show his stuff this season, but you can't teach height so he may be worth keeping.

Small Forwards

Danny Ferry Likely His last year with the Cavs as his contract expires, he never became the player that made him worthy of the 2nd pick in the 1989 NBA Draft.

Cedric Henderson (FA) The one weakness of the Cavs is at small forward thats not to say that Cedric Henderson is not a good player he's just not up there with the NBA's best.Provided decent output, but the Cavs need more from the 3 spot.If he's willing to accept a bench role the Cavs should resign him.

Johnny Newman Signed in the flurry of free agency during the lockout shortened period.Provided some bench scoring and little of anything else.Does provide this young team with veteran leadership.

Shooting Guards

Wesley Person Given the right look more often than not Wesley will knock it down.Not the slasher type 2 guard meaning he rarely sees the charity stripe and he thrives of the open looks provided by the double teams on Kemp and Ilgauskas down low.

Derek Anderson Stuck behind the more experienced Wesley Person at the off guard position Anderson saw minutes at both guard spots.He'll need a starting job in order to show his true talents something the Cavs can't provide for him at the moment.

Mitchell Butler (FA) Butler is basically a role player on this team seeing limited time, but when he's on the court he knows what to do the Cavs will likely resign him.

Point Guards

Brevin Knight Showed in his first two seasons he has the makings of a true floor general as he is able to distribute the ball and run the team. The one thing lacking from his game is offence and at 5'10" he has trouble with the leagues taller point guards.

Bob Sura Injuries have seen him lose the highlight producing ability he once possesed and as the Cavs are running low on point guards they've attempted to convert Sura with little success.Unless he grasps the concept of playing the point Sura will be buried on the Cavs bench.

Earl Boykins (FA) Appeared in about half the Cavs games this year at 5'5" he's a defensive liability, but his speed more than makes up for it. Don't look for the Cavs to resign him.

My selection and why I made it

Jumaine Jones Georgia

In this draft where there is no clear cut superstars like drafts of the past its simply a case of matching up team needs and the best player available.With all the premier talent gone by # 11 I looked to fill one of the Cavs needs and that was at small forward and to me Jumaine Jones one of the most underrated players in the draft suited the Cavs better than the rest.

Other Players Considered

Knowing all the top talents would be gone by # 11 I only considered a few other choices..

Ron Artest He lacks size at 6'6" to play against most small forwards in the NBA putting a question mark over what position he will play, but his ability to run the show from the 3 spot made him tempting, but overall not as suited to Cleveland as Jumaine Jones.

Aleksander Radojevic With the lack of any real big men in this draft Radojevic is something very hard to come across, but to me he's not worthy of the # 11 pick.

William Avery Has good ball handling ability and is a good shooter maybe a little inexperienced.Could have used another year of college.

Who the team will probably take

If Wally Szczerbiak were available at # 8 then the Cavs would be able to take a risk with the # 11 and maybe draft Aleksander Radojevic.If that dosn't happen then its a case of my guess is as good as yours.

Other moves the team should make

I think the cavs should try and trade one of their shooting guards for some help up front preferably a backup center.Other than that I think the Cavs should sit tight and work with what they've got.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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