Kings The Usenet draft does not have an official second round.   What we do is let the teams that do not have a first round pick have a say in the draft.  The fourth of the "second round' goes to the Sacramento Kings (who traded their first round pick to Atlanta).  In the real draft, the 76ers have the 45th pick. Their GM is  Chris Campbell, who selects:

Deveon George, SF, 6'8", Augsburg


Being what really amounts to a Celtic/Warrior fan stuck in Laker area (San Luis Obispo, CA) it may seem strange that I'm picking for the Sacramento Kings in the 1999 USENET Draft. I grew up in Suisun, and in fact, went to more Kings games as a kid than Warriors games. The plain fact of it is that the Kings haven't been very good in a long time. In fact, although they made the playoffs this season, this is the first time in a long time (since before the move to Sacramento) that this team has entered an offseason with such nice prospects as this current offseason. Since this pick isn't actually part of the real draft, but is instead part of the lumped group of picks making up a second round (those teams that didn't have a first round pick) I've thought hard about what kind of pick the Kings could make at this point, rather than what they'll probably end up with at 44. I've also not found it easy to keep up with the Sacramento Bee here in SLO-town, and perhaps some others out there can help a little bit, and hopefully this post will spark some dialogue and a few flames about what the Kings might actually do this offseason.

Draft History:

This team has a history of high draft picks (did I forget to mention that this team has a been a perennial lottery invitee?) but not too many of them have panned out for the best. Geoff Petrie hasn't been on board for most of these, but I'll list their picks back to 1984 (fifteen years ago, and that includes the pick of Pervis Ellison). The numbers are by year and round.


  • 1. Jason Williams
  • 2. Jerome James


  • 1. Tariq Abdul-Wahad
  • 2. Anthony Johnson


  • 1. Predrag Stojakovic
  • 2. Jason Sasser


  • 1. Corliss Williamson
  • 2. Tyus Edny
  • Dejan Bodiroga


  • 1. Brian Grant
  • 2. Michael Smith
  • 2. Lawrence Funderburke


  • 1. Bobby Hurley
  • 2. Evers Burns
  • 2. Alex Holcombe
  • 2. Mike Peplowski


  • 1. Walt Williams
  • 2. Brett Roberts


  • 1. Billy Owens
  • 1. Pete Chilcutt
  • 2. Randy Brown
  • 2. Steve Hood


  • 1. Lionel Simmons
  • 1. Travis Mays
  • 1. Duane Causwell
  • 1. Anthony Bonner
  • 2. Bimbo Coles


  • 1. Pervis Ellison (No. 1 overall)


  • 1. Ricky Berry
  • 2. Vinny Del Negro


  • 1. Kenny Smith
  • 3. Sven Meyer
  • 4. Joe Arlauckas
  • 5. Vernon Carr
  • 6. Daryl Thomas
  • 7. Scott Adubato


  • 1. Harold Pressley
  • 2. Johnny Rodgers
  • 3. Bruce Douglas
  • 4. Alvin Franklin
  • 4. Bob Beecher
  • 5. Keith Morrison
  • 6. John Flowers
  • 7. Ron Rankin


  • 1. Joe Kleine
  • 3. Charles Bradley
  • 3. Michael Adams
  • 4. Willie Simmons
  • 5. Bob Lojewski
  • 6. Charles Balentine


  • 1. Otis Thorpe
  • 3. Roosevelt Chapman
  • 3. Jeff Allen
  • 4. Carl Henry
  • 5. Jim Foster
  • 6. Bruce Vanley
  • 7. Chipper Harris
  • 8. Nate Rollins
  • 9. Greg Turner
  • 10. Victor Coleman

Of course, all these players haven't been terrible, and only the last few drafts have been under Geoff Petrie anyhow, but it's pretty plain to see how the Kings haven't been Kings of the Draft through the years. They've been smart enough to only have one Pervis, which is nice (for me to poop on!) when compared to the Clippers. As bad as this team has been at the draft, their current starting backcourt has come the last few years via the draft, with Jason Williams and Tariq Abdul- Wahad. Their current frontcourt hasn't, but then they've been able to trade well to fill those spots.

Their ability to grab someone of talent at both their spot in the USENET draft and the NBA draft is of utmost importance. This team needs to keep building on it's current string of good drafts (going back to 94 really, with Stojakovic, Williamson, and Brian Grant).

Team Needs/Wants:

The Kings are in fact set with a pretty talented starting five in Williams, Abdul-Wahad, Williamson, Webber, and Divac. These five guys are all talented, and willing to play for Rick Adelman and his run and shoot game. The unforunate situation is that these are the only guys under contract for next season so obviously there will be some grand moves this offseason for the Kings, and while I shouldn't speculate too much as to what kind of FA signings/moves the Kings will try, it's very safe to say that the 1999-00 version will look very different from the 98-99 version.

Point Guard:

Jason Williams' highlight reel antics aside, the PG position is set for the Kings as long as they want. After sputtering with Bobby Hurley (and the injury) and Chris Jackson (or Mahmoud Abdul- Rauf or whatever), the Kings have found themselves someone to bring the ball up court and someone who can make the spectacular open court pass. Plenty of noise was made about his lack of a decent half-court game, but it's possible that in a few years Williams and Webber could become a great two man game, a new millieum Stockton Malone if you will. Williams can shoot, drive in the lane, and can find the open person on the break, but he does have a penchant for overdoing the shooting, or trying too hard to make the strange pass. I think it'd be ridiculous for the Kings to try to bring a veteran on board to calm him down (ala the Lakers this season with Derek Harper) so it's possible that they might grab any of the top PG's in the draft left. Unfortunately, there won't be anything worth picking left. If Penny Hardaway is someone drawn into the King's web (they probably don't have enough cap space to sign him) they'd love his game. He could spell the 1, 2 or 3. Well, Penny'd start but would play almost a four-man rotation with Williams, Abdul-Wahad, and Williamson.

Shooting Guard:

Tariq Abdul-Wahad changed his name, changed his school, but his game is still electrifying. Are you sensing a trend already here? Abdul-Wahad didn't shoot great last season, but he's almost definitely the future at the 2 for the Kings. He's got great size for the 2 (6'6", 220) and excellent hops. He's also the first French born player to play in the NBA. As a very good french friend of mine says "The french way is the good way." Okay, he actually says it more like "The fraunch ..." but that's aside the point. The Kings have a talented wing player in Abdul-Wahad, and if the Kings can sign the afore-mentioned Hardaway, he'll come off the bench and get some good minutes for the Kings. Otherwise, I wouldn't expect any second rounder to push him out of the starting role next season.

Small Forward:

Corliss Williamson has played himself into the 3 position for the Kings after a dreadful first season where he rarely started and played few minutes. He's not currently under contract but I can't imagine the Kings not making a good effort to sign him to a realistic contract. Who knows what that could be, right? His game is definitely post oriented, and the addition of Penny Hardaway would mean quite a bit to Williamson. Can you imagine Big Nasty free to roam the the backside boards with Webber and Hardaway playinjg a two-man on the strong side? Or Webber and Williams? Or how about a light attack with Williamson and Williams on the strong side and Hardaway crashing the weakside? This is the one position that would be greatly helped by the signing of Anfernee Hardaway. I'm sure a lot of teams have scenarios that are close to the Kings, in that Hardaway would help only too much, but if the Kings were to sign Hardaway it's only too obvious already how much he'd help this team, and make them an almost immediate conference finals contender along with the Spurs.

Power Forward:

Chris Webber is one of the great players in the game. He put together what not only was an MVP-like season, but put it together while playing under the glare of the media, ready for him to fall at any point. I'm not sure that he really cares, but he's the kind of player that must know that he's expected to take his team to the next level no matter where he plays. People forget that he dragged a sorry Warrior team (albeit with Sprewell and Mullin) on his back to fifty (that's 50) wins in 1995, and then took another sorry team in the Washington Bullets to the playoffs in 97-98. Look how those teams fell hard after he left. My own bio lists Webber and Nelson as the anti-christs (being a Warrior fan before King fan) but there's no denying his talent and ability to play like a monster from the 4. He "hates" playing the 5, but can swing over when needed. With Divac, that's not necessary, but with Divac, it gives Webber so much room to move in the paint it's ridiculous. Anyone who gets drafted to play the four is going to have to find a baseline jumper or is going to find his minutes dwindling. Webber will play 40 minutes a game, and be ridiculously productive.


As I said before, I'm a transplanted Celtics/Warriors fan in the Laker territory, and I've known Vlade Divac almost since he took to the court in a Laker uni... and I for one wasn't a bit surprised when he ended up back in California. In fact, I was really surprised when his name didn't come up so heavily in trade talks along with Webber's name this past winter/preseason with the Lakers. His game melts with Shaq's like real butter on a good old non-Lucky's brand bagels Replace Shaq With Webber though, and you do pretty good. Probably for a few dollars less too... Divac loves the high post, and even loves to extend out to the wing for his jumper. There's no reason that Webber and Divac can't blend together perfectly. The high-low that Webber and Divac can play should only get better, especially with Divac's ability to pass into the post, and shoot from outside. His perimeter European game mixes well with Webber's downtown Detroit game.


The bench was a mix of rejects and cast-offs but what else could a fan expect from a strike/lockout/whatever shortened season? Only two of the players can be expected back in a Kings uniform, and those are Lawrence Funderburke and Predrag Stojakovic. Hopefully Stojakovic gets his work visa, if you know that I mean. Funderburke didn't get along with Bobby Knight (but then who does), and then came on towards the season's end for the Kings. He's a post player but he can also extend to 15 feet. I hope I'm not reading too much from the lousy scouting reports here. I think he's a keeper. Stojakovic is a classic euro player. He led the team in FT%, but that's not saying much with guys like Webber and Williamson taking the bulk of the FTA's this past season. It's possible that the Kings might not make honest efforts to resign these guys... wait a second. They've got Stojakovic for two more seasons, but don't have Corliss signed. Crap. Well, they'll sign both Funderburke and Williamson to fun contracts and hopefully let this team grow with all the youth. If not, I'd guess that Petrie thinks that he can replace either of these guys in the middle of the second round. Fat chance! The rest of the team looks like the bunch of last-second-signees that they were. I wouldn't expect any of Jon Barry, Jerome James, Michael Hawkins, Vernon Maxwell, Oliver Miller, Ray Owes or Scot Pollard to be back for anything other than the league minimum or some funny salary cap rule. James might be back, given his position in last year's draft and his size and all. Remember, the Kings get one pick and that's in the second round, so who knows?

Kings select:

The Kings select Devean George with the 33rd pick of the 1999 USENET draft. This is bound to be an unpopular pick but what the heck, you know? The Kings are due for a gamble to pay off, and George just might/could/should be that guy. Remember that guys like Bergersen are still on the block. George is defintely picked as one of those hugely successful blossoming second round picks. Bergersen might be the safer pick, being the Big West's POTY pick, almost unanimously. There's no post players's making a effort over, and both George and Bergersen fit the billl for a team drafting in the second round looking for general talent.

Others Considered

Who could the Kings consider at this point in the draft? choosers. Pretty much this pick is the best player available (BPA).

Roberto Bergersen is my own (somewhat) hometown favorite, being that he plays in the Big West. Yes, that's the same conference that "produced" Michael Olowakandi, but what this conference seems to lack in overall strength it seems to make up in upside. Berto can score with the best of them. He would play pretty much the same game as Abdul-Wahad, but he can run off screens for shots much better. I find it hard to guage his open court game since I and the rest of the country found it hard to catch much of him at all. Bobby Knight went off about him. He's a solid 6'6" 200lb, and can definitely play the wing in the NBA. He's a better player than guys like Ed Gray, whom I've also seen play at the collegiate level.

Chris Herren is pretty much a carbon copy of Jason Williams, in almost every respect. He's got a good shot, can drive and dish, and prefers the open court. He even has the happy reputation courtesy of playing for Jerry Tarkanian. This kid has some game though, and it'd be a shame in the same way that Williams was really overlooked last year, for everybody to forget about him. The Kings reached last year at the 7th pick of the draft... would they reach at 33? Doubtful, given the Kings have other needs.

Laron Profit is an interesting choice. I would have sworn that he was listed at 6'8" or so during the season at Maryland, and if he's really only 6'4" he's a short SG, and probably should have gone back to Maryland to be the MAN after playing second fiddle to Steve Francis. He's also a free spirit from the wing, and could easily he confused with Abdul-Wahad, but the size thing has me thinking. He's a big time scorer... I remember seeing him putting up points against the best the ACC had to offer this year. The size thing though...

Melvin Levett would almost be perfect. If Penny Hardaway is signed sealed and delivered, then Levett's the man. He is ridiculously athletic and can easily swing to PG on defense (playing SG on offense with Penny). His hops and speed make him very dangerous, and playing with a guy like Williams who loves the Alley-Oop and Hardaway who can play a little transition game himself would make the Helicopter a dangerous vehicle in the NBA. He can shoot too.

Devean George is a stretch, even at 33. Still though, the reports that he bent Quincy Lewis over have to be somewhat exhagerated, right? It's possible that Lewis was worried about that report that he(?) wrote back in 1997, but it seems that this George fella' is coming on as this years sleeper. At 6'8" and around 210, he makes the perfect second round stocking stuffer for a team that has no particular need. It seems that he could play a little wing, and even a little baseline. What does he do though if the team signs Hardaway? I'll say this: If the Kings aren't really going to sign Hardaway, George is a good choice at this point in the draft, but if they do think they have Penny, then they'll go bigger.

Likely pick:

Roberto Bergersen. This guy is the real deal. It's possibly that other players will come out above him, but this team is built around playing wild, and Bergersen can provide an open shot. This is a tough call. I like George myself, given all the paremeters, but Bergersen and Levett are too good too pass for totally unknowns.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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