Bucks The Usenet draft does not have an official second round.   What we do is let the teams that do not have a first round pick have a say in the draft.  The fifth of the "second round' goes to the Milwaukee Bucks.  In the real draft, the Bucks have the 48th pick. Their GM is  Andrew Burnham, who selects:

Tim Young, C, 7'1', Stanfort

Team History

After making the playoffs for first time in what seemed to be an eternity, the Bucks are looking for improvement in their second year with George Karl as the coach. During the early part of last season, the Bucks were playing well enough to challenge for the Central Division crown. However, due to Terrell Brandon's desire to test the free agency market this summer, the Bucks were forced into making some roster moves. In a three way deal with Minnesota and New Jersey, the Bucks traded Brandon to the wolves and received Sam Cassell and Chris Gatling from the Nets. They also shipped off Brandon's disgruntled buddy, Tyrone Hill, and Jerald Honeycutt to the Sixers for Tim Thomas and Scott Williams. After this major overhaul, the Bucks were without a healthy point guard, due to Cassell's serious ankle injury. After a couple of ten day contracts, the Bucks signed Haywoode Workman for the rest of the year. Due to his solid play, the Bucks were able to remain a playoff team. Due to injuries and losing their last regular season game to the Nets, the Bucks limped into the playoffs as the seventh seed. The Bucks battled the Pacers hard, but Indiana was able to expose the Bucks weak inside game, in winning the series.

Position Analysis


This is easily the weakest position on the team. Ervin Johnson is the only true center who got minutes last year. He is a decent rebounder and defender, with an offensive game. Robert Traylor, a natural power forward, began to see a lot more minutes at center as the season progressed. He is an adequate center in Karl's small ball lineup. After having a solid season, Traylor must improve his inside scoring and learn how to stay out of foul trouble. If he continues to play center, foul trouble will be his biggest concern.

Power Forward

The Bucks are overloaded at this postion. They have four guys with four as their best position on the team. Tim Thomas may become one of the most exciting players the Bucks have ever had. He is not a true post player, but can be put at almost any position. He has the ability to shoot the three and penetrate to create a shot. This is the type of player the Bucks need for their transition into more of a fullcourt team. Coming out of high school, he was rated higher than Kobe Bryant. While not at the all-star level, Thomas should hopefully have a breakthrough season next year. Chris Gatling and Armen Gilliam have basically the same game. Karl had a difficult time getting each enough minutes. Both are able to score and will play hard. One of these players should be used as trade bait.

Small Forward

Glenn Robinson is a pure scorer, that has improved his overall game drastically over the last few years. He is no longer a defensive liability and has become less prone to turnovers. After having several game winning shots, he has become the Bucks go to guy during crunch time. After being hampered by a knee injury late last season, Robinson will try and lead the Bucks to their second straight playoff appearance. Michael Curry is the Bucks best defensive player. Karl loves the intensity that he plays with. Even though he comes off the bench, he was a co-captain.

Shooting Guard

This is the Bucks strongest position. Ray Allen has shown with Robinson, they can be a deadly scoring duo. While averaging 16 ppg, he needs to be more consistent with his shooting. He is by no means a streaky shooter, but he has too many off nights. Though during the playoffs, he had to carry the Bucks, because of Robinson's injury. In game two he had a Reggie Milleresque performance, hitting basically all his shots, mostly threes, in the second half, and a last second three pointer to send the game into overtime. Dell Curry is a deadly shooter, that really strengthened the Bucks bench. He had a great year, but struggled in the playoffs with back problems. Vinny del Negro also had a good year that was spoiled with an injury at the end of the season.

Point Guard

Sam Cassell was only able to play a few games during the regular season and the playoffs. He should stabilize the Bucks point guard position, when he comes back healthy next year. His scoring ability and intensity should help make their offense more high powered. Haywoode Workman saved the Bucks season, with his solid, hardnosed play. Coming off a major injury and a long time away from the NBA, Workman came out of nowhere to start for the Bucks during the last half of the season.


The Bucks want to sign their three top free agents, Dell Curry, Michael Curry, and Haywoode Workman. All three players are needed for the Bucks to have a strong bench. Another area that the Bucks need to address is their inside game. They ranked almost last in rebounding, and they have no real inside scoring threat. Rashard Griffith, a second round selection of the Bucks several years ago, has been playing center for a team in Turkey. He was the league MVP and lead his team to the championship. He has finally expressed an interest to play in the NBA, and may be the answer to their problems at center. The Bucks need to trade either Chris Gatling or Armen Gilliam, because their games are too similar and there are not enough minutes for the both of them. If possible package one of them in a deal to move up in this draft or get a future pick. If the Bucks do not move up in this draft, they should pick the best player available. The Bucks will probably not have a lot of r! oom on the roster for a second rounder, so they could select a foreign player and let him develop for a few years.

My Selection

The Bucks need another true center; especially if they cannot sign Griffith. I would select Tim Young, the center from Stanford, if he slips that far. Young is a good rebounder and has a great shooting range for a center. I would like to compare this seven footer to a Chris Dudley that has some offensive ability. He should be a decent backup center in the NBA; by playing him on the second team, the Bucks would be able to play Robert Traylor at his natural position, power forward. I love that he stayed four years, even though he was an early entrant last year.

Other Players Considered

I considered two other players to select, Rodney Buford from Creighton and Leon Smith from Chicago King H.S. Buford is from Milwaukee and had an unbelievable college career. His stock had dropped because Creighton gave him a bad recommendation. They did this because he would not sign will the agent they wanted him to. If this causes him to fall to Milwaukee, they should definetly take him. He is a first round quality player. Leon Smith has an unbelievable story, which makes me believe that he will succeed in the NBA. I was able to see him play twice this past year, and he is untapped talent. He is so unbelievably athletic, and has a great basketball body. This kid could develop into a very good player, but it will take awhile. He has limited offensive skills; he basically dunked his way to 26 ppg. He has the determination to become great, and it is unfortunate that he could not have developed in college.

What The Bucks Will Do

I think the Bucks will try to package Armen Gilliam and the second round pick, to move up in the draft. If they cannot do so, they should pick the best player available. My prediction of who they will pick is Rodney Buford, but I will not be surprised if they pick a foreign player.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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