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Name: Baron Davis
College: UCLA
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190
Class: Sophomore
Position: Point Guard
Other Position: Shooting Guard Profile
Baron Davis
Stats (Provided by JazzyJ)
                  G  MIN  FG  FGA  3P 3PA  FT FTA  REB  PF AST  TO BLK STL  PTS
97-98 UCLA       32 1003 137  259  24  78  75 111  129 113 161  99  12  77  373
98-99 UCLA       27  828 150  312  35 102  94 157   97  94 138  89  10  68  429
TOTALS           59 1831 287  571  59 180 169 268  226 207 299 188  22 145  802
                  MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%  RPG  APG  TPG  BPG  SPG   PPG
97-98 UCLA       31.3  52.9  30.8  67.6  4.0  5.0  3.1  0.4  2.4  11.7
98-99 UCLA       30.7  48.1  34.3  59.9  3.6  5.1  3.3  0.4  2.5  15.9
TOTALS           31.0  50.3  32.8  63.1  3.8  5.1  3.2  0.4  2.5  13.6

Scouting reports

Scout: Russ Smith []

Strengths: when healthy Baron is as good an athlete as there is in the NBA. He's uncommonly strong, he's literally built like an NFL player, physically JR Rider is probably the NBA player he most closely resembles, only MUCH quicker. Iverson, Marbury, Darrell Armstrong, Brevin Knight, none of these guys are substantially quicker than Baron, if at all quicker, and he's got 30-40 pounds on all of them. Baron is an explosive jumper, won the slamdunk title at the McDonald's game 2 years ago, and had some astonishing dunks in his 2 years at UCLA. He has a great crossover, can handle the ball and create for teammates, and showed marked improvement in his outside shot the second half of his sophomore season.When he's on there isn't a better player in college basketball. Very physical defender with great hands, creates all kinds of problems on defense.

Weaknesses: consistency is the main one, Baron shot terribly from outside for the first half of this year, then looked like Reggie Miller the next 10 games or so. Poor foul shooter. Has absolutely no concept of when to let up, always gets in foul trouble and then continues to reach until he fouls out. Self control was a real problem much of his time at UCLA, woofing, jawing with refs, pushed the envelope alot and had a real chip on his shoulder that led to a couple of borderline ugly scenes with other players or fans. Baron really improved in this area the last half of this season, he just decided to quit talking and play ball and the results were spectacular.

Wildcard: as much as any player in the draft, Baron has one wildcard, his knee. Blew his ACL out in the NCAA tourney as a freshman against Michigan. Returned early last year, 10 pounds overweight, and played his way into shape. Wore a brace all year, at times was clearly favoring it, but looked healed the last 10 games or so. Baron had a foot injury that slowed him the last couple of weeks, but this was not related to the knee injury. If the knee passes physicals and MRI's before the draft, it's a moot point, if it doesn't, he'll fall in the draft.

Baron was probably the most exciting, yet most frustrating, player to play at UCLA since I started watching them play in 1975. Talent is clearly there, if the knee is solid and he matures, the sky is the limit. I personally think Corey Maggette is the only kid in this draft with more raw talent, and that's only because he's 3 inches taller. I certainly would love to see Baron wind up in a Warrior uniform.

Scout: Phil Nation

Baron Davis is one of the most complete point guards to come along in some time. If his sophomore year at UCLA is indicative of anything, it looks like he has recovered nicely from his torn ACL during the 1998 NCAA Tournament, which is the biggest concern.

Davis can do it all. Offensively, he's a true point guard who can beat his man to the basket or dish it off after drawing coverage; he's equally comfortable with a running style or a halfcourt style offense; and he can shoot the ball. He is a gre at athlete who has made some thunderous dunks. Defensively, Davis is a very good rebounder for a point guard and can steal the ball. He is not a star at the defensive end, but opposing point guards won't have field nights on him, either.

Davis knows how to play the game and is great to watch. While he is capable of highlight-film plays, he plays to win. He is a terrific athlete and a good leader, and has a good grasp of the mental aspects of the game.

Davis should be one of the first players taken in the draft. He has quite a career ahead of himself.

Scout: Jeffrey Burgoyne []

Baron Davis is a tremendous talent that is sitting at the top of a few teams lists. While the PG position is probably the best stocked in this draft, Davis stands out as a true PG with an excellent upside. He's not the floor leader that a Miller or Avery might be, but at the same time he's is not a converted SG like Francis.

The need at PG is vast this year, and the Clippers, Raptors, Bulls (and potentially the TimberWolves) all could use an NBA quality PG. For this reason I expect Davis to be a top 5 choice. His biggest obstacle in the NBA will be his shooting range. PG's need to be able to keep defenders honest, and Davis's 34% three point percentage and sub 60% FT% will not be enough.

Davis does have the ability to penetrate in the lane and make plays happen, whether on the finish or dishing off. Even given his suspect outside shooting percentage, he still managed to shoot above 50% in a short college career, which says a lot for his ability to get off easy shots. While many of these shots came on the break, he still has the ability to make the athletic drive in a half court offense.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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