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Name: Trajan Langdon
College: Duke
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200
Class: Senior
Position: Shooting Guard
Other Position: Point Guard profile
Jumaine Jones
Stats (Provided by JazzyJ)
                  G  MIN  FG  FGA  3P 3PA  FT FTA  REB  PF AST  TO BLK STL  PTS
94-95 Duke       31  797 124  274  59 138  44  56   65  69  48  38   4  13  351
95-96 Duke                        Did Not Play - Redshirted
96-97 Duke       33  972 137  308  86 195 113 126   97  56  68  50  10  33  473
97-98 Duke       36 1035 171  385  85 215 101 114  104  77  70  58   8  22  528
98-99 Duke       36 1117 191  413 112 254 128 152  123  84  69  64   3  52  622
TOTALS          136 3921 623 1380 342 802 386 448  389 286 255 210  25 120 1974
                  MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%  RPG  APG  TPG  BPG  SPG   PPG
94-95 Duke       25.7  45.3  42.8  78.6  2.1  1.5  1.2  0.1  0.4  11.3
95-96 Duke                  Did Not Play - Redshirted
96-97 Duke       29.5  44.5  44.1  89.7  2.9  2.1  1.5  0.3  1.0  14.3
97-98 Duke       28.8  44.4  39.5  88.6  2.9  1.9  1.6  0.2  0.6  14.7
98-99 Duke       31.0  46.2  44.1  84.2  3.4  1.9  1.8  0.1  1.4  17.3
TOTALS           28.8  45.1  42.6  86.2  2.9  1.9  1.5  0.2  0.9  14.5

Scouting reports

Scout: Rob Clough

Strengths: Shooting, upper-body strength

Weaknesses: Defense, foot-speed, inability to get his own shot, ballhandling

Scouting report: In a lot of ways, Trajan Langdon reminds me a lot of another ACC player from the past: Rodney "Cool Whip" Monroe of NC State. Monroe was an incredible scorer who was POY in the ACC in '91 who proved to be a huge flop in the NBA. Why? Because he was a short guard who got most of his shots working off screens. In today's NBA, however, there's room for specialists since so many teams use spot-up shooters to punish double-teams. Langdon is such a solid, pure shooter that he may have a chance in the league because of it. As a bonus, he is an OK penetrator who is strong enough to draw fouls (where he is flawless) and a good passer.

But he is very, very slow for a guard and a poor ballhandler. While a smart defender, he frequently has trouble keeping opponents in front of him. In the NBA, this will only get worse. His 6-4 frame makes him a tweener. Some say he will have to play point guard to survive, but I think he's strong enough to play at the 2. Regardless, he will have trouble defending either position.

Initially thought a solid first-round pick, Langdon has dropped into the second round and might drop out of the draft altogether after not being able to play in some of the pre-draft camps. He will need to show well in Chicago to have a chance of going in the first round.

Scout: Phil Nation

Better known as the "Alaskan Assassin", Trajan Langdon was one of college basketball's best shooters during his career.

Langdon's strengths are largely in his intangibles and his shooting. He is a deadly spot-up shooter, and he always plays as hard as anyone. He was an important leader for Duke, wanting the ball with the game on the line and being an intelligent p layer. He is also very fundamentally sound; he is especially good at coming off picks to get open shots. He handles the ball well enough to play the point in a pinch, and his defense is decent, though he could have trouble because he is not very quick. He is also the man you want handling the ball late in a close game, as he is a great free-throw shooter.

Langdon is not good at creating his own shot or shooting off the dribble. He also does not make many athletic plays, and he is small for a shooting guard.

Langdon should be an early second round pick, and he could be a good reserve for someone.

Scout: David Edelman []

Does 2 things really, really well; hit the open jumper, and defend his man. At 6'3" he has to play point, however, and that's a problem, as his ball-handling skills aren't close to good enough for that. Furthermore, he doesn't create his own shot well enough to really score a lot in the NBA.

A couple of teams (Houston, Chicago when they had Jordan) don't ask their point guard to do anything more than hit the open 3 and guard a man, and Langdon could maybe even start for a team like that. Otherwise he's a third guard, or maybe a team physician (Langdon is a pre-med at Duke).

Scout: alfred benson

Purest shooter in college game today handsdown - Reggie Miller off the ball moves to get open has a decent first step for a open look at a jumper- solid off the ball 10 free throw shooter in college or n.b.a - Price, Kerr, Hodges, Paxson you get the idea. solid 8-10 year carrer before he becomes a coach. i am kind of biased i played against him in high school and had to gaurd him on many of occasions. I feel he will be in the top 20 pick in draft.Hes mature 4 year stater at duke with a very high basketball I.Q

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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