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Name: Jamaal Magliore
College: Kentucky
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 243
Class: Junior
Position: Center
Other Position: Power Forward
Jamaal Magliore
Stats (Provided by JazzyJ)
                  G  MIN  FG  FGA  3P 3PA  FT FTA  REB  PF AST  TO BLK STL  PTS
96-97 Kentucky   40  626  75  153   0   0  45  82  177 120  15  64  79  25  195
97-98 Kentucky   36  526  73  152   0   0  38  59  155  93   9  46  61  10  184
98-99 Kentucky   34  668  94  177   0   0  49  85  151  79  18  42  66  16  237
TOTALS          110 1820 242  482   0   0 132 226  483 292  42 152 206  51  616
                  MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%  RPG  APG  TPG  BPG  SPG   PPG
96-97 Kentucky   15.7  49.0   0.0  54.9  4.4  0.4  1.6  2.0  0.6   4.9
97-98 Kentucky   14.6  48.0   0.0  64.4  4.3  0.3  1.3  1.7  0.3   5.1
98-99 Kentucky   19.6  53.1   0.0  57.6  4.4  0.5  1.2  1.9  0.5   7.0
TOTALS           16.5  50.2   0.0  58.4  4.4  0.4  1.4  1.9  0.5   5.6

Scouting reports

Scout: JazzyJ

It's rare for players who don't average double figure points  or even start for a high-profile program to enter early into the  NBA Draft, but that is the decision that Jamaal Magloire has  made in regards to entering the 1999 NBA Draft pool. With the  perceived lack of true big men available, Magloire probably feel  that he could be at least a 1st round pick in the draft. However,  Magloire is playing it safe as he has publicly stated that he will not  hire an agent, and will return to school (where Tubby Smith is  keeping his scholarship for him) if he decides to withdraw from  the draft, or if he goes unselected.

 This latest decision is only the next in what has been the  controversial nature of Jamal Magloire ever since his high school  days. A native Canadian, Magloire burst onto the recruiting scene  as a senior as the top prospect in Canada, and became the  subject of an intense recruiting battle between Purdue and  Kentucky. After flip-flopping back and forth between the schools,  Magloire finally settled on Kentucky, in what was a very  controversial situation (Magloire's coach, Simeon Mars, was  hired as an administrate assistant at UK, leading to all sorts of  speculation). Magloire saw immediate playing time at Kentucky.  He started the majority of the team's games at center, and was  actually the starter in the 1997 NCAA title game for UK.  However, foul trouble and poor decisions in games limited his  minutes. As a sophomore, Magloire started the season as the  starter, but moved to the bench with the emergence of Nazr  Mohammed. Magloire took on the role of rebounder and  defensive specialist, and sometimes enforcer (just as Duke's Steve  Wojciechowski). He did, however, provide some solid moments  during UK's NCAA run in '98, and was a key contributor off of  the bench. This past season during his junior year, Magloire once  again was more of a player off of the bench, and continued as the  team's top interior defender. If Magloire were to return to school  for his senior year, he would undoubtedly be the starting center,  especially with the departure of Michael Bradley.

 Shotblocking and defense -- those are Jamaal Magloire's main  bread-earning skills. Unlike many college players who simply rack  up impressive block totals, Magloire is actually a solid defender  who has a tremendous knack of timing in blocking shots, and  doesn't particularly bite on fakes. He runs the floor well, and  possesses a body that is just about ready for the pro level. He  also hits the boards well. The biggest question regarding Magloire  by far is his offensive ability. While he has shown flashes here and  there of a post game (just ask Michael Doleac about the move  Magloire put on him in the '98 NCAA finals), there has been  nothing consistent. He lacks range on his shot and his hook shot  scares nobody but the fans when he takes it. He is incredibly raw  in this aspect, but has shown improvement in this area over his 3  years at Kentucky. Being the controversial player that he is, some  of Magloire's on and off the court activities are also worthy of  questioning. On the court, Magloire is a very emotional player,  and certainly has had his share of flare-ups and confrontations  with other players over his UK career. Off the court, Magloire  has been accused of hanging around with some questionable  characters as well. However, his attitude, though often  questioned, is credited in that he never really complained about  coming off of the bench for much of his career at UK, and he  actually seemed to excel in that role.

 What's the prognosis? Magloire is going to pay his own way and  attend the Chicago pre-draft camp, where he hopes to show that  he's more than just a defensive specialist. If he can assure himself  and his advisors that he's a first round pick, he'll stay around in the  draft. How certain that is nobody really knows -- last year,  former teammate Mohammed was actually projected as a lottery  pick, yet slid down to the last pick of the draft. As stated earlier,  if Magloire were to return to UK he would be the likely starting  center, and would certainly position himself to be possibly a  lottery pick in the 2000 draft. At this point, the crystal ball would  predict that he return to school.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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