Milwaukee The Bucks made the playoffs again for the second year in a row, but just barely hence they have the 15th pick in this years draft.  Roddy Sinclair is their GM for the Usenet Draft.  Roddy selects:

Morris Peterson, SF, 6'6" Michigan State

Team History

The Milwaukee Bucks improved slightly this season winning 42 games and were able to make the playoffs for the second straight year. They also had some success in the playoffs, taking the Eastern conference champs to 5 games in the first round where they lost 96-95 in an exciting game 5. The main strength of the Bucks is their deadly scoring trio of Sam Cassell, Ray Allen, and Glenn Robinson. Their main weakness is the center position where their only true center is Ervin Johnson and he might be better suited to come off the bench.

Position Analysis

Point guard

Sam Cassell is the team's starting point guard who was acquired last season in the 3-way trade with Minnesota and New Jersey so the Bucks would not lose Terrell Brandon as a free agent with no compensation. Cassell was second in the league in assists this year (9.0) but can also create his own scoring opportunities and put up big point totals for himself. He had suffered some injuries the last few seasons, but he played most of this year. Rookie Rafer Alston will probably return next season as a backup.

Shooting Guard

Ray Allen is the best player on the Bucks, he made the US Olympic team, and will be an all-star for many years to come. He led the Bucks in ppg (22.1), steals (1.34), and was second in assists (3.8) this season and will be playing in Milwaukee for many years to come. They also have veteran guard Vinny Del Negro who can still contribute.

Small Forward

Glenn Robinson will always be a pure scorer, and although he has never lived up to the expectations of a #1 draft pick, he has really improved his overall game over the last few years and is still a big threat in crunch time. The Bucks also have Tim Thomas who is a free agent, and Danny Manning who are both capable of playing either forward position.

Power Forward

This position will be up for grabs again next year as the Bucks are deep in this position but do not have a standout starter. J.R. Reid was injured for much of the season and didn't get to play much, but he played well for Charlotte last year and may be a candidate for the starting job. There's also Robert Traylor whose minutes went down this year down the stretch, and Darvin Ham who was a great pickup for the Bucks and started down the stretch and played with a great deal of intensity and motivation. Danny Manning is also an option, as is Tim Thomas, who has a lot of talent and can play anywhere.


Ervin Johnson is a decent center who can rebound, block shots, and score, but is easily overmatched against most of the better centers in the league. Scott Williams also gets some minutes at center, and then George Karl uses a power forward at this position and hopes for the best in using a small line-up.

My Selection

Morris Peterson, SF, 6'6", Michigan State

I think that if a player of Morris Peterson's caliber fall down to 15, the Bucks will take a chance on that player even if that player doesn't appear to be able to fit into the lineup. Morris Peterson is a smart, athletic player, with an NBA jumper, and will be a good defensive player. He has the potential to become a solid, all around player and all-star. He will probably be best suited to start in the NBA at the SF position which means that there probably won't be enough minutes to keep both Morris Peterson and Glenn Robinson happy. Either one of these players would draw attention on the trade market and could bring help where they really need it, in the middle, if traded.

Other Players Considered

Etan Thomas: A great defensive presence with offensive skills. He can help Milwaukee in the middle, especially with his ability to rebound and block shots.

Jason Collier: He has the frame of a true center and might be able to make an impact in the NBA. His lack of playing in the NCAA tourney hurt him.

Hanno Mottola He is not a traditional NBA center but with a good shot he may be able to pose a problem for other NBA centers. He is much like Mike Doleac who has done a good job for the Magic.

Who They Will Probably Take

Milwaukee will probably take the best big man available unless a player like Mo Peterson falls into their lap. Etan Thomas looks like a good candidate, he seems like Karl's type of player and with a solid 4 year collegiate career, there will be no surprises. Also watch out for a European player that they might take a chance on if they don't like any of the other talent out there.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner
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