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Darius Miles
School: East St. Louis High School Class: High School
Height: 6'8" Weight: 200
Position: Small Forward

Scouting Reports

Darius Miles is a very interesting player. Many compare him to Kevin Garnett, but he appears to be closer to a kobe Bryant type of player. He can bring the ball up court easily and can shoot the jump shot decent. Although he played the big man in high school he will play the two guard and three man in the NBA. If you saw him in the McDonald's all-star game you could tell he plays nothing like Garnett. The only comparison is that they both are tall skinny players who can jump.Darius has height combined with jumping ability which is a dangerous combination. In his junior year in high school he averaged 8.9 blocks a game. His skills allow him to play many positions, but with him weighing so little he will not se many minutes at the power forward spot. He will have to work on his fundamentals and bulk up if he plans on being an all-star in the NBA, but look for him to be one of the top Rookies this year and average 10 points and possibly 5 rebounds a game.


Darius Miles is raw, but will be a complete player in a few years.Another similarity between Miles and Garnett, besides their physical appearance, is that they will both be the best players in their draft class!!!!

Scout: Harish D. Dand