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Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic also have two first round picks.  Their first being here at 15.  Their Net GM is Steve Besselman who selects:

Michael Bradley, PF, 6'11", Villanova

Introduction ...

A GM's responsibility consists of two things:

  1. Acquire the talent to win a championship.
  2. Secure talent for a competitive future.

Last year, Orlando signed Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady to long term contracts, and they drafted Rookie of the Year Mike Miller while trading other draft rights for future considerations.

You have to like how the team is positioned.

The core of a championship team is almost there. The Magic have a solid PG in Darrell Armstrong, All Star athletes at the wings (Hill & McGrady), a do everything PF in Bo Outlaw, and the returning Rookie of the Year (Miller). The only thing missing is 7' monster to be a terror in the middle! Outside of Outlaw and McGrady no one averaged over 7 rebounds a game or even 1 block a game.

As far as the future McGrady and Hill are signed for five more years and Miller and Outlaw are signed for four. The Magic will have their own draft choices, plus options on other teams picks as they traded two picks from last years draft.

The only question that remains is how to acquire enough frontcourt talent within salary cap restrictions.

I really believe that the Magic's choices in this draft will be based on the two principles above. If there is a player that might help win a championship then draft him, otherwise draft the best available talent. Talented young players secure the future as well as giving the team flexibility in trades. And the Magic could be one trade, signing, or draft pick away from a championship team, if ...

  1. Grant Hill recovers from his injury and a year away from basketball, and remains the player he was in Detroit.
  2. The team adapts well to the new zone defense rules. The Magic are an good 3pt shooting team, and could potentially benefit from zones. However, zones could limit the one on one matchups that McGrady and Hill often win.
  3. Anyone on the team rebounds the ball, and plays tough defense in the lane. Who knows, maybe the zone rules will help.

Draft History

  • 2000
    • Mike Miller - #5 overall (pick from G.S.)
    • Keyon Dooling - #10 overall (traded to LA Clippers)
    • Courtney Alexander - #13 overall (to Dallas)

    Orlando traded F Corey Maggette, F Derek Strong, the rights to G Keyon Dooling and cash to the Los Angeles Clippers for a future first-round draft pick.

    Dallas traded a future first-round draft pick and cash to Orlando for the rights to G Courtney Alexander

  • 1999
    • Corey Maggette - #13 overall (by Seattle)
    • Laron Profit - #38 overall

    Seattle traded the draft rights to Corey Maggette (13) and Billy Owens, Dale Ellis, and Don MacLean to Orlando for Horace Grant and two future second-round draft picks.

    Minnesota traded the draft rights to Louis Bullock (42 pick overall) to Orlando for cash considerations.

  • 1998
    • Michael Doleac - #12 overall
    • Keon Clark - #13 overall (from Washington)
    • Matt Harpring - #15 overall (from New Jersey)
    • Miles Simon - #42 overall
  • 1997
    • Johnny Taylor - #17 overall
    • Eric Washington - #47 overall
  • 1996
    • Brian Evans - #27 overall
    • Amal McCaskill - #49 overall
  • 1995
    • David Vaughn - #25 overall
  • 1994
    • Eric Mobley - #18 overall (Milwaukee from Orlando)
    • Brooks Thompson - #27 overall (from Seattle)
    • Rodney Dent - #31 overall
  • 1993
    • Chris Webber - #1 overall
    • Geert Hammink - #26 overall (from New York)

    Orlando traded the rights to Chris Webber to Golden State for the rights to Anfernee Hardaway and three future first round draft choices.

Team needs

Will Chris Webber, Antonio Davis, or Dikembe Mutombo be in Orlando? Or will the Magic have to settle for the best big man available in the draft in Loren Woods, Brendan Haywood, or Jason Collins?

The Magic need a inside presence. They do not need a backup center or a non-rebounding PF (see Maurice Taylor as the best example). They may try to get help in the middle in the draft or through free agency.

They currently have 2 guys over 6'10" and 260 lbs that are playing 20 minutes, getting less than 5 rebounds and not blocking shots (John Amaechi, Mike Doleac).

Since the big men at 15 probably will not have an great impact, someone that can play 20-25 minutes and provide depth would be acceptable.

The Magic could also use a PG as a backup to Darrell Armstrong (signed for 2 more years and will be 34 at that time). If a capable PG could be had, it would be a serious consideration as PGs are hard to find and the team has not found its point of the future.

There is the option of playing Grant Hill some at PG, or possibly drafting a PG and trading Armstrong. (I personally think this would be a mistake, but it might be a salary cap move to land a impact forward.)

The team also needs to be creative in finding the answer to the hole in the middle. If a player slips in this draft, I would expect the Magic to take him at 15, and then look for a trade that might bring an experienced forward or center.

Analysis of the Orlando Magic

Orlando went 43-39 and lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs. The team has no trouble scoring and they are a good 3pt shooting team. However, they gave up a lot of rebounds and weren't always able to clean their defensive glass. Help is needed at PF or C.

With the new zone defense rules, the Magic could fare better in the middle. They will not enter next season without adding at least one big body.

The return of Grant Hill in 01/02 should provide help at the wing and provide a little relief for Darrell Armstrong and Tracy McGrady. Returning ROY Mike Miller should provide depth and a deadly 3 point attack.

Orlando is pressed against the salary cap because of the Hill and McGrady signings, so some creative moves will need to be made to add frontcourt talent and backcourt depth.


PGDarrell Armstrong6-11807536.9
SG/SFTracy McGrady6-82107740.1
PGDee Brown6-2205722.1
PGTroy Hudson6-11707513.5
PGCory Alexander6-1190268.7

Excellent talent in Armstrong and McGrady. Quite a drop off after that. Alexander and Brown are free agents and I would not expect them to resign Alexander, although Brown may be resigned if other help can't be found. Hudson is a free agent next year, so getting some quality help at guard is a need for now and the future.


SFGrant Hill6-8225433.2
SFMike Miller6-82188229.1
PF/CBo Outlaw6-82108031.7
SFMonty Williams6-82258214.8
PFPat Garrity6-92387620.8
PFDon Reid6-82506411.9

The injury to Hill made more minutes for Miller in his first year, and he responded with good play. Garrity could become an interesting player. Reid and Williams are both free agents and I would expect them to be gone in favor of a free agent signing. How Hill fares in his 2nd season in Orlando is critical. A healthy Hill shows that the signing was money well spent, and should make Orlando one of the tougher Eastern teams.


PF/CJohn Amaechi6-102708220.9
CMichael Doleac6-112627718.2
PF/CAndrew DeClercq6-102556713.5

Wouldn't it be great to see one of these guys step up? The Magic will definitely look to change this mix. Another big body needs to be added. Hopefully one that eats up minutes and rebounds. Amaechi and DeClercq are free agents after this year, so an inside presence is absolutely necessary for the future. The Magic could potentially survive the Eastern Conference, but none of these guys can match up with the better centers in the league.

My selection if I'm Orlando's GM

Michael Bradley ( PF 6-11 245 ) Shot .692 in the Big East as well as shooting over .600 from the field every year in college. Should see playing time immediately. Runs the floor well which would fit in with Orlando's athletic wings. Good post moves and good footwork would give the Magic's offensive attack a new dimension. Would add good size to the Magic's frontcourt. May have athletic ceiling and not a good free throw shooter.

With Woods and Haywood off the board, there has already been a run on the top college centers. That leaves us with the top college power forwards in Murphy and Bradley and the best point guard in Tinsley.

Tinsley is a very close second in this selection. He would have secured the future point duties and provided depth behind Darrell Armstrong. He also would have filled a need at cap friendly number for the next few years. The bet here is that Grant Hill is healthy, and will be more responsible for distributing the ball.

That leaves us with Murphy and Bradley. I'd love to see an individual workout featuring these two.

Murphy is a great shooter and fundamentally sound. From the information I've seen on him Murphy may be more offensive minded, suspect on defense, and not a great post up player. Murphy's great shooting and size are attractive, but Orlando needs someone to do some dirty work inside.

Why Bradley? Great post moves and very efficient shooting against tough competition. Able to run the floor. College tested and ready to contribute. Good size for a power forward. Good passing skills.

McGrady, Hill, and Armstrong will put up points. Bradley's efficiency with his touches will be a great complement. Being able to dump the ball into the post and have it kicked back out should help ease the load on McGrady and Hill. With the Magic's talented wings, Bradley should almost never be doubled, and his good footwork should payoff in the post.

Bradley provides depth in the frontcourt, should contribute immediately, and helps to secure the future of the team. If a free agent big man can be signed, Orlando would have added two talented players to fill their biggest hole from last season.

Orlando's probable selection

I believe Orlando would be very happy to get Michael Bradley in this situation. There are several talented players still available, so the other scenario is to draft a player for trade.

Players considered for the 15 pick in the 2001 NBA Draft

Michael Bradley ( PF 6-11 245 ) Shot .692 in the Big East as well as shooting over .600 from the field every year in college. Should see playing time immediately. Runs the floor well which would fit in with Orlando's athletic wings. Good post moves and good footwork would give the Magic's offensive attack a new dimension. Would add good size to the Magic's frontcourt. May have athletic limitations and not a good free throw shooter.

Loren Woods ( C 7-1 244 ) Orlando needs an inside presence and Woods is an excellent shot blocker. He's a four year college player, so he should contribute immediately and could be used at PF at times. A shot blocker like Woods would definitely help the Magic's interior defense, and his stock may be on the rise. Questions about his intensity make him a bit suspect, but he would be a great pickup if still available at 15.

Jamal Tinsley ( PG 6-3 195 ) Best point guard available in this years draft and he's here at 15! Great ballhandler and pure distributor. Good size for a point. Questions about his shooting. If taken here, would be a backup to Darrell Armstrong and the Magic's point guard from 2003 - 2008. Securing a PG for the future at draft pick cost would allow the Magic to concentrate all remaining cap space for frontcourt help.

Troy Murphy ( PF 6-11 245 ) Great shooter and fundamentally sound player. Have seen some reports that his stock is on the rise after individual workouts. Versatile scorer and good free throw shooter. Good size for power forward. Questions about his athletic ability and defense. May be more comfortable facing the basket rather than posting up.

Zach Randolph ( PF 6-9 270 ) Would have been an interesting option if available at 15. There are some reports that his stock is falling, so the Magic may have a chance at him. Inside presence would be a big plus for Orlando, but they may have to wait a couple of years for him. Could be a future dominant force or the next Tractor Taylor or Oliver Miller.

Brendan Haywood ( C 7-0 268 ) Great strength and size, but questionable desire. Can be unstoppable, but can also disappear. Not available here, but would have been a consideration if he was.

Jason Collins ( C 6-11 255 ) Tough player with touch inside. Thrives on contact. Sounds exactly what the Magic need. However I haven't seen him projected at 15 very often so this could be a reach. Could be available at 23. Some questions about a knee injury he had in college.

Other moves the team should make

Here's a list of possible free agent signings and a guestimate of their salary next year. If John Gabriel can get Dikembe Mutombo, Chris Webber, or Antonio Davis under the cap, he's definitely earned his pay as GM.

Orlando is a very pleasant location for free agents, so they should not lose out to many teams if they really want a player.

I expect the Magic to make a serious run at Davis, and then if it doesn't work try to grab a couple of the lower priced players. The team could use some depth, so my suggestion would be to take a chance on a Gary Trent or Nazr Mohammed.

Mike Miller or Bo Outlaw could bring something in trade, but it should be something very good. Otherwise you trade your need (Outlaw = rebounding + blocks) or your future (Miller = ROY, quality young player) for a maybe championship.

CDikembe Mutombo$15.14
PFChris Webber$12.81
PF/CAntonio Davis$8.50
PFClarence Weatherspoon$4.10
PFGary Trent$4.10
PF/CNazr Mohammed$4.10
PGAlvin Williams$4.10
PGJacque Vaughn$3.00
PGShammond Williams$3.00

More info after the 23rd pick is taken.

Pay for Play

Cory Alexander$241,986$0$0$0$0$0$0
John Amaechi$598,200$658,020$0$0$0$0$0
Darrell Armstrong$3,755,000$4,130,500$4,506,000$0$0$0$0
Dee Brown$548,500$0$0$0$0$0$0
Andrew DeClercq$1,920,000$2,160,000$0$0$0$0$0
Michael Doleac$1,452,000$2,000,856$2,753,178$0$0$0$0
Pat Garrity$1,019,280$1,569,691$2,238,380$0$0$0$0
Grant Hill$9,658,000$10,865,250$12,072,500$13,279,500$14,487,000$15,694,250$16,901,500
Troy Hudson$523,500$590,850$0$0$0$0$0
Tracy McGrady$9,658,000$10,865,250$12,072,500$13,279,750$14,487,000$15,694,250$16,901,500
Mike Miller$2,320,080$2,494,080$2,668,080$3,380,457$4,482,486$0$0
Bo Outlaw$4,500,000$5,062,500$5,625,000$6,187,500$6,750,000$0$0
Don Reid$548,500$0$0$0$0$0$0
Monty Williams$548,500$0$0$0$0$0$0

Age Factor

Tracy McGradyMay 19792223242526
Grant HillOct 19722930313233
Mike MillerFeb 198021222324 
Bo OutlawApr 197130313233 
Darrell ArmstrongJune 19683334  
Michael DoleacJune 19772425  
Pat GarrityAug 19762526  
Troy HudsonMar 197625   
Andrew DeClercqFeb 197328   
John AmaechiNov 197031   
Cory AlexanderJune 197328*   
Don ReidDec 197328*   
Monty WilliamsOct 197130*   
Dee BrownNov 196833*   

* free agents