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Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia made it to the NBA finals this year and have the 26th pick in the 2001 draft.  GM Bill Tarr uses that pick to select:

Ousmanne Cisse, PF, 6'9", Montgomery HS (AL)


The 76ers have built their team around Allen "The Answer" Iverson. He hasn't made them regret the decision for a moment. A rotation of lightning quick guards, and an energetic and athletic front line complement Iverson's lightning quickness, and form the base for one of the best defensive teams in the league. It's not a coincidence that the team is full of players who don't look for there own shot first, there is only one ball, and Iverson shoots it 30-40 times a game.

* Player Salaries taken from http://www.insidehoops.com/, modified for midseason transactions

Dikembe Mutombo14.42-2001
Allen Iverson10.13 11.252005
Tyrone Hill7.308.572003
Matt Geiger7.528.142004
Eric Snow3.383.752006
George Lynch2.202.402005
Aaron McKie1.82-2001
Speedy Claxton0.941.012004
Jumaine Jones0.740.792003
Todd MacCulloch0.42-2000
Roshown McLeod   
Raja Bell   
Rodney Buford   
Kevin Ollie   

Draft History

* Taken from previous Usenet owners work

  • 1995: Selected Jerry Stackhouse with the third pick. Later traded along with Eric Montross for Aaron McKie and Theo Ratliff. This seems bad, but Theo may be worth it in the long run.
  • 1996: Selected Allen Iverson with the first pick.
  • 1997: Selected Keith Van Horn. Traded for Jim Jackson and the pick that would become Tim Thomas. Thomas later traded for Tyrone Hill. Whew! They're paying for this trade IMO. Thomas is looking good....
  • 1998: Selected Larry Hughes with the eighth pick. Traded for Toni Kukoc. Has not worked, unfortunately. Larry has ridiculous potential and Toni just doesn't appear to have the value that Larry has at this point. We'll see next year I guess.
  • 1999: Selected Todd MacCulloch with the forty-seventh pick. Traded future draft rights for Jumaine Jones, the 27th pick. MacCulloch was an awesome pick and lots of teams are kicking themselves for not getting him in the second round.
  • 2000: Selected Craig Claxton with the 21st pick. Due to an unfortunate injury, we'll have to wait till 2001 to see "Speedy" in action. They selected Mark Karcher with the 48th pick in the second round.

Team Analysis


Allen Iverson - Height: 6-0 Weight: 165 lbs. College: Georgetown

"The Answer" is now also "The MVP", and perhaps most importantly, a man who can lead his team to the NBA Finals. Perhaps the best penetrator in the NBA, Iverson has thrived since being relieved of point duty. Iverson draws a crowd when he moves to the hole, opening up easy put-back and three point opportunities for teammates.

Eric Snow - Height: 6-3 Weight: 204 lbs College - Michigan State '95

Snow has come a long way since being chosen 43rd overall by Seattle in 1995. In fact the move from Seattle to Philly in 1998 was the turning point in this point guards career. Eric is a solid defender, who can hurt you on the offensive end if you give him a step.... playing with Iverson, that does happen from time to time.

Aaron McKie - Height: 6-5 Weight: 209 lbs. College - Temple '94

Can drain the three and play in your face "D" on the other teams best perimeter player. Great team play led to career highs in points (11.6), assists (5.0), and ultimately the NBA "Sixth Man of the Year" award. Probably the biggest problem the 76ers have with McKie, is the Free-Agent has suddenly become a hot commodity, and they'll have to work hard to resign him.

Speedy Claxton - Height: 5-11 Weight: 166 lbs. College - Hofstra '00

Coming into the NBA, Claxton heard questions about durability that routinely accompany players of his diminutive stature. After missing his first season with a nasty leg injury, the 76ers are anxious to have Claxton quell and doubts about his toughness. With McKie and Snow stepping up, getting time for Claxton may be tough.

Raja Bell - Height: 6-5 Weight: 204 lbs College - Florida International '99

Great article on Bell's story on Sportsline: http://cbs.sportsline.com/u/ce/multi/0,1329,3980564_54,00.html

Rodney Buford - Height: 6-5 Weight: 189 lbs College - Creighton '99

Kevin Ollie - Height: 6-4 Weight: 195 lbs. College: Connecticut

Pepe Sanchez - Height: 6-4 Weight: 195 lbs. College: Temple

Small Forward

George Lynch - Height: 6-8 Weight: 228 lbs. College - North Carolina '93

Awesome athlete, with incredible hops and D skills. Lynch is best served as a player who doesn't need the offense to run through him or take a lot of shots. Maybe the best weak side rebounder in the league ( sorry Mase ).

Jumaine Jones - Height: 6-8 Weight: 218 lbs. College - Georgia '01

Great project with 3-point range on his shot and an incredible inside game that is only highlighted by his ability to run the floor. May be a great started soon.

Roshown McLeod

Power Forward

Tyrone Hill - Height: 6-9 Weight: 250 lbs. College - Xavier (Ohio) '90

More than serviceable PF, but lacks the size and strength to really guard an opposing center for any period of time. Can rebound with space, but was unable to really perform with Mutombo and Shaq in the lane in the finals.


Dikembe Mutombo - Height: 7-2 Weight: 265 lbs. College: Georgetown

Many people questioned the acquisition of Dikembe Mutombo midseason, but based on the results of Dikembe's first season in Philly, the move looks like a huge success (no pun intended). Assuming the 76ers can resign Mt. Mutombo, a Free-Agent after this season, they will continue to have the base for one of the leagues best defenses. The 76ers seem to be the perfect team for Dikembe, who benefits from not having to create in the post, freeing him up for offensive rebounds and easy feeds from driving guards.

Matt Geiger - Height: 7-1 Weight: 248 lbs. College: Georgia Tech

Well, he's a 7-1 C-PF, and he does have some offensive skills. He really isn't much of an answer to opposing centers, and he makes way to much bank. He will probably be on the team as the backup for years, but you've seen the upside, and it really isn't all that exciting.

Todd MacCulloch - Height: 7-0 Weight: 255 lbs. College: Washington

Todd MacCulloch has great hands, he's active underneath the glass, and hustles up and down the floor. Unfortuntaley, the floor is exactly where MacCulloch feet are stuck. A fun player to watch who continually overachieves his ability, Todd's potential is capped by a lack of natural athleticism, but that won't stop him from being a production backup center for this team.

IV. Team Needs

The draft will practically be an afterthought for Pat Croce and staff this offseason. The team must sign Mutombo at all costs, and wrapping up Aaron McKie also would leave the team intact for another run at the title. That said, the NBA finals showed that the 76ers could use reinforcements for a slow second team of Geiger and MacCulloch on the front line, and if possible. An upgrade on Tyrone Hill at PF, would be nice, although he is a very serviceable player.

The team is already getting a young player, Speedy Claxon, added to the mix after missing his rookie season. It seems unlikely this year's pick will make an impact any time soon.

Players Considered

The following players are still on the board from The Sporting News top 40 players http://www.sportingnews.com/nba/draft/bios2.html

I've tried to consider all of them, but since no guard has really slipped, I'm really just looking at forwards and centers, which left me with 10 choices. Damone, Ffriend, and Dalmebert are all reaches at this point, so I dropped them. I ranked the remainder, and came down to Kedrick, Ousmane and Hunter.


  1. Kedrick Brown - awesome juco guy supposedly has top 20 guarantee
  2. Terence Morris - great talent, should be a bargain for some later picking team
  3. Damone Brown - too skinny


  1. Ousmane Cisse - intriguing long armed high schooler
  2. Kirk Haston - like the numbers, but is he an NBA PF?
  3. Brian Scalabrine - soundly outrebounded by SoCal SF Sam Clancy
  4. Kimani Ffriend - too much of a reach here


  1. Steven Hunter - so he can block and shoot, still can't rebound
  2. Ken Johnson - liked his numbers, Chicago seems to have scared everyone off
  3. Samuel Dalembert - no offense, 2nd rounder


  1. Jeff Trepagnier
  2. Maurice Evans
  3. Trenton Hassell


  1. Rashad Phillips
  2. Kenny Satterfield

My Selection

Ousmane Cisse

This was a really tough call from a Usenet perspective. I expect in the real draft Hunter and Kedrick Brown will go before Cisse, but for the 76ers, Cisse is a much better fit. They already have a project at SF in Jones, and I just am not sold that Hunter can rebound well enough to actually help this team.

Cisse is a bit of a mystery, being a HS player, but the reports on him indicate awesome athleticism, long arms, and a great base for an interior defensive stopper. He is a little short, in the Elton Brand mold, but I don't think that will hurt him. Philly has the players to take a project and work with him, and the ability to get good role play out of young players.