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Indiana Pacers

The 30th pick in the Usenet Mock Draft belongs to the Indiana Pacers and Samuelson Go.  In the real NBA draft, the Pacers hold the 41st pick.  Samuelson selects:

Jeff Trepangier, SG, 6'4", USC


The Season 2000-01' was a mix or rebuilding while trying to contend. The Pacers have two stars with Jalen Rose and Reggie Miller. They also had the young studs in Jermaine O'Neal, Al Harrington and Jonathan Bender.

With new players and a new coach, the Pacers spent most of their season trying to find the right chemistry. They changed their starting lineup frequently only to find the right mix when the season was about to end. The fact that they had two All-Stars, we can say that the Pacers underachieved during 2000-01'.

Season Outlook

The first chain of transactions for the upcoming season will begin during the events galvanized by the NBA Draft 2001. The Pacers don't have a first round pick and we're not certain if they're trying to get into the first round. Don't look for them to get involved in the first round unless they have an eye for a certain player. Tinsley said the Pacers were interested with him but I don't hear the Pacers trying to move up.

Draft History

Looking at their draft history in relation to their current direction, we only start taking into account from the time of the 1998 NBA Draft. The 98 Draft signified the start of their youth movement when they selected Al Harrington. In 99, they went out for what supposedly was their future franchise player with Jonathan Bender. In 00', Pacers took a European center in an attempt to replace the retiring Rink Smits.

  • 2000 - #27 Primo Brezec
  • 1999 - #5 Jonathan Bender (drafted for them by the Raptors)
  • 1999 - #21 Jeff Foster (acquired for Vonteego Cummings)
  • 1998 - #25 Al Harrington
  • 1997 - #12 Austin Croshere
  • 1996 - #10 Erick Dampier

Position Analysis


Jalen Rose

After flirting with the idea of playing point guard since he was in Denver, Rose finally got his chance to play PG. While he may have averaged 6 assists, he almost averaged 3 TO's a game. Nonetheless, Rose is learning to become a leader. However, with Travis Best being more effective at point and Jalen as a scorer, we might see less of Rose as a point guard come next season.

Travis Best

In the playoffs, Best proved his value to the Pacers. Coach Thomas needed him on the floor. He accepted the role that was given to him whether starting or coming off the bench. He plays a lot of minutes anyway and finishes off games. Look for Best to get more minutes if the Pacers find a reliable backup point guard.

Tyus Edney

Due to injuries, Edney played only 24 games. When give a chance, he was a spark plug at times.

Evaluation: Rose was an a more effective player when he plays a scorers position. Instead, the Pacers should do what the Hornets do. Pacers should start Best and if Rose wants to play point then have him do so when Best comes out. One reason that Thomas agrees with Rose playing PG is the fact that they don't have a solid backup point guard. Needing that backup, he decides that it would be better for Best to come off the bench.


Reggie Miller

Miller is probably the only guy they don't force to play multiple positions. Miller was off to a firing star during the season and slowed down when Rose returned.

Evaluation: Miller should be a mainstay here.


Al Harrington

When the lineup finally got settled during late last season, Al Harrington emerged as a regular mainstay at the SF spot. He was a hard-nosed player who was becoming an offensive threat late during the season.

Austin Croshere

Coming off a big contract, Croshere struggled incredibly. We didn't see the same Croshere from a year ago. After the season, Croshere came back to Thomas and said that he really learned a lot during this season. Expect Croshere to be a man on a mission next season.

Jonathan Bender

Bender was disappointing last season. Although he is still young and has a lot to learn, he was given a chance by the Pacers to help out last season. However, he didn't come through and made mistakes. Bender has a world of talent and we'll see how he fares next year.

Derrick McKey

If McKey was younger, Pacers certainly could have used some of his stability. Still a solid player, McKey showed age. He's a veteran that provides defensive stability and leadership.

Evaluation: The small forward spot is the most crowded position. Pacers need to move one of their young guys for a backup point guard or a big guy.


Jermaine O'Neal

After being stuck behind the loaded Blazers, O'Neal finally got a chance to shine as a Pacer. His first full season as a starter was impressive. If his play was a sign of this too come, watch out for this kid.

Jeff Foster

Foster is another version of Bill Laimbeer. He's a rough player who gets you the boards. He exceeded expectations by providing solid minutes he was put on the floor.

Evaluation: Good combination of O'Neal as the power forward of the future and Jeff Foster as a role player.


Sam Perkins

During the start of the season, Sam Perkins was a starter by default. He's a veteran and backs in the three pointers. However, due to his age, his in incapable of playing a lot of minutes. This last season was probably his last.

Zan Tabak

Tabak is one of those guys who exceeded expectations. Not a lot was expected of him, but like Foster, he provided solid minutes whenever he was on the floor. He is a free agent and may be back if Perkins retires or leaves.

Evaluation: This is the position they need most help. Hopefully Brezec, who is coming over next season, is the guy. However, they should give Brezec more time to develop. They need some reliable that can play a ton of minutes. They should force and overwork O'Neal. They absolutely need a center.

Free Agents

  1. Zan Tabak - They should bring him back if Perkins does not resign. He should comes back as a backup center, not a starting center.
  2. Sam Perkins - They should bring Perkins back with the intention of using him between 15-20 minutes. They shouldn't start him. However, I don't think he will be back.
  3. Terry Mills - Don't bring him back. They can always sign him during mid-season.
  4. Bruno Sundov - Barely saw action, he's still young and he's cheap. They can afford to bring him back to fill one of those injured reserve spots.
  5. Lari Ketner - Played only three games, don't bring him back.


They have two main needs. One, a center. Pacers don't have a center. Playing O'Neal at center will bang him up. Brezec will be doing some on the job training. Tabak isn't a starter while Perkins won't probably be back. This is their most pressing need.

Second, a backup point guard. Playing Rose and Best as point guards isn't exactly convincing the management. Last year, they went point guard and got Edney. Playing Rose as PG is taking away some of his offensive freedom. They definitely need a backup point guard given that Rose is sometimes hurt while Best becomes banged up when Rose is out.

Draft Selection

With a second round pick, Pacers can only go three ways. One, take the best talented player available. Tow, take a backup point guard incase they move Rose back as a scorer. Three, pick a center. However, there are not starting centers that are found in the 2nd round.


Jeff Trepangier, SG, 6'4", USC

At this point in the draft, it will be hard to find good big men. Alvin Jones is the only other big man worth considering that is left in this USENET draft. However, scouts aren't exactly high on this kid. He's not been drawing raves.

On the other hand, Jeff Trepangier is a guy whose being hearing a lot of raves. Some say he might even fall in the first round. Given that there are no really good centers worth at this point, you can pass up on an athletic player like Trepangier. Pacers have only 3 guards that are stable in the rotation. They are Miller, Rose and Best. Trepangier would certainly be a great addition to an already athletic Pacer Team.

Trepangier is just too talented to be passed up here.


1. Steven Hunter

If he was here, I would have definitely picked him over Trepangier. He's stock is soaring. He's a big guy and he's quick. He doesn't have to score and that isn't really something the Pacers need. Hunter and O'Neal would be a great blocking duo.

2. Trenton Hassell

Forte, Hassell and Arenas are the top shooting guards. I figure one must at least land in the 2nd round. However, in the USENET draft, all of them go 1st round. He's a great scorer and should be passed up with a 2nd round pick.

3. Alvin Jones

If Trepangier and Hassell wasn't here, Jones would have been my guy. Although I'm not yet sold on him, I'll pick him rather than taking other players below. They'll at least have another big body. Who knows? He might provide be a 2nd round gem like MacCulloch or Eschmeyer in the previous drafts.

4. Kenny Satterfield

He is a tremendous talent point guard that was projected to go first round. However, his recent poor showing might drop him in the second round. He's an excellent choice even player above aren't available.

6. Kendrick Brown

Blazers love this kid and might take him at 19th. If Blazers don't take him then he might fall all the way to the 2nd round. He has good size and is athletic. It would be the best available scenario if Pacers take him.

7. Rashad Phillips

Another solid point guard that should fall in the 2nd round unless some take him surprisingly. He's said to be another sleeper as Speedy Claxton. Given that Thomas has always been trying to find another solid point guard, Phillips is a guy I see him liking. However, that fact that there are more talented players than him, he will fall.


In the actual draft, the pacers don't pick until the 41st. In the USENET Draft, I pick 30th. At 41st, it's really hard to see who will be available given that this draft is so unpredictable. There are a lot of young players who we don't know where they will end up.

At 41st, the Pacers can't possibly take a good center. At 41st, Alvin Jones will be gone unless his stock has fallen off the wall. Cisse should be here.

My bet is that the Pacers will a backup point guard. Last year, they took Jacquay Wells in an attempt to find a solid point guard. This year, Edney spent more time in the injury list than on the court. At 41st, it would be hard to find a gem if it's not a point guard. One will be here whether it will be Rashad Phillips, Kenny Satterfield, Jeryl Sasser, Kendrick Brown or Jason Gardner.

In my case, I was at 30th and I definitely couldn't pass up on Trepangier.


The Pacers are one crowded team in the small forward spot. They have Croshere, Bender and Harrington all fighting for minutes and at times playing as an undersized power forward shifting O'Neal as center. What they Pacers should do is to trade one of the three for a decent center. It is easier said than don't by their center position doesn't look to good next year. Brezec will still be training on the job while Perkins and Tabak might be gone.

Croshere is probably unmovable with his huge contract and poor play. Bender is still their gem and they won't move him unless they get a Chris Webber in return. Harrington is the guy I see that they can move. He has some value and seems to be the odd-man out in the future if Bender blossoms. By moving Harrington, this will at least force Thomas to use Bender more which is something that management would like to see.