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Shane Battier
School: Duke Class: Senior
Height: 6'8" Weight: 220
Position: Small Forward Birthdate: 9/15/80
Strengths: •Very intelligent player•Plays hard every game•Great leadership skills•Great defender•Most "ready to play" player in the draft 
Weaknesses: Not very athletic for an NBA Small Forward•Outside shot is a bit streaky•He is a College Senior (at least that seems to be a weakness to the NBA)
Draft Outlook: Mid lottery pick

Stats (Provided by JazzyJ )
                  G  MIN  FG  FGA  3P 3PA  FT FTA  REB  PF AST  TO BLK STL  PTS
97-98 Duke       36  887  96  178   4  24  79 108  230  67  40  25  53  51  275
98-99 Duke       37  881 114  209  39  94  71  98  180  78  55  32  43  65  338
99-00 Duke       34 1206 190  383  79 178 134 164  192  71  72  44  70  68  593
00-01 Duke       39 1363 251  533 124 296 152 191  285  80  72  60  88  82  778
TOTALS          146 4337 651 1303 246 592 436 561  887 296 239 161 254 266 1984
                  MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%  RPG  APG  TPG  BPG  SPG   PPG
97-98 Duke       24.6  53.9  16.7  73.1  6.4  1.1  0.7  1.5  1.4   7.6
98-99 Duke       23.8  54.5  41.5  72.4  4.9  1.5  0.9  1.2  1.8   9.1
99-00 Duke       35.5  49.6  44.4  81.7  5.6  2.1  1.3  2.1  2.0  17.4
00-01 Duke       34.9  47.1  41.9  79.6  7.3  1.8  1.5  2.3  2.1  19.9
TOTALS           29.7  50.0  41.6  77.7  6.1  1.6  1.1  1.7  1.8  13.6

Additional Information
Shane Battier has peaked.  He's not athletic.  And that National Championship trophy he won two months ago doesn't have upside printed on it.  While scouts remain more impressed with high school kids who don't work up a sweat in games, Battier says its brains, not brawn that gets the job done in the NBA. "Basketball players win basketball games," Battier told Insider. "Athletes win track meets." 
Battier who is among the most articulate and intelligent basketball players to come along in a very long time remains philosophical about the workout process and criticisms he keeps hearing as a player.  "I look at it in terms of the stock market," Battier said. "A lot of the younger guys are like the IPO's. The potential for greatness is obviously there. But there's a chance that they could dissolve and fail, as opposed to a blue-chip stock that you know will improve steadily every single year."

Battier's stock may be on the rise however. He reportedly bested Michigan State guard Jason Richardson in the Atlanta Hawks "Superman" test -- where players basically continue to dunk the ball until they can't get off the ground any more.  And at the NBA physicals, Battier scored highest on the lateral agility test. "People checked their watches and said, "Is that right?' '' Battier said. "I'm not the sloth that I'm sometimes made out to be. I do have some athletic ability. Obviously, I'm not a Vince Carter or a Kobe Bryant, but I'm athletic enough to get the job done."
Battier said he's more interested in being drafted by the right team than being drafted number one.  Again, the most mature stance to take.  Though Battier said it would be difficult to face the losing ways of a lottery team (he's lost a total of 30 games in his high school and college career) he seemed intrigued by the challenge a team like the Los Angeles Clippers would pose.  Battier would be one of the oldest players on a team filled with college drop outs like Lamar Odom, Quentin Richardson, Keyon Dooling and Darius Miles.  "That would be interesting," Battier told Insider. "I think I could come in right away and provide maturity and consistency.  These kids have one good game and think they've arrived. I think I could provide the stability to make them even better."
Chad Ford - Sportstalk.com (June 12th)

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Strengths: Absolutely one of the best defenders to come out of the college ranks in some time can block, steal and draw charges .... Has shown the ability as a leader as he took a very young but talented Duke team to the championship .... As fundamentally sound as anyone in college basketball knows the game's ins and outs .... Team player who is unselfish will dish if a teammate is open ... Has become a very good three-point shooter often he would spot up and wait for J. Williams to set him up.... Gets into great position on the blocks for rebounds .... Posses some guard skills in that his ball handling is good enough to get past most defenders.... Has good timing on his blocks this is important considering he's not much of a leaper ... Intelligent does a lot of little things that won't show up in the box score and most of the time acted like a second coach on the floor for Duke...

Weakness: Not super athletic has gotten this far based on his fundamentals and intelligence ... Goes through periods were his jump shot can be inconsistent ......Doesn't really defend or play very well against physical players .... Can he make the adjustment to playing defense in the NBA after all the NBA is faster and stronger than the college game .... Even though Battier is a wonderful player he has played with tremendous talent at duke in terms of point guards (Wojciechowski , Avery , and J. Williams)as teammates...