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Tyson Chandler
School: Compton (CA) Class: High School
Height: 7'1" Weight: 225
Position: Center Birthdate: 4/6/83
Strengths: Great athleticism•Small Forward skills in a 7 foot body•Great upside
Weaknesses: No post up game for a 7-footer•Not very mature•Not very strong•Does not have great ball handling skills
Draft Outlook: Top 10 pick

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Strengths: Super talented shot-blocker posses all that is needed for a great defensive player lateral quickness, explosiveness, long arms, and excellent timing .... Feels comfortable facing the basket can hit jump shots from about 16 feet out and has even shown the ability to hit the 3-point shot ... Super athletic runs the floor like a gazelle and can hop out the gym with the best of them ... Above average free throw shooter for someone of his size .... Moves around the lane well and has a feathery touch around the basket .... Has some descent passing ability rarely gets trapped into a double team ..... Biggest thing going for him is that he's a athletic 7-footer who has loads of untapped potential the one thing scouts love more than anything ...

Weakness: Rail thin could stand to gain 20 pounds of muscle ... Against physical players such as Ousmane Cisse Chandler didn't respond well and doesn't like to mix it up inside ... One would think as tall as he is that Chandler would have some kind of post moves but instead looks very uncomfortable with his back to the basket ... Rebounding despite the high numbers isn't as strong as one would think because he lacks the intensity and lacks the upper body strength to be dominate rebounder at the NBA level ... Goes through periods during a game where his concentration lacks and doesn't really seem to hustle to make plays .... Could stand to upgrade his ball handling due to fact he lacks the post moves or strength to play the post and will be further from the basket ... Everyone talks about his immaturity but to honest if most kids before they went to high school were featured on 60 minutes and tabbed a great one how many people would be able to take all the hype ?... Although clearly at 18 years old he will have some problems dealing with the fame and fortune of being a millionaire ...