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Joseph Forte
School: North Carolina Class: Sophomore
Height: 6'4" Weight: 185
Position: Shooting Guard Birthdate: 3/23/81
Strengths: Natural explosive scorer Great midrange game Good outside shot Became better defender Sophomore year 
Weaknesses: Needs to get better with the dribble Needs to get much stronger Closer to 6'3" Small for NBA SG
Draft Outlook: Mid-first round pick

Stats (Provided by JazzyJ )
                  G  MIN  FG  FGA  3P 3PA  FT FTA  REB  PF AST  TO BLK STL  PTS
99-00 N Carolina 36 1195 228  497  56 156  88 117  198  78  94  85  15  54  600
00-01 N Carolina 33 1145 251  558  55 146 133 156  201  60 116  84  12  67  690
TOTALS           69 2340 479 1055 111 302 221 273  399 138 210 169  27 121 1290
                  MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%  RPG  APG  TPG  BPG  SPG   PPG
99-00 N Carolina 33.2  45.9  35.9  75.2  5.5  2.6  2.4  0.4  1.5  16.7
00-01 N Carolina 34.7  45.0  37.7  85.3  6.1  3.5  2.5  0.4  2.0  20.9
TOTALS           33.9  45.4  36.8  81.0  5.8  3.0  2.4  0.4  1.8  18.7

Additional Information

Forte said the workout with the Hornets was his best yet, and the Charlotte brass seemed pleased. Silas and Bass both said they projected Forte to play his college position, shooting guard, rather than convert him to point guard, as some have suggested. They said they were surprised at how quickly Forte released his shot.

"You see him play in a college game, and you make some judgments," Bass said. "But I was really impressed with his release in the workout. He's got the quickest release on his shot. That shot's just gone. As soon as it hits his hand, it's gone.

"He doesn't jump as high as some other guys. But he finishes well around the basket. He's got that mid-range game where he'll beat you off the dribble, but he won't take it all the way in. He'll pull up and jump shoot -- and that's really difficult to defend because the big guys can't get to him."

Barry Svrluga - Raleigh News and Observer (June 17th)

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Strengths:One of the best mid-range shooters to come out of college in some time .... Loves to create off the dribble can freeze his defender by faking the 3-pointer then blow by them for the 16 footer ... Wonderful rebounder for his size (6-3 1/2) due to his reading of where the ball will go and his good leaping ability ... Has 3-point range and once he sinks a couple watch out Forte can catch fire in a hurry ... Uses a nice little right to left crossover to get in the lane once there his excellent body control helps him get off many tough shots .... Quick hands has become a pretty good defender can come up with easy steals if his man isn't careful with his dribble ... Unlike most young players Forte actually follows his shots which often resulted in easy lay-ups ... Very confident in his ability can shoot for 1-15 and then make the game winner .... For all his scoring Joseph is a pretty descent passer .... Clutch player wants the ball in his hands when the games on the line ... Explosive scorer can single handily bring a team back all by himself ....

Weakness: Many scouts wonder about his size will he be able to play the NBA shooting guard position at 6-4 ?... Has a tendency to throw up ill-advised shots this must be worked on as shot selection is a major skill to know what your limits are ... Can rush himself offensively and get careless with the ball ... Although he is a good 3-point shooter he's not exactly what I would call a pure shooter consistently from that distance ... Ball handling needs to be worked on in terms off better ball protection .... Although his upper body strength is much improved it is still a little far from being NBA ready ....