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Vladimir Radmanovic
School: Yugoslavia Class: N/A
Height: 6'9" Weight: 205
Position: Power Forward Birthdate: 1980
Strengths: Great athlete • Can play both forward positions
Weaknesses: Might not come to NBA right away • Must get stronger • Back to the basket game • Needs to be more aggressive
Draft Outlook: Possible first round pick

Additional Information

Radmanovic has been impressive in workouts and improved his chances of being chosen in the draft lottery, which would make him one of the top 13 picks.

Radmanovic is an excellent athlete with better-than-average jumping ability, and he can shoot and defend on the perimeter. In workouts, he has dominated some of last season's top college players who are his size.

PERRY FARRELL - Detroit Free Press (June 19th)
More than 100 scouts and GMs packed into Hoops gym in downtown Chicago yesterday afternoon to see the private workouts of Alabama freshman Gerald Wallace and Stanford sophomore Jason Collins.  However it was the third wheel, Vladimir Radmanovic who stole the show. The 6-10 Yugoslavian put on a dazzling show of shooting and ball handling that had teams buzzing by the end of the 60 minute workout.  Radmanovic is the latest "hot prospect" in the draft.  He has the size and body to play power forward and the shooting range and ball handling skills to play shooting guard.  We know what you are thinking and scouts were saying it by the end of the workout -- could Radmanovic be the next Dirk Nowitzki?
Radmanovic's Nike Hoop Summit coach, Marin Sedlacek, seems to think so.  Sedlacek is probably the only person on the planet to have coached Nowitzki, Radmanovic and the other hot European prospect Pau Gasol.  Sedlacek told sportsTALK that Radmonovic is the best of the three at this stage.  "He's more ready for the NBA than Nowitzki or Gasol.  He's stronger than Dirk was when he entered the NBA.  He can be just as special."
Sedlacek told sportsTALK that Radmonovic has already had strong workouts in Houston and Seattle and has workouts scheduled with Boston, Cleveland and New Jersey after the camp.  His workout was so strong in Seattle, the Sonics invited him back for another right before the draft. Sedlacek said Radmanovic decided not to play in the pre-draft camp after strong feedback from Houston and Seattle.  Unlike Gasol, and Greek big man Jake Tsakalidis last year, Radmonovic does not have a huge buyout on his contract.  According to his agent, David Bauman of SFX, teams will only need to pony up $300,000 to get Radmonovic out of his contract. Given his strong workout yesterday, expect teams to be knocking on his door by the end of the week.
Chad Ford - sportstalk.com (June 8th)

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Strengths: Versatile player able to score in and out this causes mismatches during games often .... Decently athletic runs the floor well and with his descent leaping ability he is a good finisher in transition.... Has enough quickness to penetrate the lane if the defense is playing his jumper. .... Good set shooter from 3-point land although I wouldn't call him a pure shooter but I would say that he has wonderful scoring touch .... Is often relaxed and under control when playing rarely forces shots .... Quick hands enable him to be a threat to steal the ball at any time ... Can shoot the ball with either hand and has a good habit of using his spare hand to seal off defenders .... Good offensive rebounder ...

Weakness: Post up game is non existent due to the fact that he is not very comfortable with his back to the basket ....Needs to move better without the ball .... Defense like most European players isn't up to NBA standards .... Could stand to add about 20 pounds of weight and use it to develop more upper body strength ..... While his ball handling is good in Yugoslavia in the NBA it looks like it is a little below average .... Needs to work on becoming a better shooter off the dribble .... Doesn't play defense with a great deal of fire or aggressiveness ....