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Gerald Wallace
School: Alabama Class: Freshman
Height: 6'7" Weight: 210
Position: Small Forward Birthdate: 7/23/82
Strengths: Big time athlete • Great leaper • Potential
Weaknesses: Not a good shooter • Not a good ballhandler
Draft Outlook: Late first to early second round pick

Stats (Provided by JazzyJ )

                  G  MIN  FG  FGA  3P 3PA  FT FTA  REB  PF AST  TO BLK STL  PTS
00-01 Alabama    36  824 126  288  11  63  88 155  216  87  55  86  37  42  351
TOTALS           36  824 126  288  11  63  88 155  216  87  55  86  37  42  351
                  MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%  RPG  APG  TPG  BPG  SPG   PPG
00-01 Alabama    22.9  43.8  17.5  56.8  6.0  1.5  2.4  1.0  1.2   9.8
TOTALS           22.9  43.8  17.5  56.8  6.0  1.5  2.4  1.0  1.2   9.8

Additional Information
The knock on Wallace coming into the workout was that he couldn't hit a jumper.  Today was no different.  Wallace even had difficulty knocking down 10 footers.  The only shots Wallace was getting to fall were the dunks (however he even shanked one of those) which prompted one scout to quip, "You know who the best rebounder in Chicago is?  The trainer chasing all of Wallace's missed shots."
After the workout Wallace told sportsTALK that despite some negative reviews, he's sticking with the draft. 
Chad Ford - sportstalk.com (June 8th)

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Strengths: Quite simply Wallace might be one of the most explosive leapers and perhaps one of the most athletic players in the draft .... Excellent transition game a sky-walker who can finish with the best of them ... Can create off the dribble as evident by his ability to draw fouls by gliding in the lane ... Hustles and can play pretty good defense for a player his age thanks to his quickness and hustle ... Wonderful rebounder for a player of his size due to his quick hops ... Has the ability to hit the jumper from about 20 feet out ... Is starting to develop a solid mid range game although this is still a work in progress ... The biggest thing that will get Wallace drafted is that he has a huge amount of potential which will make it impossible for gm's to pass him by ....

Weakness: Has still not refined his jump shot as of right now he is not a threat to hit the 3-point shot .... Could stand to tone up his body more and develop some upper body strength as he is a little on the thin side ... Turns the ball over a lot considering that he doesn't usually have the ball in his hands this speaks a little bit about his carelessness and his needed improvement when it comes to ball handling .... Shot selection still isn't all that great although he did make some improvement ....Mid range jumper has a tendency to go hot and cold must continue to work on his follow through so his jumper can be more accurate ... Gets to the free throw line but doesn't take advantage because of his poor free throw shooting although I think this has more to do with his confidence than ability as in the beginning of the year he was making his free throws .. Must become a better passer and know when to give the ball up ...