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Rodney White
School: Charlotte Class: Junior
Height: 6'8" Weight: 230
Position: Power Forward Birthdate: 6/28/80
Strengths: Versatility Plays well inside and out Tons of potential
Weaknesses: Did not play with a lot of consistancy
Draft Outlook: Mid lottery pick

Stats (Provided by JazzyJ )
                  G  MIN  FG  FGA  3P 3PA  FT FTA  REB  PF AST  TO BLK STL  PTS
00-01 Charlotte  28  865 188  386  33  95 114 160  182  73  41  82  20  34  523
TOTALS           28  865 188  386  33  95 114 160  182  73  41  82  20  34  523
                  MIN   FG%   3P%   FT%  RPG  APG  TPG  BPG  SPG   PPG
00-01 Charlotte  30.9  48.7  34.7  71.3  6.5  1.5  2.9  0.7  1.2  18.7
TOTALS           30.9  48.7  34.7  71.3  6.5  1.5  2.9  0.7  1.2  18.7

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Strengths: Good size and a NBA ready body although he played power forward and center at Charlotte his NBA position will be small forward.... Versatile player who can take the inside pounding or float outside for the 3-point shot .... Good agility and a excellent first step that makes him hard to guard on the perimeter ... Has a wide arrange of inside post moves that enable him to finish among the trees ... Has the athletic ability to run the floor and be a excellent finisher .... Handles the ball well for a player of his size because of this he has no problem creating scoring opportunities for himself .... Unusually good free throw shooter for a player with his size and age ... Plays with a tremendous amount of passion and energy .... Has became a much stronger player thanks to his off-season weight training

Weakness: For all his ability he at times tries to do too much which often leads into careless turnovers.... Even though his rebounding numbers are good there far from showing what he can really do because he doesn't get himself in the best position underneath the boards ... Can fall in love with shooting from the outside that he neglects to go inside when it might be the best chance to score .... Shot selection could still use a little work although this has more to do with him understanding the game a little better .... Defense like most young players could stand to improve especially in the aspects of anticipation and lateral quickness ....