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Golden State Warriors One of these years, the Golden State Warriors *will* be out of the lottery.  To help them along is Steve Besselman who selects

Kirk Hinrich, PG, 6'3", Kansas

I. Introduction

2002 - 2003 Season

38-44 .463

6th in the Pacific Division

11th in the Western Conference

"R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me." -- Aretha Franklin

No offense to the Warriors mascot, Thunder, but Aretha "Lady Soul" Franklin should have been the teams sideline sidekick in 2002-2003. The team hasn't won the respect of the league just yet, but they did find out what it's going to take to get there.

The Warriors showed the league a little something this past season. The players showed heart and there was more than a little pride on the line during the 4th quarters of games. It led to genuine excitement at the Oakland Arena and there's now a whispered belief that the Warriors may be contending for the playoffs next year.

Lots of things went right in 2002 - 2003. Probably the most significant was Gilbert Arenas emerging as THE #1 PG of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have been looking for a PG to initiate and steady the offense, and Arenas showed the team that he's the man for the job. Antawn Jamison provided consistent scoring. Troy Murphy had a breakthrough year after working hard in the off-season. Erick Dampier started the season strongly, and Adonal Foyle ended the season on a high note. High profile rookie Mike Dunleavy even provided a glimpse of his deadly outside shooting toward the end of the year.

Eric Musselman, the new coach of the Warriors, has the team playing hard. The locker room was relatively quiet, with minimal complaints about playing time.

Next year might be a breakthrough season for the young Warriors. If the Warriors can survive Arenas's free agency, and the young players keep growing, good times are ahead. But it's going to be a dogfight to keep the team on the right track.

II. Personnel Changes

2002 Draft

  • Drafted Mike Dunleavy with the #3 pick (1st Round) in the 2002 draft.
  • Traded for the rights of Jiri Welsch, the #16 pick (1st Round) in the 2002 draft.
  • Drafted Steve Logan with the #30 pick (2nd Round) in the 2002 draft.

2002 Offseason

  • Allowed SG Larry Hughes to leave as a restricted free agent.

During the Season

  • Signed Earl Boykins as a free agent.

Potential Free Agents

  • PG Gilbert Arenas
  • PG Earl Boykins

III. Season Recap

Opening night the Warriors beat the Spurs. But it was the lone win in a 1-6 start.

A mid-November win against the Grizzlies helped the team turn the corner. They played near .500 ball (11-12) to close out 2002. In December, the Warriors beat the Lakers, Hornets, and Sixers; and the win against the slumping Lakers gave the team a boost of confidence. This time it was the defending champions that fell back into the cellar of the Pacific.

January saw a winning record for the month at 8 - 7. The Warriors beat the Lakers a 2nd time in LA as well as collecting wins against New Jersey and Minnesota. Backup point guard Earl Boykins, signed as a free agent at the end of November, poured in a career-high 28 points to seal the game against the Timberwolves. The 5' 5" Boykins energized the team with his play off the bench, and provided much needed help in the backcourt.

By the start of February (2/3) the team had equaled it's win total from the previous season. And February was probably the high point of the Warriors season. During the All-Star game weekend, a couple of young Warriors sent notice to the league that there are some players in Oakland. Jason Richardson won the Slam Dunk competition for the 2nd consecutive year by scoring a perfect 50 on an eye-popping, lob-and-catch, between-the-legs, left-handed reverse. And Gilbert Arenas dropped 30 points in the Rookie Challenge to earn the MVP honors. The Warriors kept rolling with a 8 - 5 record for the month.

March opened with wins against Detroit and Indiana. A loss to Chicago ended a 6 game winning streak, the longest in 9 years for the team. The team had gone 9 - 4 since the All-Star break. As the playoff picture tightened, the Warriors kept pace in the race at 8 - 8 for the month.

April saw a 2 - 6 record, and the season ended with mixed feelings. The team missed the playoffs by 6 games, a 17-game improvement from last year. But any sense of accomplishment was overshadowed by questions about whether the team can keep Gilbert Arenas in the blue and orange (he's a free agent). Since the team is over the cap, the Warriors can only offer the mid-level exception to Arenas, and he will surely get offers for more money elsewhere. And on the same day that Arenas was named the NBA's Most Improved player, Jason Richardson was arraigned in Michigan for assault.

Quick Highlights from the season:

  • Antawn Jamison finished 13th in the league in scoring at 22.4 PPG.
  • The Warriors were the 2nd highest scoring team in the league at 102.4 PPG.
  • The Warriors were the best rebounding team in the NBA. They've been the top rebounding team the last 3 years.
  • FG% improved to .441 (up from .429 last year).
  • Earl Boykins was signed a free agent, and he provided steady play in the backcourt.
  • 3rd consecutive year the Warriors gave up the most points in the league. (103.6 points a game in 02-03)
  • Turnovers decreased from the previous year, but were still high at 15.2 a game.

IV. Roster

 #  name             pos   ht      wt    from                dob         exp 

 0  Gilbert Arenas    PG   6' 3"   191   Arizona             01-06-1982    2 
11  Earl Boykins      PG   5' 5"   133   Eastern Michigan    06-02-1976    5 
23  Jason Richardson  SG   6' 6"   220   Michigan State      01-20-1981    2 
 3  Bob Sura          SG   6' 5"   200   Florida State       03-25-1973    8 
 4  Jiri Welsch       SG   6' 7"   208   Olimpija Ljubljana  03-01-1982    1 
33  Antawn Jamison    SF   6' 9"   223   North Carolina      06-12-1975    5 
10  Mike Dunleavy     SF   6' 9"   221   Duke                03-09-1981    1 
34  Chris Mills       SF   6' 7"   220   Arizona             01-25-1970   10 
 1  Troy Murphy       PF   6'11"   245   Notre Dame          05-02-1980    2 
21  Danny Fortson     PF   6' 8"   260   Cincinnati          03-27-1976    6 
31  Adonal Foyle       C   6'10"   265   Colgate             03-29-1975    6 
25  Erick Dampier      C   6'11"   265   Mississippi State   07-14-1974    7 

player              min    pts    reb   ast   blk    to    fga   fta    fgp    ftp

Antawn Jamison     39.5   22.4    6.9   1.8   0.5   2.2   17.9   6.1   .469   .794
Gilbert Arenas     35.0   18.6    4.7   6.1   0.2   3.5   14.5   5.7   .439   .790
Jason Richardson   32.6   15.2    4.5   3.1   0.2   2.2   13.8   3.4   .405   .771
Troy Murphy        31.9   11.5   10.2   1.3   0.3   1.4    9.4   3.7   .446   .837
Erick Dampier      24.2    8.2    6.7   0.7   1.9   1.4    6.4   2.7   .488   .700
Adonal Foyle       21.6    5.3    6.0   0.4   2.4   0.9    4.1   1.3   .543   .663
Earl Boykins       20.0    9.3    1.3   3.3   0.1   1.1    7.0   3.2   .434   .869
Mike Dunleavy      15.5    5.3    2.4   1.2   0.2   1.0    4.8   1.1   .399   .753
Bob Sura           20.5    6.8    3.0   3.2   0.0   1.5    5.8   2.4   .398   .712
Chris Mills        12.5    4.8    2.4   1.0   0.1   0.5    5.0   0.9   .368   .889
Danny Fortson      13.1    3.5    4.3   0.7   0.0   0.9    3.2   1.7   .370   .655
Jiri Welsch         6.9    1.8    0.7   0.7   0.1   0.6    2.2   0.9   .269   .741
Oscar Torres        6.4    3.1    0.7   0.2   0.1   0.5    2.1   1.2   .444   .700
Dean Oliver         6.2    1.5    1.1   1.5   0.0   0.7    1.9   0.5   .241   .875
A.J. Guyton         4.5    0.0    0.0   1.0   0.0   0.5    2.0   0.0   .000   .000
Guy Rucker          1.3    0.0    0.3   0.3   0.0   0.0    0.0   0.0   .000   .000

player              g    min    pts  oreb  dreb   tot   ast   stl   blk    to     

Antawn Jamison     74   2925   1655   174   338   512   133    71    38   166
Gilbert Arenas     74   2589   1375    88   263   351   455   113    15   262
Jason Richardson   74   2416   1126    97   235   332   226    79    17   160
Troy Murphy        72   2297    828   205   529   734    97    59    25    98
Erick Dampier      74   1790    606   229   268   497    50    25   141   102
Adonal Foyle       74   1595    391   162   282   444    31    36   178    68
Earl Boykins       60   1202    560    32    46    78   199    35     3    66
Mike Dunleavy      74   1145    394    52   124   176    92    48    17    73
Bob Sura           47    962    320    44    95   139   149    41     2    71
Chris Mills        21    262    101    19    31    50    22     7     3    10
Danny Fortson      17    223     59    28    45    73    12     9     0    15
Jiri Welsch        31    214     57     8    14    22    23     8     2    19
Oscar Torres       17    109     53     3     9    12     3     4     2     8
Dean Oliver        15     93     22     8     8    16    23     7     0    10
A.J. Guyton         2      9      0     0     0     0     2     1     0     1
Guy Rucker          3      4      0     0     1     1     1     0     0     0

Golden State Warriors Total: 


Antawn Jamison ............. $10,067,750 
Erick Dampier ..............  $6,858,500 
Chris Mills ................  $6,000,000 
Bob Sura ...................  $5,639,999 
Danny Fortson ..............  $5,039,068 
Adonal Foyle ...............  $4,400,000 
Mike Dunleavy ..............  $3,100,080 
Jason Richardson ...........  $2,607,360 
Troy Murphy ................  $1,408,680 
Jiri Welsch ................  $1,234,080 
Earl Boykins ...............    $528,605 [signed 11/27/02] 
Gilbert Arenas .............    $512,435 [minimum] 
Oscar Torres ...............    $168,729 [released 12/26/02] 
Dean Oliver ................    $118,735 [released 12/5/02] 
Guy Rucker .................     $34,946 [released 11/16/02] 
A.J. Guyton ................     $18,748 [signed 11/18, released 11/26/02] 

Credit goes to Patricia Bender and her excellent NBA resource site at http://www.dfw.net/~patricia


PG Gilbert Arenas, #0

The NBA's Most Improved player and MVP of the All-Star Rookie Challenge, Gilbert Arenas established himself as one of the league's most exciting young point guards this past season. His breakthrough season saw career highs in points (41 vs. Wizards), rebounds (12 vs. Spurs), and assists (15 vs. Grizzlies). Most importantly, Arenas's play was the biggest factor in the Warriors improved offense. He's a scoring PG, but he's able to drive and dish as well. Because of his play-making, several of the Warriors other players (Jamison, Richardson, Murphy) benefited. And now the Warriors may very well lose him to free-agency. The team's #1 priority should be finding a way to keep him.

SG Jason Richardson, #23

Exciting, athletic player who still has room to improve his game. Jason Richardson won the All-Star Slam Dunk competition for the 2nd year. Richardson also improved on his 3pt shooting and his FT%. However, he still is not getting to the basket as often as his athletic ability might suggest. His 3.4 free throws attempted per game ranked only 4th on the team. Richardson wasn't thought of as a sharp shooter coming from Michigan State. However, he attempted more 3pt's than anyone else on the team (334; 19th in the NBA), and he hit a respectable .368 from 3pt land. But he still seems to be figuring out how to be effective on the court. A possible concern with Richardson is that he standing trial for assaulting his former girlfriend in Michigan. Richardson and the woman have a 3-year-old daughter. Richardson may have a bright future, but he's yet to show the maturity and responsibility the team expects from him.

SF Antawn Jamison, #33

Antawn Jamison had a great year. He finished 13th in the league in points per game, and he improved his FT%. He's becoming a very dangerous offensive player, and he's making opponents prepare to stop him. He starts at SF, but he's comfortable playing around the basket. He has a very quick release, so he's able to get his shot off in the paint. This year was the first of his max contract, and Jamison is working hard to earn his money. He's showed signs of maturity and leadership as complaints about his playing time and position appear to be in the past. Jamison still has a lot of work ahead as the franchise player. Is he really worth a max contract? Can he make people forget that the Warriors traded Vince Carter for him? It's a lot of pressure on one player, and my guess is that Jamison's career is going to be very closely tied to that of the cast around him. If the Warriors can keep Arenas and develop the rest of the roster, Jamison might be a key part of winning seasons in the near future.

PF Troy Murphy, #1

Troy Murphy worked very hard on his game before the season and it definitely showed. Murphy finished 3rd in Most Improved Player voting, and he ranked #5 in league in rebounds per game. Murphy averaged a double-double this past year, and his versatility is a match-up nightmare. At 6'11" Murphy has the ability to play on the blocks, but he's also able to step out and use his sweet jumper in the midrange game. His ability to step out and shoot, complements Jamison's inside game very well. Murphy showed a lot of toughness and determination in his game. He was able to play C at times depending on match-ups. Possibly overlooked because of Arenas's play and Richardson's dunks, Murphy looks like a keeper that should be with the team for a long time.

C Erick Dampier, #25

Erick Dampier is healthy and 6' 11". Dampier started the season fast, and he showed that he was completely recovered from past injuries. His mobility was good in the paint, and he played with energy in the early season. But there seems to be a pattern with Dampier. Fast starts often wane, his intensity declines, and interestingly his play always seems to go south by the time the trade deadline is past. The team has shopped him in the past, but he has 3 more years at 6+ million left on his contract. He is a big body in the paint and he blocks some shots, but he's pretty average offensively. He still gives the Warriors options when Shaq, Yao, or any other big man comes to the arena.


PG Earl Boykins, #11

Earl Boykins gave the Warriors an energetic and capable PG off the bench. The Warriors needed someone to pickup minutes in relief of Arenas, and Boykins got the job done. He was especially good at getting the ball up the court, and getting the team into it's offense. Arenas and Boykins were also used together as Arenas can function as a combo-guard or SG. Boykins is a free-agent, but he may be retained by the club for depth at PG. Currently, Bob Sura is the only player under contract with any experience playing the point.

SG Bob Sura, #3

Sura was named the starting PG at the beginning of the season. However, an injury led to Arenas being inserted into the lineup and that was the end of any debates. Sura is a veteran combo guard, who is a good reserve. He was very aggressive this year, and was often called upon to keep the teams offense moving. Sura showed a good ability to get into the lane and get to the basket. He makes decent money and is a free agent after next season, so he might have good trade value this upcoming season (IF he's not the only PG on the roster).

SG Jiri Welsch, #4

We didn't see much of Jiri Welsch this past season, but he should be a player for the team in the near future. Welsch is a combo guard with good size and a shooter's touch. He is supposed to be able to play the point, but he didn't show much effectiveness there in his rookie season. There are some concerns about his quickness, and he will have to earn his minutes this year.


SF Mike Dunleavy, #10

Highly regarded rookie Mike Dunleavy found out what life is like in the NBA this year. He struggled early in the season, as his play seemed forced and uneasy. Then he grumbled about playing time as he was left on the bench for long stretches. However, you could see him make adjustments and his game steadily improved. By the end of the year, Dunleavy had found a measure of confidence. His dead-eye shot returned, and he earned some playing time in 4th quarters. nbadraft.net called him a "wait and see" pick, as he is underdeveloped and will have to work on bulking up. But he has a very bright future and he gives the Warriors interesting options on the court and in trade talks.

SF Chris Mills, #34

Veteran small forward was injured for a good part of the season. He never saw significant playing time. His greatest value to the team is probably in trade talks as he's a free-agent after this next season and the expiring contract can be used to clear salary cap money.

PF Danny Fortson, #21

Disgruntled PF Danny Fortson is a rebounding machine. However, he is limited offensively and defensively. The team has him under contract for the next 4 years, but he has no defined role on the team. His minutes have gone to Jamison and Murphy, and he's been vocal about his unhappiness. There doesn't seem to be much a interest in him around the league, so he might have to wait until the Warriors make other moves to see if he regain playing time.

C Adonal Foyle, #31

Adonal Foyle has been a Warrior his whole career. He's a shot blocking machine, and he gives a consistent effort on the court. Those two qualities have made him a popular player with coaches and fans. Foyle and Dampier split time at C, and the combination of the two provide 12 fouls, blocked shots, and big bodies to slow down opposing centers. Foyle has a limited offensive game, but he is a good defensive center. He will be a free agent after the season.

V. Coaching/Management

Head Coach:  Eric Musselman (San Diego'87) 
Assistants:  Phil Hubbard   (Michigan'79) 
             Mark Osowski   (Massachusetts'85) 
             Tom Sterner    (Millersville State'78) 
             Hank Egan      (Navy'60) 
Trainer:     Tom Abdenour   (Wayne State'76) 

GM:          Gary St. Jean

The Warriors hired Eric Musselman as coach after last years draft. Musselman had previously been an assistant coach with the Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic, and he had enjoyed a very successful coaching career in the CBA (.688 winning percentage). He was also the youngest coach in the NBA at the time of his hiring, at a youthful 37-years-old.

Musselman replaced Dave Cowens, who had a very short stay with the Warriors (105 games). Several players had voiced complaints with Cowens, and his assistant Brian Winters finished coaching the 2001 - 02 season.

Musselman will surely have his dragons to slay, but his first year proved to be a good step for the team. The Warriors have several young players to develop, and a couple of veterans who won't hesitate to voice their opinions on how they should be used. Musselman quickly established an order to the starting lineup and rotations. And by mid-January the Warriors were the only team in the NBA that had used the same starting lineup in every game (PG Gilbert Arenas, SG Jason Richardson, SF Antawn Jamison, PF Troy Murphy and C Erick Dampier). The next hurdle for coach and team will be improving upon the NBA's worst team defense. Musselman reportedly shied away from using traps and double-teams this past season because he wants his young team to first learn the basics of man-to-man defense.

GM Gary St. Jean has taken his fair share of criticism in the recent past. But the 2001 draft (SG Jason Richardson, PF Troy Murphy, PG Gilbert Arenas) has given the Saint a bit of a reprieve. The funny thing is, it might bring him a public relations nightmare this off-season if starting PG Gilbert Arenas leaves as a free agent.

What really stings is that the Warriors might have had Arenas locked up for the long term if they had initially negotiated a 3 year deal with the 2nd Round draft pick. (The 3rd year could have even been a team option). If Arenas had played with the Warriors for 3 years, the Warriors would be able to exceed the salary cap to resign him. As it stands now, they can only offer him the average player salary ($4.5 million). Other teams will certainly be able to offer more than that.

St. Jean has an uphill battle this off-season. If he can find a way to keep Arenas, things look good for the Warriors. But if Arenas walks and leaves a hole at PG again, the team might well slide back from the improvement they showed this year. That will definitely bring the boo-birds back to St. Jean's door.

August 13, 2002 may well be remembered as one of the most important dates in the Warriors future.

Chris Mullin was named as a Special Assistant to the Front Office of the organization. The five time NBA All-Star will "provide assistance to the entire Basketball Operations staff, including General Manager Garry St. Jean and Head Coach Eric Musselman. Additionally, his expertise will be utilized in player development and evaluation, while he will also take an active role in day-to-day business endeavors with the team."

Warrior's fans pray that adding Mullin is more than a public relations move. The former Dream Teamer should provide excellent insight to basketball related matters. And he is a great presence to have around a young team that is trying to establish itself.

Team President Robert Rowell has been the rising star of the organization. The former Chief Operating Officer was promoted this past year, and he's been a member of the front office staff for the past eight years. He comes from a Finance background, and he's responsible for a number of the teams marketing campaigns.

Golden State Warriors Owner Christopher Cohan is a former cable mogul. The team has been in a funk during his ownership, but hopefully the darkest days are behind the Warriors.

VI. Previous Drafts

The 2001 draft gave the team a good nucleus of talent around Antawn Jamison. The 2002 draft was applauded by all the writers that grade drafts as soon as the last prospects name is called.

Before that the Warriors had a rather bleak history in recent drafts. Draft day trades had not worked in the Warriors favor, and many of their prospects never fulfilled their potential.

Recent Draft History

   2001    #5  Jason Richardson, Michigan State
          #14  Troy Murphy, Notre Dame
          #31  Gilbert Arenas, Arizona

   2000   #55 Chris Porter, Auburn

   1999   #21 Jeff Foster, Southwest Texas State 

          Golden State traded draft rights to Jeff Foster 
          to Indiana in exchange for draft rights to Vonteego 
          Cummings (26th overall) and a future first-round pick.

   1998    #5 Vince Carter, North Carolina

          Golden State traded the rights to Vince Carter and
          cash to Toronto for the rights to Antawn Jamison. 

   1997    #8 Adonal Foyle, Colgate

   1996   #11 Todd Fuller, North Carolina State

   1995    #1 Joe Smith, Maryland

   1994   #16 Cliff Rozier, Louisville

   1993    #3 Anfernee Hardaway, Memphis State

           Orlando traded the rights to Chris Webber to Golden State 
           for the rights to Anfernee Hardaway and 3 future 
           first-round draft choices.

   1992   #24 Latrell Sprewell, Alabama 

VII. Team Needs

SAVE GILBERT! The teams #1 priority has to be keeping Gilbert Arenas. The team lusted after Jay Williams in last years draft only to watch him struggle in Chicago and Arenas flourish in Oakland. Seriously, does anyone except Kiki Vandeweghe want to see Arenas passing to the under-20-year-olds the Nuggets call a team?!?!?

Improved Defense. The Warriors are going to have to keep working on this one. They did a better job this year, but it's been their weak spot for a while now. The young players need to commit to stopping the other team. The Warriors have some long bodies on the roster, but the team could use some nitty gritty workhorses on the defensive end.

Continued development from young players. The Warriors have young talent in Arenas, Richardson, Murphy, Dunleavy, Welsch, and even Jamison. It's debatable whether another young player (this year's #11 draft pick) will really add much to the team. If the current players can keep improving, playing hard, and earning the respect of the officials, this could be a competitive team in the future.

Athletic big man. The Warriors would love to have an athletic post player (what team wouldn't?). Foyle will be a free agent after the season, and that will leave Dampier/Murphy/Jamison/ Fortson to man the PF/C slots. Another big, athletic body is on the wish list.

Outside Shooting. The Warriors don't have too many reliable 3pt shooters. Dunleavy is probably one the best shooters on the team. It wouldn't hurt to add another guy capable of stepping behind the line.

VIII. Warriors Selection

Kirk Hinrich, PG, 6'3", Kansas

This is a great scenario for the Warriors. Hinrich is the runaway favorite as the 2nd best PG in the draft.

The pick fits both value and need. Hinrich would be a great fit to replace Arenas if he leaves. He's deceptively quick, has a true PG mentality, he comes from a quality program at Kansas, and he finished in the top 20 scores in the athletic tests at the pre-draft Chicago camp. Hinrich is great in transition, and the Warriors can play that game with Richardson, Jamison, Dunleavy, and Murphy. Hinrich's outside shot would also help open up the middle for the Warriors.

Even if Arenas stays with the team, the Warriors need help in the backcourt. Hinrich would have a great situation playing behind Arenas his rookie season. And Hinrich would add more interesting options to the teams roster for future trades.

If Hinrich actually drops this far, the Warriors will happily select him.

IX. Players Considered

The other players that Warriors might pick would probably be PG Leandrinho Barbosa, PG Reece Gaines, SG Jarvis Hayes, or PF Michael Sweetney. I still think Hinrich is a clear choice, but Barbosa and Gaines are both quality PG's and could be taken this high.




X. Additional Moves the Warriors Might Make

The Warriors roster could use an adjustment.

The #11 pick could actually have great value to the team as trade bait. Adding another young player may not help this team as much as adding a veteran.

A veteran presence in the locker room could be a great stabilizer, but it all depends on what veteran is added.

The team has a lot of young talent, and it will be interesting to see what moves they make. It would be very disappointing to see the Warriors become the Clippers North.

St. Jean has done a good job with the last two drafts, but he seems to be gun-shy about trades. The team hasn't tipped it's hand on any of it's options, but it has 3 expiring contracts to work with this season. With over 15 million in expiring contracts and a stable of young players, the team would appear to be in a position of strength in trade talks. But then again, they failed to do anything at the trade deadline, and that's led to the current Arenas crisis.

RE-SIGN Gilbert Arenas. Have I said it enough yet? This should be a priority.

There are a couple of rumored trade scenarios, and I'll run down a couple and add a couple of my own:

  • Trade Mike Dunleavy for Jay Williams.
  • Trade Mike Dunleavy for Jamal Crawford.
  • Sign Gary Payton (he's from Oakland).
  • Sign Sam Cassell (unlikely, but he'd be cheaper than Payton).
  • Trade Chris Mills ($6,000,000 in expiring salary)
  • Trade Bob Sura ($5,639,999 in expiring salary)
  • Trade Adonal Foyle ($4,400,000 in expiring salary)
  • Trade Danny Fortson (he's not a happy camper)
  • Trade for almost-retired PG Terrel Brandon (this move might potentially clear salary cap room = resign Arenas!)