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A Note from the Editor

As you have noticed, the Culture newsletter has a new format. Following ASA's policy and incentives, we are now online-only, which means we're also tightly integrated with the section website. Issues will still come out three times a year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. We hope to publish a printed issue in the spring, which will contain an annual review of that year's Chair's messages as well as additional material of long-term interest.

Website updates Summer 2014

As of Sept. 2014, the website and newsletter have new editors. The website will be undergoing a series of updates in the next few weeks: a new look, improved functionality, new and updated content, as well as major back-end upgrades. If you have any suggestions, please let us know by using the new contact form or add a comment below. Stay tuned!

SSS Meeting Announcement for Culture Section

Dear Members of the Culture Section,

Please join us at the Southern Sociological Society (SSS) Annual Meeting in New Orleans March 21-24. We have some exciting culture sessions scheduled, including one entitled, “Culture and Social Movements: Insights from Working at Their Intersection,” featuring panelists Katherine Chen, Larry Isaac, Caroline W. Lee, and Vincent Roscigno. The program also includes exceptional plenary speakers: Stephanie Coontz, Cecilia Ridgeway, Rubén Rumbaut, and SSS President Beth Rubin.

Books of Note

Timothy J. Dowd, Emory University

As mentioned in the previous installment of Books of Note, I had a backlog of books to discuss—with most of these books dealing with media and music. As a result, I primarily address below those two topics.

The next installment will return to other topics. In the meantime, thanks to those who brought various books to my attention.


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