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Research Networks

Networks Organized by Karen Cerulo, cerulo AT rci DOT rutgers DOT edu

Consumers Studies Network:
Dan Cook, Rutgers University, dtcook AT camden DOT rutgers DOT edu

Culture and Cognition:
Karen Cerulo, Rutgers, cerulo AT rci DOT rutgers DOT edu

Culture and Language:
Corinne Kirchner, Ph.D., ck12 AT columbia DOT edu

Culture and Religion:
Currently, No Coordinator

Culture and Rurality:
Joan Weston, Ohio University, weston AT ohio DOT edu

Culture and Sexuality:
Amin Ghaziani, University of British Columbia, Amin DOT Ghaziani AT ubc DOT ca

Material Culture:
Terence McDonnell, Notre Dame University, terence DOT e DOT mcdonnell AT nd DOT edu

Political Culture:
Paul Lichterman , USC: lichterm AT usc DOT edu
Nina Eliasoph, USC: eliasoph AT usc DOT edu
Andrea Press, University of Virginia, alp5n AT virginia DOT edu

Space and Place:
William Holt; holtiiiw1 AT southernct DOT edu

Student Network:
Currently, No Coordinator

Symbolic Boundaries:
Bethany Bryson, James Madison University: brysonbp AT jmu DOT edu

Visual Sociology:
Richard Williams, Rutgers University: rwilliams AT sociology DOT rutgers DOT edu