qualified ****
1. qualificat
2. limitat
The Conservatives offered their qualified support to the bank rescue plan.

quality ****
nom qualitat
pl. qualities
expr quality assurance
assegurament de la qualitat

quantity *****
nom quantitat
pl. quantities

quantum ****
1. quàntum
pl. quanta
2. (before noun) quàntic
expr quantum leap
salt espectacular
expr quantum mechanics
mecànica quàntica
expr quantum physics
física quàntica

quest *****
nom recerca
verb intr conj [~ for] recercar
expr in quest of
a la recerca de

question ****
1. pregunta
2. interrogant
verb tr conj
1. interrogar
2. posar en dubte
expr question mark
interrogant / signe d'interrogació

quick ****
1. ràpid / veloç
nota: L'expressió 'Quicker than you can say Jack Robinson' vol dir 'molt ràpidament' (per exemple: 'Pratchett's courier services deliver parcels to their destination quicker than you can say Jack Robinson'). També és molt usual substituir 'Jack Robinson' per altres paraules per fer riure (per exemple: 'Simply tune your car's radio to iTrip's frequency and quicker than you can say 'Red Hot Chili Peppers' your car's speakers will be rocking'; 'If you take one of our creative writing courses you'll be on your way to making your fortune quicker than you can say 'best seller''; 'With 'Magic Science' you'll be dazzling family and friends quicker than you can say 'There's nothing up my sleeve!''). Altres expressions sinònimes són: 'quick as a flash', 'quick as a wink' i 'quick as lightning'.

sin. fast, rapid
2. espavilat

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