Català Anglès
acció share
accionista shareholder
auditoria audit
banc bank
Banc Mundial World Bank
bancarrota bankruptcy
billet (bank) note
borsa stock exchange / stock market
caixer automàtic ATM (machine) / hole-in-the-wall (Br.)
capital capital
capital de risc venture capital
capitalisme capitalism
capitalista capitalist
cèntim cent
compra purchase
comprar to buy / to purchase
contribuent tax payer
cotització quote
cotitzar to quote
dèficit deficit
despesa spending
despeses generals overheads
dilapidar to squander
dòlar dollar
economia economy
econòmic economic
economista economist
encarir-se to become more expensive
factura bill / invoice
finançament financing
finançar to finance
financer financial
finances finance
fiscal fiscal
fons fund
gastar to spend
hipoteca mortgage
hipotecar to mortgage
hisenda Treasury
import sum
impost tax
ingrés deposit
ingressar to pay in (Br.) / to deposit (Am.)
ingressos revenue
insolvència insolvency
insolvent insolvent
inversió investment
liquidar to settle
lucre profit
malversació misappropriation / embezzlement
moneda coin
net net
número secret PIN (number)
pagament payment
pagar to pay / to settle
pecuniari pecuniary
penic penny
poder adquisitiu spending power
pressupost budget
prestar to lend
préstec loan
preu price
recessió recession
reemborsament reimbursement
reemborsar to reimburse
refinançar to refinance / to remortgage
reintegrament withdrawal
renda per càpita per capita income
rendibilitat profitability
rendible profitable
ric rich / wealthy
riquesa wealth
salari net take-home pay
subvenció subsidy
subvencionar to subsidise (Br.) / to subsidize (Am.)
talonari cheque book (Br.) / check book (Am.)
targeta de crèdit credit card
taxa tax
valor value
xavalla small change
xec cheque (Br.) / check (Am.)