Change In Our Work Force

Just as our industry has adapted to meet the demands of the competitive global marketplace, so too has our work force.

With the shift from the Industrial Age to the Information Age, the computer industry is increasingly dependent on high-skill, high-paying knowledge creating jobs in research, design, and engineering. These are the jobs which fuel our industry now and will enable us to remain competitive in the future. Unlike more traditional industries, manufacturing jobs are a relatively small percentage of our work force.

To remain competitive in recent years, we have had to focus on creating the most efficient work force possible. This drive for efficiency has led to an increase in productivity per employee and to changes throughout our companies, from management and manufacturing to sales and service.

By streamlining our operations, we have created the best opportunity for continued success in the future. This success will enable us to continue to be a major source of U.S. jobs.

Quote -- James G. Treybig, President & CEO, Tandem -- "Our people are our ultimate advantage. To lead and prosper, we must invest in our work force."

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