University of North Carolina Herbarium


University of North Carolina Herbarium


The UNC Herbarium is a research/museum collection of +750,000 plant specimens and associted label data. Specimens include vascular plants, lichens, algae, fossils, fungi and documents. Staff are using SPECIFY database to capture label data for specimens, and to make this information available to researchers and the public.

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University of North Carolina Herbarium


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750,000 vascular plant specimens; tens of thousands of algae, tens of thousands of fossils, thousands of lichens; database size ... uhhh... I have no idea of how to check that. We've entered ca. 100,000 vascular plant specimens into SPECIFY.

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plant taxonomy, conservation biology

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herbarium, flora, southeastern United States, Devonian land plants, red marine algae, fungi, lichenized fungi

Date associated with data

Our oldest specimens are Devonian fossils, our newest are plant specimens collected yesterday! We have been databasing label information since ca. 2002.

How long will you keep the data before disposal or destruction?

3 or more years

Condition of Data

so far so good... being a mere botanist what do I know about the health of my server...

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Carol Ann McCormick, Asst. Curator, University of North Carolina Herbarium, CB #3280, UNC-CH 27599-3280 +1.919.962.6931

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none; we block specific locations for sensitive plants (Endangered, plants in US National Parks, plants under collection pressure -- ginseng, Venus Fly Trap, etc.)


Our ability to database our collection is limited by our ability to pay people to database. I depend on work/study undergraduates to do a great deal of databasing, and they vary greatly in their speed, ability, and accuracy. Other herbaria using our database (via a VPN) to enter their label data include: WCUH (Western Carolina University), UNCC (formerly the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Herbarium, now at the Mecklenburg County Parks & Rec Dept.), NCSC (North Carolina State University Herbarium). I hope to eventually have Elon University and Salem College join our herbarium database.

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