Tide Gauge Data 2


Tide Gauge Data 2

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Description: Physical form of the data:

1. pen trace on paper or film
2. tabulated hourly or high/low tides on paper or film

Description: Content and context of data, if known:

Information gathered from member countries of the Global Sea Level Observing System (UNESCO). Instruments are mostly standard float/well tide gauges with analog recording of pen on paper. Details available at ftp://ilikai.soest.hawaii.edu/caldwell_pub/dartg/inv/GLOSSrescue2012.zip

Name of current data holder:

UK Hydro. Office, Instituto Geografico Nacional-Spain, Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut -Denmark, Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst-Netherlands, Tbilisi State University-Russia

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96 stations, 1233 years, 62 books, ~25 boxes

Data condition:

varies from barely readable to well preserved

Risk level:


Known access and restrictions:

Must be copied or photographed on site. Originals are not released.


support to science: climate change, storm surge, tsunami, tidal analysis, ocean current variations

Contact information:

Patrick Caldwell, NOAA/NESDIS/NODC, patrick.caldwell@noaa.gov

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May 24, 2012
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“Tide Gauge Data 2,” Data-at-Risk & Rescue Inventory, accessed November 28, 2015, http://www.ibiblio.org/data-at-risk/items/show/92.
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