Astronomical Plate Collection and Preservation in China


Astronomical Plate Collection and Preservation in China


A warehouse specially constructed for storing and preserving astronomical plates was first refurbished so as to maintain an environment that was nearly constant temperature and humidity, and free from dust and moths.
28994 astronomical plates were then moved into the warehouse. They include 957 plates from Tsingtao Astronomical Observatory, 975 plates from Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, 10624 plates from the National Astronomical Observatories of China (previously called Beijing Astronomical Observatory), 6338 plates from Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, and 10100 plates from Purple Mountain Astronomical Observatory (Nanjing).
An online metadata catalogue for those plates is nearly completed. We have adopted the metadata format of the Wide-Field Plate Database, which was developed by a group at the Bulgarian National Academy of Sciences in Sofia ( When this aspect of the project is completed, the metadata database will be released to the public via the Chinese Virtual Observatory.
Schemes for digitizing the plates are still under discussion. Suggestions are comments are very welcome.

Date Created

July 2008


Project Contributors: Chen Li, Cui Chenzhou, Fu Guohong, Gao Shuling, Hao Jinxin, Hou Jinliang, Jiang Shiyang, Jin Wenjing, Lan Songzhu, Li Jing, Li Jingqian, Li Yan, Mao Yaqing, Wang Qi, Wang Shuhe, Wang Yi, Su Hongjun, Sun Linan, Tang Zhenghong, Yao Baoan, Yin Jisheng, Zhang Jianwei, Zhang Chunsheng, Zhao Jianhai and Zhao Yongheng

Organizations: Tsingtao Astronomical Observatory, Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, National Astronomical Observatories of China (previously Beijing Astronomical Observatory), Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Purple Mountain Astronomical Observatory (Nanjing).

Instructional Method

Controlled storage environment (temperature/humidity/cleanliness), creation of a public database (catalogue including descriptive metadata), eventual digitization.


Astronomical Plate Collection and Preservation in China

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