Benjamin Disraeli, Author
Here are full-text versions of some of the fictional writings of Benjamin Disraeli; more will be added as they become available, and if you have electronic copies of any of the works not already posted, or paper copies of the ones listed below, that you would be willing to share, please (replace the "(at)" with "@" and) e-mail

These texts came from various published editions, often being scanned from one edition and then edited against another (to make sure the divisions into chapters and paragraphs are the same), so these texts do NOT match any printed version and should NOT be considered authoritative as to wording, spelling, and/or punctuation.  The numbering of the paragraphs is original with these electronic texts, however, and is intended to provide a standard reference system for scholars to use when citing to Disraeli's works, so you should use these texts to find the number of the paragraph(s) you're citing but use the text from whatever edition you're working from.

The creators of these versions want to put their own work in the public domain, so they hereby give permission for any person to use the reference numbers in these works for any purpose.  If you use the text from these versions in anything you write, however, please identify it as quoted by the person whose name appears as the editor of that text here, as you would identify any secondary source in a scholarly work.

Please send any comments or inquiries about these texts to the address at the end of the first paragraph (above).

Works we don't yet have paper copies of :

Falconet [unfinished 1881]
The Revolutionary Epic [1834]
A True Story [1820]
A Year at Hartlebury [w/ Sarah Disraeli 1834]
           Adobe Acrobat PDF texts:

Alroy [1833]: [edited by K. Kay Shearin]

Count Alarcos
[1839]: [edited by K. Kay Shearin]

The Infernal Marriage [1834]: [edited by K. Kay Shearin]

Ixion in Heaven [1833]: [edited by K. Kay Shearin]

Lothair [1870]: [edited by K. Kay Shearin]

Popanilla [1827]: [edited by K. Kay Shearin]

The Rise of Iskander [1834]:
[edited by K. Kay Shearin]

Sybil [1845]: [edited by K. Kay Shearin]

Currently in progress:

Coningsby [1844]