welcome to the homepage of donald sizemore, ii

if everything seems to be going well, you obviously don't know what the hell is going on. -- koots



  • born in: maria parham hospital, henderson, nc.
  • grew up on the campus of oxford orphanage (no, not in it, my dad worked there for nearly 40 years)
  • favorite childrens books growing up: when i'm six, i'll fix anthony by judith viorst and crabapple night by steven kellogg. both center on themes of revenge... hmmm.
  • grew up in this 1912 house. supposedly its haunted by one of the ladies in the picture.
  • attended: j.f. webb high school.

  • movies: drop dead gorgeous, the black cauldron, broken hearts club, i think i do, just one time, trick, lilies, party girl, what's up doc, and the 1963 haunting, not the remake.
  • shows: the grim adventures of billy and mandy, supernatural, real hauntings, in a fix, tutenstein, mama's family, scooby doo, rugrats, duckman, liquid television (rest in peace), donkey kong country, eek the cat, rocko's modern life, the pjs.
  • tv channels: national g, turner classic movies, travel channel, discovery
  • video games: any zelda. also scooby doo's night of 100 frights and disney's haunted mansion game.
  • musicals: my fair lady
  • on broadway: avenue q
  • sports:
  • favorite color: blue. i'm redblind.
  • favorite smell: coconut
  • favorite books:
    • my collection of shirley jackson's works. the woman truly has never written a bad sentence.
    • stealing jesus by bruce bawer. warns of the dangers of legalistic and fundamentalist christianity, and their betrayal of the true teachings and message of christ. bawer throws out many of the rules smacked down in the old testament and returns the notion of christianity from the perversely interpreted "traditions" drummed up by our modern churches to the deep-rooted message of jesus: live simply, and love one another. a heretical, revolutionary message regarding a religion which, at heart, is exactly that.
    • the hiram key and second messiah - christopher knight and robert lomas. a romantic and fascinating if not plausible conspiracy involving freemasonry, the templars, ancient egypt, and the original jerusalem church.
    • the templar revelation by picknett and prince -- more religious conspiracies
    • the gospel of thomas -- one of the many texts that didn't make it into the bible.
    • the bad popes by e.r. chamberlin
    • my lynda barry collection.
  • pop music: lemonheads, chicane, mary j., matt darey, jonathan peters, sunscreem, barry harris, poi dog pondering, airscape
  • composers: chopin, couperin, debussy, mendellsohn, rachmaninoff, ravel, saint-saens
  • radio stations: knc 88.1 raleigh, k97.5 durham, 102.9 savannah, and 105.9 o-rock orlando
  • favorite dj: lithium -- i've got signed CDs now!!!
  • favorite songs:
    • mary j. - my love
    • sharissa - wrong time
    • arvo part - annum per annum
    • the ataris - san dimas high school football rules
    • j.s. bach - "gigue" fugue, g major
    • the lemonheads - its a shame about ray
    • cesar franck - chorale no. 3, a minor
    • erasure/matt darey - oh l'amour
    • 7 mile - what you need
    • stone temple pilots - plush
  • hymn: all creatures of our god and king
  • songwriter: fanny crosby, who wrote blessed assurance, near the cross, and to god be the glory.
  • music source: audio galaxy, rest in peace. it had a linux client, back in 2002. that's saying something.
  • most want to meet: Jesus the Christ, lynda barry, shirley jackson, ambrose bierce

  • food, in order of preference:
    • american: my mom's cooking
    • japanese: waraji, sushi blues, wasabi
    • mexican: the lizard and snake, rest in peace. also sweet heat, that great fish taco place in the upper haight.
    • italian: nino's shrimp parmigian, mama's spaghetti sauce
    • irish: the hibernian on kildaire in cary. wonderful chicken and shrimp croquettes
    • deli: logan's trading company in raleigh. amazing grilled tuna, cranberry and swiss sandwich with raspberry-dijon pasta. yum yum yum
    • chinese: golden buddha in atlanta, wang's kitchen in east raleigh
    • korean: waba, near nc state
    • milkshake: caffe trio shake
    • wine: takara japanese plum wine
    • mixed drink: italian surfer - malibu, midori, grenadine, and pineapple
  • coffeeshops: the daily grind, caffe trio (rest in peace), both in chapel hill
  • clubs: salvation in miami, empire in orlando, and more locally, warehouse 29
  • clothes: rusty, quicksilver, and billabong's polo-and-khaki line of "nice" clothes so i can look decent without losing my comfort.
  • transport: my white volvo s40, almost like having my very own mark vi monorail!
  • roller coaster: alpengeist, busch gardens williamsburg
  • theme park: busch gardens, williamsburg. so beatiful and great roller coasters.
  • computer hardware: sgi. has won my best case award for more than a decade now. though my macbook pro is beginning to sway me.
  • operating system: fedora core linux
  • window manager: windowmaker, an excellent rewrite of the old NeXT interface

living arrangements:
  • roommates (in reverse chronological order):
    dates peeps
    august 2009 stacy and julie!
    aug 2005 - oct 2006 stevers
    may 2004 - july 2005 2521 was quiet, and i liked it that way.
    june 2003 - may 2004 gundry and marlan.
    june 2002 - june 2003 gundry and (sort of) ethan.
    june 2001 - june 2002 ethan and jesse
    june 2000 - june 2001 peter and sarah bug
  • cities i like: chapel hill, orlando, atlanta, wilmington, and emerald isle.
  • cities i don't like: washington dc, too stodgy.
  • dogs: golden retrievers, dalmations, and boxers.
  • cats: general tso's and sesame chicken, steamed rice and egg roll combo. yum!

  • 21st birthday, part one: took 30 orphans to pizza inn, $300
  • 21st birthday, part two: took me out to asylum, $30
  • graduated from college: walked in may, 2000 in the rain with a bunch of my loud friends.
  • finished grad school: may 18, 2003 but didn't get to walk because i had to be at the orphanage.
  • first full-time job: august 1, 2003 at nc state
  • favorite full-time job: april 1, 2006 back at ibiblio! it's great to be back.
  • where i want to go on my honeymoon: disney. wilderness lodge or polynesian village, please.

  • avatar: taranga. why? a pretty cool figure in the polynesian creation stories. why not?
  • at my best: intelligent, outgoing, and a good sense of humor.
  • at my worst: moody, annoying, and passive-aggressive.
  • how you'll know i'm ticked at you: i'll ignore you.
  • one really bad thing about me: sometimes i snore. really, really bad.
  • ideal evening: a couch, warm blanket, chinese take out, and a good movie.
  • most evenings: work work work. go to sleep, you loser, you have to be up in the morning.
  • looking for my email address? (don't click the link, its for spambots) use dls at unc dot edu.

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at the texas game
with lily, yunji, allysa

drinkin with brandy
with brandy at
kristin's graduation

with kristin and brandy in players
with kristin and
brandy in players

in atlanta for new years
in atlanta,
new years 2002

in players with my ladies
in players again.
i know, i know.

at 23
at 23 steps, may 2001
that dress is like, blam.

lookin like a monkey at hagle's apt
lookin like a monkey
at hagle's apt, feb 2001
smile kim!

my sister jill and i
my sister jill and i
in my dorm room,
october 1996

the student id
the student id, june 1995.