who we were: ibiblio employee timeline

February, 1990Tom Snee works on LaUNChpad.
February, 1992Simon Spero hired to program, support and harrass.
February, 1994Mark at Zang hired to run a Perl archive and co-administer servers, then went on to run the Solaris Package Archive
March 1994Tom Snee leaves
January 1995Judd Knott takes the helm until December 1995.
Early 1995Mark McCarthy hired to do multimedia development
Spring, 1995Kelly Jo Garner hired to work on Cisco Educational Archives
June, 1995Mary Overby comes on board until January 1996.
June, 1995Joe Morris unofficially helps with backups and disaster recovery
August 1995Pratik Patel hired to work on web stuff, database stuff and Edupage.
March 1996Todd Stabley hired to do audio, video, and flash work
Fall, 1996Uzoma Nwosu hired to do audio work, Edupage.
Spring, 1997Bascha Harris hired for web design
August, 1997Donald Sizemore, II hired for web work, sysadmin, and new office mom position.
August, 1998Adam Fuller hired as student sysadmin when Donald left for Cisco
August, 1998Rajiv Zutshi hired to do database development
Fall, 1998Kelly Jo Garner rehired to work on Cisco Educational Archives
Sept, 1998Miles Efron hired as Linux Archivist
Winter, 1998Bascha Harris leaves for Red Hat
May, 1999Donald Sizemore rehired, Adam Fuller goes back to Cisco
Summer, 1999Jason Moore hired to work on Cisco Educational Archives
February 2000John Reuning hired for security, sysadmin
March 2000Serena Fenton hired as Linux Archivist
August, 2000Andre Burton hired to be a flasher
February, 2001Adriane Boyd hired to save our butts
July, 2001Fred Stutzman hired to enforce positive feelings amongst group members
August, 2001Miles Efron rehired to research and programming in search and retrieval
Jan, 2002Meichun Li hired to do database work
May, 2002Jason Moore leaves for Los Angeles
Jan, 2003Serena Fenton leaves for public school position
May, 2003Meichun Li leaves for the dental school
May, 2003Delphine Andrews hired to do graphic design
May, 2003Nancy C. Wilson hired to do admin work