Yesterday, the friendly guys at Engadget asked what we would do if we could change the Gameboy DS. I already said my piece but I thought I would elaborate.

Basically, I said that I’d take the idea the DS started with and just go all the way with it. That is, they obviously want to do something different with the touch screen, an alternative interface to the common joystick, triggers and buttons. So why not go whole hog? Perhaps just ditch the traditional controls and make the touch screen bigger. Don’t worry about backwards compatibility and push for new, original games that take full advantage of the touch screen. Save all the traditional stuff (regular controls, more horsepower, familiar titles, etc.) for the next generation gameboy and take the DS on a completely different path.

I could think of some other things I would take advantage of if I was a developer too. Like wifi. Imagine a game that requires the player to get up, get out and meet people. You could find yourself in a coffee shop sometime studying and decide to take a break to play a game. You fire up the game I was talking about and lo and behold a cute girl/guy on the other end of the shop is playing too. You advance in the game and you met a potential new friend/significant other (with an instant icebreaker and something in common to boot). I just think there’s a lot of potential in social gaming.

Granted, no shareholder would ever let me do any of this with their money but changes like this (which could be done now really) could at least open some eyes and get people to look at gaming in new ways instead of just adding more horsepower and few new features.

Now, What would you do?

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