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updating site…

So get ready for some strangeness… that is, more than you IE users have already been witnessing. Update: Awesome. Updated to WordPress And the site looks okay. This is the default theme so I plan to work on some … Continue reading

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more game time

Remember that last post when I said I would come up with my own topics? I lied. Here’s another post I got from responding to a post on Engadget. Essentially the post was about how the next generation of consoles … Continue reading

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game, time….

This is from a question (one day I’ll come up with my own post topics, I promise)… “I find it’s pretty difficult to experience all the games I want to play and still finish a game. The other day … Continue reading

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Haven’t written in a while… maybe because no one is reading… Anyway, some quickies. I didn’t watch the xbox 360 unveiling last night because a) I was at a baseball game and b) since it was on MTV I assumed … Continue reading

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they found me…

Just received (and deleted) my first set of comment spam. I’m somebody now… edit: small change made to the comments that will hopefully stop the spam… if it doesn’t, then I’ll have to disable it while I research a more … Continue reading

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