Haven’t written in a while… maybe because no one is reading…

Anyway, some quickies.

  • I didn’t watch the xbox 360 unveiling last night because a) I was at a baseball game and b) since it was on MTV I assumed it wasn’t for me anyway. It probably didn’t matter. I’ve deadened my hearing to hype.
  • Some site changes are (hopefully) coming up. New sections, alternate designs, upgraded backend, etc., etc.
  • I have some more game-related posts in the queue waiting for me to finish them. Speaking of which… thanks to Design Synthesis for linking to me.
  • Tiger is pretty neat. I like how Safari handles RSS feeds and Mail works better than before with my Exchange server at work. I had a problem getting iChat to work (which I’m only using because Tiger seems to have broken Fire and a coworker wanted to test out the video conferencing stuff) but dumping the preference files seemed to fix it.

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